Immortal Rage Chapter 2

Immortal Rage Chapter 2

A Chapter by Christian

An hour passes. Sasha hunches over her desk drawing various styles of eyes in her notepad. Her long black hair hides her face from view. She’s dressed in a black tee with dark purple skinny jeans. Her pants are held up by a rainbow colored belt. A studded wristband and her untied black work boots complete her outfit. The room is decorated with anti-drug posters. The teacher is a stout woman with amber colored hair. She’s dressed in a formal red and white business suit. The other students stare blankly at the teacher.

“Now, who can tell me about how the Constantine Conflicts began?” The teacher asks the class. No one responds. She gazes around the room of half-awake zombies. “Anyone?” She asks again. No one responds again. She notices Sasha frantically erasing in her notepad. “Sasha?”

“W-What? Sorry, I was completely lost…” Sasha replies fearfully glancing up to the teacher. Sasha’s eyes give a soft emerald and ruby glow that highlights the wall to her right. What the Hell was she saying again? Sasha’s mind races as her thin lips tremble. Sasha uses her right hand to clear the hair out of her face revealing her pale skin and thin nose.

“What started the Constantine Conflicts? I figure with all the people you know, you’d at least have some idea.” The teacher responds.

“Oh, well...I would, but they don’t really talk about it.” Sasha lies with a half smile. Yeah right. If I could even begin to get Tryst or Phoenix to shut up about that damn war, I’d die happy. “ want an answer, huh Miss Raimond?” The teacher smiles and nods while maintaining eye contact like causes a shiver down Sasha’s spine. Sasha’s eyes wander around the room looking for help. Maniacal smirks stare back at her. Sasha keeps looking around the room another moment. Please someone help me…

“Any day now, Miss Draig…” Miss Raimond’s voice spew out with contempt.

I can’t tell them it was their fault. That’d just get me kicked out of class...again. Sasha tells herself. She looks down at her paper.

“Well? Do you know or not?” The pitch of Miss Raimond’s voice rises with each word causing Sasha to wince away.

“The...First Immortal?” Sasha’s response comes out more as a question.

“That’s right. With the rise of The First Immortal, you’re father, Constantine attacked this city.”

Sasha feels her anger rise as Miss Raimond speaks. Don’t...lose...control….Mom said the humans would think like this. She said we had to endure it. Because...s**t if I know why. Sasha takes a deep breath and calms her nerves.

“Now, William Draig was a unique case among the Sanguin population. As legend has it, he was able to control all of the abilities of the Sanguins. Is this true? No one is really sure. He was killed by Constantine. Which resulted in Erika Lorenz and Rebecca Draig, Sasha’s mother, teaming up to take on Constantine. That is how the Constantine Conflicts began.” Miss Raimond explains to the class.

Sasha rolls her eyes before slumping down into her chair. She returns to drawing eyes in her notepad. Not even close you old hag. Constantine had already began his war before my father fought him to save your dumbass lives. And my mom didn’t team up with Erika. She is Erika Lorenz, but no. If I said anything the peace treaty would end and blah, blah, blah. I’ve heard it a million times. How does it make sense to save people and then be banished into nothingness? What were they all thinking? My mom should be held up as a hero. Hell, she’s more of a hero than anyone else in this God-forsaken city.

A knock on the door jars Sasha from her mental rambling. Miss Raimond shuffles to the door and cracks it. She cranes her head out of the door for just a moment before looking directly at Sasha. No. Why is she looking at me? Sasha’s mind races. What happened? Why? Maybe it’s for someone else. Yeah, it could be for…

“Sasha, the principal wants to speak with you.” Miss raimond announces across the class. Everyone turns to Sasha. She reaches under her chair and pulls out an open purple backpack. Sasha scrambles to shove her notepad and pen into the opened mouth of the backpack. She zips it with little effort and tosses over her shoulder. Her eyes close as she walks down the path towards the door. I can feel their eyes on me. This can’t be good at all. What have I done now? I don’t even remember it. Miss Raimond opens the door for Sasha. She strides through and out of the room. The door slams behind her causing Sasha’s eyes to pop open. The principal is a tall thin man with orange hair and a matching beard. His green eyes stand out against his freckled skin. He’s dressed in a white dress shirt with a red tie and a red sweater vest. Black slacks and dress shoes finish his style.

