Tiger striped baby

Tiger striped baby

A Chapter by Rog chappel

Every ending of a story is a beginning of another. A war has ended, and soldiers go home. But what could one find on their way back?

In time, when history has been re-writen for the dozenth time, a sudden flash of light and an almost immediate small cry broke the oceans peace.

This baby was suddenly awakened by bright daylight was now crying out of confusion and hunger.
What had happened? It remembered how it just a moment ago was dreaming of the fun it had had with her mother in the casttle garden just today. Now all it suddenly saw was blue sky with thin, high clouds.

For hours, the small boat drifted aimlessly around the endless blue waters in the mercy of the great drifts and powerfull waves.

It wasn't until the late afternoon when the boat was thrown by the emerald blue waves on a peacefull, long and pale sanded beach.

The sobbing would attract attention of creatures of many kind.

Birds and little mice would peek behind the palm trees and bushes to the edge of the water, but no one dared to go take a look.

But those who'd actually come to find it wouldn't have no clue what was awaiting for them.

Meanwhile, furher down this very beach, behind a dune or two, there was a boat anchored on the shallow shore. Two members had left it by a lifeboat and rowed ashore.

Now they were walking, side by side. A light blue haired, delicate looking adventuress. Presumeably in her mid 30's. And a dark blue haired, wide shouldered man just as old with a green and decorated army uniform. On his hip, he carried a skinny, long sword tied on to it's seath with bandages. The woman was lucky to even reach his broad shoulders with her height. They were both cat hybridians.

The man had bobcat like, long puffs of black hair in the tips of his ears. The womans ears were that of a ones of a norwegian cat.

The man was a traveller they had taken with them. A veteran of war that had just ended last month. She had seen many times how the man had begged for a ride from many other captains, but without any results. Most probably because of his tail and ears. In whole duration of this two-day trip he had not talked unless spoken to. He had almost religiously stayed inside the ship. Sleeping at the back storage room in the mist of the dozens of wooden barrels.

At night the woman and the other crewmembers could lively hear trough the thin walls as the man talked in his sleep. Mumbling "no... don't go there..." or "that's an order... damn it..." And occationly "they're everywhere... retreat..."

Knowing how tough the nights were on him, they had let him sleep a bit longer than usual.

But no matter how long he slept, his eyes always seemed tired and lifeless.
The woman was the captain of the ship, and had understandably grown quite worried of him, as anyone would. To adventurers, health and rest was important. As important as fighting skills.

This was the first true chance the woman had gotten to talk with him alone. She didn't quite know what had made her so intriqued about this man. For all her life she has lived by the coast, and never met one who had come from the inlands. An 'inlander' that was a hybridian was such a rare sight. Even amongst the inlanders.

And if it wasn't that, then... one could say he was pretty stounding sight to be hold. Either way, the woman couldn't stare for too long, it would be quite rude.

"So... why do you always carry that sword around?" The woman asked cauciously.

The ice didn't break. The tall and masculine man next to her kept his serious eyes narrowed and did not make an eye contact as they walked.
The woman seemed to be struggling to come up with any good topics to talk about, running her eyes nervously around between the tips of her shoes and the man.

"....so, what are those little star medals on your neck plates for?" She attempted again courageously.

The man sighed.
"...They're insignias, i was a lieuttanent." He said, sounding a bit bothered.

"I.... i see!... great!..." she laughed awkwardly, scratching her cheek.

The silence took over once again.

"...were there.... other ones of these "Lautinents"? The woman asked again, screwing up the spelling.

The man suddenly glanced at her, so suddenly in fact, that it made the woman yelp like a scared mouse.

The calm but emotionless face, the much seen, slightly wrinkled and tired looking eyes captivated her every sense.

"Well.... i guess you could say there was..." he said as he looked back forward again.

The woman kept pushing. ".... but where are they now?..."

The mans blank and liveless eyes drifted towards the ground. "One is about to become a doctor. One is about to become a exceptional general, another going to become a football player. And one... is... a firework artist..." he stalled towards the end.

The woman smiled as the man was finally about to warm up to her. "A firework artist? That's interesting!"

The man nodded slightly. "Yes, she was phenomenal at it.... she always used to tell how she liked dragons, especially pink ones, so we called her "pink dragon". The man continued a bit moodily.

"Ah! Nicknames! I like it!" The woman clapped her hands together once.
"But what did you mean with that "was"? Did she quit?"

The man stopped on his place like he hit a wall, straight faced.
The woman stopped slightly ahead and turned to confusedly stare at him.
The man casted a painfull, yearning look up to the redish sky.

