Me and my Shadow

Me and my Shadow

A Poem by Stella Armour

Oldie .... think the meter needs some attention , but what the heck :)



Me and my Shadow



It doesn’t matter whatever I do

my shadow is stuck to my feet,

it’s very faithful and ever true

but face to face we never meet.

I know I am his, and he is mine

always together wherever we go,

up the stairs or even in the loo

he has to tie himself to my toe.


In the evening he is quite long

and in the morning very small,

he never gets his position wrong

 and never makes mistakes at all.

Sometimes I get bored with him

and I try hard to stamp him out,

but he always dodges my feet

each time I start jumping about


Tuesday I tried to paint him away

by Wednesday he had come back,

and then on every weekend day

I feel him lying across my back.

He can be quite a playful thing

often following me to bed,

under the covers I hide from him

and sometimes play at being dead


I took him swimming to drown him

but he really loved it in the sea,

he got around my every limb

then swam right underneath me.

Rippling waves made him all shiny

and some people began to stare

wondering how a bright shadow

 ever managed to get under there


 My dog Buster got a bit jealous

when my shadow sat on my knee,

 getting really rather very zealous

bouncing up and down all over me;

pouncing on the shape he growled

 for I was in his favourite chair,

and the shadow, he just stayed still

 letting Buster cover him in hair.



Today I thought I might share my food,

I bent down to put some on his face,

a woman said that I was being lewd

and how I was an utter, total disgrace,

why couldn’t she see he was hungry?

so I sat on the floor in despair

 but he didn’t like the cheese sandwich

and  sadly we just left it there.


At any rate I knew he was a friend

he was always somewhere around,

and when I hid round the street bend

 I knew that I would soon be found;

now how many have a pal like that

someone who sticks just like glue?

 ‘cept some days I try to run from him

but he is always attached to my shoe.




 © Stella Armour 13-07-2013









© 2022 Stella Armour

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Me and my shadow, walking down the avenue. Remember that old song Stella? Well I guess you would never be lonely with a shadow in tow. A very cute poem.


Posted 1 Month Ago

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Stella Armour

1 Month Ago

I do remember it well lol
Thank you Chris :)
I think sometimes women could definitely think their mates are worse than this shadow....
and they just want to get AWAY.

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Stella Armour

1 Month Ago

Oh yes definitely Jacob ..... been there, not going there again lol.
What I want to know, Stella, is what you're doing with a male shadow. Especially in the loo. I am certain my shadow is a guy, because although he follows me wherever I go, he never nags me about anything.

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Stella Armour

1 Month Ago

Haha John, i never even thought about that.
I have been posting old poems lately and realize.. read more

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