“H-Hi, Mr. Rickett. I promise I didn’t mean to-” Sasha begins. Tears fall from Mr. Rickett’s eyes as he stares at Sasha.

“Y-You have a visitor in the front office. Um...y-your mother passed away…” Mr. Rickett cries.

“What? How? Who’s at the front office?” Sasha crumbles to the ground. Mr. rickett helps her back to her feet.

“I’m so sorry, Sasha.”

“I just saw her this morning. What happened?” Sasha cries. She clings to Mr. Rickett’s vest and hides her face in his chest.

“I don’t have those answers. Phoenix Vasquez is in the front office waiting for you right now.”

“Phoenix?” Sasha asks redundantly. Mr. Rickett nods. He helps her through the halls towards the front office. Sasha holds tight to his chest the entire trip. She glances up at the glass walls of the front office to see Phoenix dressed in a black dress suit with a white undershirt and black four inch heels. Her long black hair is tied in a ponytail that hangs down to the middle of her back. Phoenix rushes into the hallway and grabs at her. Sasha jumps into Phoenix’s arms and cries.

“I’m so sorry, honey. We just heard. I rushed over here to get you.” Phoenix consoles her.

“What happened?” Sasha asks through tears.

“I’ll tell you on the way, okay?” Phoenix asks holding tightly to Sasha’s back. “Thank you, Mr. Rickett. I’ll get her to the car.”

“I-If you need anything. Anything at all. We’re here to help. Sasha can take all the time she needs.” He replies.

“Of course. Thank you.” Phoenix answers back. She casts a sorrowful smile to him. She walks Sasha to a black sedan and helps her get into the passenger seat. Sasha stares blankly out the window. Phoenix closes the door and rushes to the driver’s side and climbs in. The car roars to life and they make their way out of the parking lot. They drive down Main Street in silence for twenty minutes.

“W-Where are we going? The Complex is the other way.” Sasha realizes they’re heading towards the edge of town. She wipes tears from her eyes and glances over at Phoenix. Sasha notices her knuckles are white as she clinches the steering wheel. Phoenix’s gaze is focused on the road ahead.

“I’m sorry. It’s not safe for you in Shelton. I have to get you out of the city.” Phoenix replies without emotion.

“What? Why?!”

“Erika was killed by an Immortal. The police station is a bloodbath. If they know where she worked...what are the odds they know about you too?”

“Me? They want to kill me because she’s my mom? I didn’t even…”

“Sasha, do you really not get it? You are The First Born Sanguin. Your father was The First Immortal and your mother was Erika f*****g Lorenz! You’re potential alone makes you highly coveted. If they know the truth about you...they’ll either try to weaponize you or study you.”

“But I...I’m just in high school. I don’t even like fighting.” Sasha argues back. She glances forward. The road out of Shelton has been destroyed. Phoenix slams on the breaks causing Sasha’s head to slam off the dashboard. A cut slices open on her forehead and heals instantly. A small drop of blood is the only indicator that anything happened.

“F**k. Hold on.” Phoenix grabs a cellphone from the center console. Her finger taps a button on the screen before she holds it to her ear. “Main Street is out. Tell me you have better news. F**k. Okay well what about the train station? Really? What about...Yeah? You’ve got to be kidding me. How many people does this prick have? Okay, well what should I do then? Gates and Fifth? That’s...alright. Yes, ma’am. Understood. Right away.” Phoenix hangs up and tosses the phone back into the center console.

“What is it?” Sasha asks. A cold chill crawls up her spine.

“We’re not going to be able to get you out of town in a vehicle. You’re going to need to walk. I’m taking you into The Slums to help.” Phoenix states bluntly. She slams on the gas and turns right. “Listen, this is very important. You have to do as I say and only what I say. Is that clear Sasha?”

“Yeah, sure. What is going on though?”