"No... she never did..."

That heart shivering weight on those words jammed a big bone in the womans throat.

"....i'm...so sorry..." she stammered, stiff as a pole.

Man took his head back down, shaking it, bringing his expression back to zero. "There is nothing for you to be sorry about, Miss Viona."
"The blame is all mine, anyway." He added as he walked past her.

That cold blizzard of words made her spine shiver with all it's lenght.

And before she had noticed it herself, she had grapped the mans right hand, stopping him.

His rough and muscular palm felt like that of a giants against her slim and long fingers.

Viona opened her mouth, like there were words just about to jump from the very tip of her slender tongue, but failed to even breath.

The stare they exchanged, the lifelessness behind his dark blue pupils that reflected no light, the darkness, she felt it drill trough her soul.

It was stable, unwavering, calm and black.
Like he was just a... empty shell.
That gace surrounded her heart like dark clouds, it locked her in her place like a chain.

She couldn't take it anymore, and let go, taking a step back with terror driven eyes.

The woman took a grasp from her shirt and tried to cease her hands from shaking like maracas.

The man stood firmly like stone, his hand hit his hip livelesly, and glanced away in dead silence and sniffed the soft breeze of wind in order to calm himself down.

And as he did, his nostrils catched something odd. He began making immediate, wandering steps in random directions in her close proximity, sniffing the air carefully. He was like a blood hound that was just about to catch a scent.

Viona was now more confused than she was scared, looking oddly at his behavior.

He locked his nose to the direction he knew the scent coming from, and pointed his dark blue ears towards that very direction.
Suddenly, the man made a hasty run off.

"Wha-! Hey! Wait for me!" The woman yelled after him, but without any result.

She tried to catch up, but soon lost the sight of him as he blasted behind a distant dune, which behind of the shore curved, but followed his tracks on the wet sand.

As she had made it on top of the dune, she heaved heavily and leaned against her knees.

Thinking what had gone to him, Viona raised her head, and saw roy stand still in the distance.

But where she saw him, she also saw something else, a brown and odd looking rowwing boat, leaning on it's side on the beach.

Her eyes widened out of suprise as her ears catched a muted and distant noise of a crying baby.

She saw him put his hands over the boats edge, and picking up something. A rolled ball of fabric?

As he turned back, it turned out to be a orange haired baby, with cat like ears and a tail, orange too with black stripes.

Amazed and worried, she hurried to the boat, making sand fly below her hasty steps.

Confusion and many questions stormed inside the womans mind. Why, why would there be a baby out here? The nearest coast was atleast two days away! One couldn't possibly make this trip on a boat with that level of supplies, which was none.

The baby's shut eyes were wrinkled from fear, his cheeks had a fat trail of tears and snot and skin was red after the long day spent under the blazing sun. He waved his small hands around aimlessly.

The man took his green sleeve to to clean his face.

"But, your uniform! Aren't you worried it-"

"It doesn't matter, miss Viona, it's just a piece of fabric anymore." He interupted calmly.

As the man gently rubbed his face, the baby stopped crying and stared at him with his big blue eyes filled with respect and curiosity, mouth gaping mildly open.

"Well, that was easy..." Viona shurged her shoulders.

"...kids, they always tend to do that when they see me." The man sighed as he leaned lightly against the boat.

But despite looking so bothered, he poked the baby's nose, and he immediately took a hold of his pointer with his forceless, stubby fingers, whooping and giggling playfully.

Viona couldn't help but close in on the baby to have a better look. He was so innocent. His now bright eyes were unkowing of the struggles of the world.

"Why would he be out here..." he then asked.

"Hard question, miss Viona." The man shook said shortly without taking hia eyes off the baby.

The man seemed to be as captivated about the baby as it was about his finger.

Viona even thought she could see the littlest kind of smile on his face, but it was only a hunch, as his blue and uncombed hair shadowed his face from the sun.

She shook her head as she realized she had stared at him for seconds now.

"Hey uh... shouldn't we be going back right about now? My friends might get worried..." She tried to inform as politely as possible, without soundings too pushy, meanwhile as she ran her hand trough her hair and eyed off awkwardly.

"B-besides, doesn't he need water... or something?"

The man didn't react, and watched the baby.

Viona placed her hand on her hip and sighed a bit irritated.

He was snapped out of it all by vionas sharp "hey!"

The man moved his head up.

"Erm.... yeah, we probably should..." he mumbled as he rubbed his hair.

© 2019 Rog chappel

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Added on May 26, 2019
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