A Poem by Shakier Samie

And like two dandelion seeds we collided into one another.
First slowly, uncomfortably, cautiously -- and then uncontrollably.
As the tufts of our hair intertwined and we began moving as one unit,
we started sinking to the ground --
but it was a gentle descent.
Glazed by the evening sun, we made our spiral dance to the ground.
It was as if we fell simultaneously into each other; you cradled me,
I cradled you --
we were inseparably covalent, like two atoms strongly sharing electrons.
The fall seemed timeless, dream-like --
and within this infinite reality I was able to know you;
your smile, your scent, your beautiful quirks.
Your hope became my hope.
Your bright, round eyes exuding waves of life and energy.
I lost count of all the times I forgot to breath whenever your words
would captivate me.
You are like the poems sung in the artful breeze that lengthened our fall.
You give life to everything.
The faces of roses yearn to be like you.
And even though our feet finally hit the ground -- softly --
a new flower will spring from our endpoint,
carrying hope through the air
like another me and another you,
falling into one another, making surreal memories.
But unforgettable.

© 2016 Shakier Samie

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Added on February 6, 2016
Last Updated on February 26, 2016
Tags: dandelion, sun, dance, cradle, dream, infinite, love, hope, smile, beautiful, life, energy, bright, unforgettable


Shakier Samie
Shakier Samie

Cape Town, South Africa

Heyo I'm just a wandering poet finding beauty in nature, art, music, poetry, the moon and the soul I see in the colour of people's eyes. I'm a Microbiology Masters student working on various projects.. more..