“The Immortal is trying to block every exit out of town so you can’t leave. Okay, so when you get out of town, don’t take any major roads. Don’t hitchhike. Don’t stay at any hotel that charges by credit card. Stay in the shadows. And for the love of God don’t cause a scene...anywhere. Is that understood?”

“Yeah, but…”

“No. No buts. This is important. We have no way of knowing how many people are following this guy or where they are. Now, when we get to where we’re going. I’m going to write some information down on a piece of paper. You are to go to these places and look for the people listed. Is that understood?”

“Sure, but who are they?”

“People that can help.”

“Against an Immortal? From what you all told that even possible?”

“Trust me. I’ve seen what these three are capable of. If anyone can help. It’s them.”

The phone vibrates in the center console. Phoenix and Sasha glance down at it. The screen reads: Matt. A sigh of relief escapes Phoenix as her hand reaches in and swipes her forefinger across the screen. The screen lights up.

“I’m a little busy, Matt.” Phoenix states in contempt. Her posture tightens in discomfort. Sasha turns her eyes to the window on her right.

“We’re here. Waiting on you.”

“Where’s here?”

“Corner of Gates and Fifth. Adam and I are going with her.”

“Like Hell you are. I-”

“Boss’ orders. Laura called both of us directly and told us to look out for the kid.” Matt interrupts.

“Do I get a say in any of this?” Sasha asks. Frustration fills her voice.

“No!” Phoenix and Matt retort in unison.

“Great. I get parented by everybody now.” Sasha remarks. She crosses her arms over her chest. Phoenix casts her a disapproving glance out of the side of her eyes before returning her gaze to the road.

“Fine. We’ll be there in five minutes.”

“Fine.” Matt ends the conversation and hangs up the phone. Phoenix lets out a sigh of relief and rubs her forehead with the thumb and middle finger of her free hand. They drive in silence the rest of the trip. Phoenix parks her car on the side of the road. Sasha climbs out and grabs her backpack from the floor. She tosses it over her right shoulder and steps onto the sidewalk. She investigates the area for Matt and Adam. Phoenix waits for a car to pass before exiting the vehicle.

“I don’t see them.” Sasha tells Phoenix.

“They’re here. Just have to look.” Phoenix replies while scanning the area. She eyes the various alleys and houses that surround them. She notices a piece of fabric catch the wind and sneak back into one of the alleys. “Found them.” Phoenix waves Sasha to follow her. They head into the alley Phoenix saw movement in. They spot two silhouetted figures. One of the figures appears to be around six feet in height and a stocky build. The other stands a foot taller and as wide as two of the other. Phoenix leads Sasha towards them.

“Matt!” Phoenix announces their presence. The figures turn around and close in on them. Sasha’s eyes adjust to the dim atmosphere. They’re both...human? Sasha mind realizes while looking at their brown eyes. Matt is the shorter one and is dressed in black tactical gear. His blond hair is slicked back. The other man has dark skin and a shaved head. He’s dressed in the same uniform as Matt.

“Good. We just finished making a hole back here.” Matt replies to Phoenix.

“A hole?” Sasha asks confused.

“Yeah. Some of the old wall blocks this neighborhood from the outside world. We had to break through that to keep from taking any major roadways or anything noticeable.”

“Because breaking through concrete isn’t noticeable at all.” Phoenix snaps back.

“Less noticeable than marching the daughter of Erika Lorenz down Main Street to meet their army of blood thirsty Sanguins!” Matt retorts.

“Shut it, you two. We need to get going. Now.” Adam bellows.

“What is it with you two?” Sasha whispers to herself.

“Shut it.” Phoenix and Matt respond in unison. Metal clanks off the concrete wall behind Sasha and Phoenix. They spin to see a horde of forty Sanguins at their backs. Blood drips from each of their mouths. Five Oranges. Fifteen Blues. Fifteen Greens. Five Greys. And we have three humans and me… Sasha feels her heart pulse in her throat. Adam and Matt shove Sasha behind them

“Ready for this?” Phoenix asks Matt and Adam.

“Just like old times.” Matt responds retrieving two pistols from the small of his back. He hands one to Phoenix and c***s the other. Adam pulls two pistols out as well. He glances back at Sasha terrified expression.

“Go. We’ll hold them off.” Adam orders Sasha. She gives a panicked nod and rushes towards the hole in the concrete.

“S**t. Hold on, Sasha.” Phoenix remarks. She hands her pistol to Matt then ducks down to grab a pen from a small pocket on his calf. She rushes towards Sasha and pulls out a wrinkled receipt from her pocket. Phoenix opens the receipt and begins jotting down notes on the receipt. “Here is the last known locations of The Council members. Find them and hurry.”

“Okay.” Sasha replies without hesitation.

“Go.” Phoenix ends the conversation and runs to catch up to Matt and Adam. The forty Sanguins sprint into the alley. Gunfire echoes off the walls. Sasha wraps her left arm into the strap on her backpack and sprint through the hole. The front pocket catches on the concrete causing Sasha to stumble backwards. She glances at Phoenix. Her three defenders stand firm and fire countless rounds into the mob rushing towards them. Sasha frees her backpack and heads out into the open grasslands that surround Shelton.

She spots a forest and races towards it. If I can make it there I can at least hide until I figure something out. She makes her way deep into the treeline. Sasha finds a massive oak tree and hides behind it. She glances behind her to ensure no one is following her. Good. Now, which one of these people are closer? She pulls out the receipt and looks at names and locations written on it. Monk: Mount Adams, Washington; Haley: 1467 Fulton St. San Francisco, CA; Jessica: CR 400 E 900 S Missoula, ID (Sunfire Horse Ranch) Sasha crumples the receipt and hides it in the front pocket of her pants. She inspects her surroundings. Okay, where am I? The closest one is Monk, but what am I going to do about food? Where am I supposed to sleep? I need to call someone. Sasha opens the front pocket of her backpack and pulls out her phone. The screen has a crack running through the center of it. She powers it on with a press of the button on the side. The screen turns purple. S**t. Well, now what am I going to do? Maybe I can find a town or a house if I keep walking through these woods. Sasha tosses the phone back into the pocket of her backpack and closes it. She stands and grabs the straps into her hand. She heads deeper into the forest keeping her eyes focused on finding any signs of people.

Hours pass as Sasha walks through the forest. Her stomach grumbles in hunger. Her backpack sags off her left shoulder. I have no idea where I’m going or if I’ll even find anyone. I could die out here for all I know. Sasha takes a deep breath. Her surroundings darken as night nears. Sasha notices a faint light in front of her. A house? Sasha races towards the light. It grows as she nears. A few moments later Sasha enters the clearing. Standing in front of her is a two story log cabin. The walls of the log cabin are black with soot and rotting. The windows are partially boarded with plastic hanging from them. The roof is caved in on the side nearest Sasha. This place is trashed. Light shines through a window on the second story. This is a terrible idea, but I need a phone. Sasha sighs and makes her way towards the front door. The front yard is covered in rusted vehicles and trash. The gravel driveway winds into the trees towards the left. A gray pickup sits in the driveway. The front porch has a broken swing hanging from the overhang. This is straight out of a horror movie. I swear if some hillbilly tries jumping me, I’m eating someone. Sasha steps up the creaking wooden steps. The door in front of her is plywood. A terrified sigh escapes her lips. She knocks on the thin door. Footsteps inside grow louder as the resident nears. I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I’m going to die. Sasha squeezes her eyes shut in fear.

“Hello?” A deep male voice asks from inside. Sasha opens her eyes slowly. The door still shut. The shadow of the man’s feet can be seen under the door.

“Uh...hi. I’m lost and need to use a phone.” Sasha replies reluctantly.

“You a human or Infected?”

“Uh...Sanguin. I just…”

“No. Go away.”

“Sir, I don’t know what you know of Sanguins, but I’m not dangerous.”

“All Infected are dangerous. If you don’t believe that, you don’t know your own kind.”

“Sir, please. I just need to call the Vasquez Corporation. I ran into some trouble and need their help. I’ll be gone right after I call. I don’t even know where I am really.” The door creaks open. The man is tall and thin. His gray t-shirt and ripped jeans are covered in dirt. He’s wearing black work boots that are caked in mud. Sasha stares at his long thin face. His eyes are blue with light gray rings.

“What’s up with your eyes?” He asks staring directly at Sasha’s maroon and forest green eyes.

“Oh, uh...I was born a Sanguin.”

“Impossible. We’re infertile.”

“In Vitro.” Sasha sighs.

“You with Laura?”

“Y-Yes…” Sasha replies nervously.

“The name’s Dan. Used to live there before the walls went up. Escaped Shelton and moved out here so I wouldn’t hurt anyone. Come on in.” He waves Sasha inside. She takes a deep breath and steps inside.

The interior of the cabin is bare. A blue and white lawn chair, a cheap folding table, and a stone fireplace are the only decorations in the room. Sasha closes her eyes to help them adjust to the low light in the room. Dan steps around her and sits in the chair. He props his right leg over his left knee.

“Phone’s in the kitchen to your left.” He states plainly. Sasha opens her eyes. She nods and heads to the kitchen. The sink is filled with dirty dishes. The plastic of the countertop is peeling. A black rotary phone hangs off the wall behind her.

“Uh...Dan...question…” Sasha stares at the phone in confusion.

“You don’t know how to use a rotary phone?” He asks with a chuckle.


“Alright. One second. Did her number change at all?” He stands and heads into the kitchen.

“Not that I know of…”

“We’ll try it.” He grabs the handle and begins dialing. The phone rings. Sasha stares in anticipation.

“Uh, hi. This is Daniel Havvisa. My number? I...I don’t know what you mean.” He glances down at Sasha. She reaches for the phone. He turns away from her. “Look, I don’t know what the deal is with this Sanguin I.D. number, but I need to talk with Laura Vasquez. It’s important. Well, yes I am. N-No. Okay, but if you just put her on the line she’ll know who I am. Yes. Well, I have this girl here and she needs Laura. Look, I don’t have an I.D. number to give you.” He turns back to Sasha.

“What’s wrong?” She asks.

“The b***h hung up on me.”

“Let me try.” Sasha grabs the phone from him. He dials the number for her. She waits while the phone rings.

“Look sir, you have to register with the…”

“Heidi, it’s Sasha Draig. 1-5-7-2-6-6. I need to speak with Laura.” Sasha rambles off. Dan watches in shock.

“Sasha? What is it darling? Everything alright?” Laura’s raspy elderly voice asks in shock.

“Everything is fine. I just don’t have any money. What am I supposed to do about food? Where am I supposed to sleep?” Sasha watches Dan make his way back to his chair in the main room. He crosses his legs in the same manner as before and stares through the window.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Use your I.D. I’ll make sure there isn’t a limit on it. Where are you?”

“I’m at Dan Havvisa’s house in the woods outside of town. Phoenix gave me a list of people to find, but I have no idea where to go to first or how to get there.”

“Okay, well find out which side of town you are on and then go from there. If it were me, I’d try Hailey first. She’s most likely to listen. The other two...not so much.”

“Okay. Thank you. Just really confused and scared.”

“I know, Sweety. Things here are pretty hectic as well. Just remember what Phoenix told you and stay safe. Call me at your next stop, alright?”

“Alright. Will do.” Sasha hangs the phone on it’s hook and sighs. She heads into the room with Dan. He turns his attention to her and notices her defeated expression.

“What’s the matter?” He asks.

“Just a lot on my plate. Sorry to bother you again, but which direction is Shelton from here?”

“It’s north of here.” He tells her. Sasha pulls out the wrinkled receipt and stares at the names and addresses.

“I couldn’t help, but overhear. Can I ask who you’re looking for?”

“Oh just some regular Sanguins that Laura and Phoenix think can take on an Immortal.”

“Wait, Immortal? The Immortal is real?” Dan sits up in his chair and stares at Sasha in confusion.

“Yeah...well this is the second one, but yeah.”

“A second Immortal? But the prophecy only spoke of one?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re an Infected and don’t know about The Prophecy?”

“No...should I? And what’s up with calling me An Infected?”

“Through the blood of red eyes shall come The Immortal.” Dan recites with a blank stare.

“What?” Sasha asks confused.

“How do you not know about The Prophecy? What’s The Council doing? They were supposed to keep everyone in line.”

“You know about The Council?”

“Yeah, you don’t?”

“N-No. I mean just from today, but who are they?”

“What are they teaching you kids these days?”

“Uh...about the Constantine Conflicts and Erika Lorenz…you know...The Hero of Shelton.”

“Who the Hell is Erika Lorenz? Constantine is The Hero of Shelton.”

“ Constantine tried to destroy the city and wanted to kill every human. Erika stopped him and killed him. Where have you been? This all happened like twenty years ago.”

“What? No, Constantine saved everyone from The Lab. We were being tested on by the humans and he fought to save us. The Council was set up to ensure order was kept among our kind. They’re the strongest of each ability. Capable of unimaginable feats. You know: Constantine, Jessica, Hailey, The Black, Vasille, The Monk...and that other one...the yellow eyed girl...Tryst.”

“Tryst was on The CounciL?

“Yes. Well, as an honorary member, because Yellows were represented. Them being Reggy’s and all.”

“What’s a Reggy?”

“A regular. No abilities.”

“Okay, hold up. This is all confusing. What?”

“Back before I left, there was a war with the humans. We were decimated. The humans captured over a hundred of us, myself included, and began experimenting on us. That’s where we got the name: Infected. The humans didn’t know what else to call us and it just fit. Constantine was also captured, but he managed to escape somehow. Instead of running away though, he unlocked our doors and we attacked the guards and escaped as a group. Laura took us in and hid us from the world. That’s when the idea of a council was formed. A number of tests were set up and soon The Council came into being. Constantine was the first member and rightfully so. He protected us. Jessica was a Green. She was able to out strategize anyone.” Dan rants.

“Strategy is an ability?” Sasha asks in a mocking tone.

“Yes. It’s one of the strongest abilities in fact. With it she can see every possibility before it happens and take the right actions at the right moments. Almost completely invincible. Don’t interrupt. Hailey’s a Blue. I’m sure you know what they can do?”

“Speed. They can run fast.”

“Speed has more power than just running fast. Hailey is able to break the sound barrier without hurting herself. Do you know what a sonic boom does to the human body? It’s not pretty. She doesn’t even need to hit you to kill you and you probably wouldn’t even know it was her until it’s too late.”

“Holy sh…”

“Yeah. Now The Black and Vasille shared the spot for us Grays.”


“Well, The Black, obviously got his nickname because his rings were black as charcoal. He was the strongest Gray. He could rip industrial steel with his hands. Vasille however, was far more military minded. His tactical knowledge coupled with increased strength was too powerful for anyone to challenge him, even The Black was terrified of Vasille.”

“And...The Monk?”

“The most powerful Sanguin ever. Terrifying. Did you know he never talks because a single word could kill you?”


“Yes. It’s how he became known as The Monk. He’s a Purple. At first it was believed that they just craved knowledge and were more like historians, but then The Monk showed up and we realized that Purples have mental abilities. He can manipulate anyone into doing anything he wishes. After he found this out he took a vow of silence and only speaks when forced or in combat.”

“He’s...on my list.”

“What?” Dan asks. Sasha hands Dan the receipt. He looks over the list of names and addresses in shock. He hands it back to her.

“Why aren’t they in Shelton anymore? They should be there protecting our people.”

“I told you, The Constantine Conflicts. Three wars that broke out over twenty years ago. Constantine went insane and attacked Laura and everybody. My...The First Immortal fought him, but Constantine was too powerful.”

“ can an Immortal die?”

“Decapitation apparently. Constantine held his head in front of a moving train and he died.”

“And what was this Immortal to you?”


“You started with the word ‘my.’ So what was he to you?”

“M-My father. I never knew him.” Sasha sighs. Dan backs away from her in fear. He falls over his chair.

“That explains the red in your you know how powerful you are?”

“No. I’ve never even used my abilities. I had cancer my entire childhood and barely made it. I’ve stayed away from all that ever since.”

“An Immortal is capable of using every ability at powerful as each of The Council members. How did Constantine defeat one…”

“I’ve been told my dad had a rage issue.”

“Yeah, we all do. It comes with being an Infected or...Sanguin or whatever.”

“Not anymore. Laura’s team came out with medicine that stops all of that. She can even make you human again. You’ve missed a lot. Humans and Sanguins don’t fight anymore. We’re at peace or were...until this new Immortal showed up.”

“If it is an’ll definitely need The full.”

“I only have these three names. I don’t know where the others are or if they’re still alive.” Sasha tells him. She crumples the receipt and places it in her pocket.

“Well, Hailey is probably your safest bet. She’s more calm than the others. Well, she was when I knew her. Personally, I’d save The Monk for last. He may be closer, but it’s a risk of death just being near him.”

“Laura said something similar.”

“Yeah. Well, you might want to get on with it. San Francisco is pretty far from here and night won’t last long.”

“Yeah...I mean, I’ve already wasted a lot of your time. Thank you for letting me call.” Sasha murmurs unders her breath. She hangs her head low and shuffles towards the door.

“Wait...can you see at night?” Dan asks with a sigh of discomfort.

“Not...really. I’m used to being out during the day.” She responds. He places his hands on his hips and stares her down.

“You really are just so damn confusing girl. Unlike any of our kind I’ve ever met. Let me guess you never tasted blood either?”

“No. Laura demanded that I stay away from it.”

“Yeah, sounds about right...and probably for your own good. Blood is nasty stuff. Makes you forget who you are. How about this. Stay here tonight. In the morning, I’ll point you in the right direction for the nearest town and you can look for a ride to California from there. Sound good?”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Yeah, well can’t just let you get yourself killed. Humans can be...brutal. I’ll make a fire and you can sleep next to that to stay warm.” He tells her. Sasha nods and heads over towards the fireplace and sits on the ground with her backpack next to her. Dan spends the next ten minutes building a fire with various pieces of wood he rips from the walls. The fire roars to life. Sasha feels the heat radiate on her cheeks and forehead. She closes her eyes in comfort.

“Thank you again for everything.” She expresses in a soft concerning tone. He wipes the palms of his hands against his jeans and turns towards her.

“Nothing to be thanked for. Just get some rest. I have to go out. I’ll be within earshot though. So if something happens. Just scream and I’ll come running.”

“You’re leaving me here?”

“I just have some stuff to clean up outside. Plus it’s been years since I’ve seen any of our kind. Hard for someone like me to trust anyone...including myself. It’s just best if I stay away until dawn. Get some rest, now.”

Sasha nods in understanding and slides her body onto the floor. She props the backpack under her head as a makeshift pillow. The fire crackles and pops next to her. The smell of smoke calms her nerves. She closes her eyes. What if the Immortal finds this place? What if those guys killed Phoenix and the others? How am I even supposed to find these people? What if this guy is just going to attack me when I fall asleep? If Phoenix and Laura are really this concerned, who can I even trust anymore? Sasha’s mind floods with possibilities. Her eyes shoot open in a panic. Dan is gone. She listens for a moment. She can hear him outside moving debris around. You’re just thinking too much about it. Sasha calms herself. She closes her eyes and falls asleep.

© 2019 Christian

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Well written. You are a talented writer, making every scene have reason and a purpose. The description is making the story come alive for the reader. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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1 Year Ago

Thank you. I've been working on staying on track with each scene rather than letting the characters .. read more
Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

You are welcome. Please send read requests. I work the nightshift.

1 Year Ago

I know how nightshift is. I'll send as soon as it's ready.

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Biloxi, MS

I've been writing for over 7 years now. I've self published 2 novels as part of a series. My latest project is called Immortal Rage. It's set in a world where vampires are more human than supernatural.. more..