The pursuit of women online

The pursuit of women online

A Story by Dark

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This is tongue and cheek and not fact. See if you agree to any degree. (see, I rhymed there). 

For the longest time, I'd been under the impression nude photos and porno started in the 1950's. However, vintage photos proved me wrong. In fact, ever since the camera was invented, men and woman have happily stripped naked for photos to show off their various physiques. 

Before the invention of the internet or video tapes, a young man relied on magazines like Playboy, Hustler, and myriad other publications to satisfy his jollies. Reels of 16-millimeter films were for sale to those with a projector, free time, and a good source of youthful vigor. Picture slides, peep shows, go-go bars...the options were many. Money could be made and people were going to make it. Sex sells as the old saying goes. 

But with many options, young lads who never discovered the anatomical difference between men and woman were still left in the dark. That's probably why I heard one young friend blurt out..."When I threatened to kick her in the balls, she looked at me weird?"  :/ 

For purpose of clarification, let's conjure up a youngish tike and call him Mr. Willy. 

Today, with the availability of the internet, Mr. Willy--or any curious youth-- can indulge all they want in images or movies of naked people. With his hormones in an uproar, anything Mr. Willy desires are there anytime. His capacity for relishing in ding dong diversion can now be satisfied with his 19 inch...screen. (You thought I was going to say something else didn't you). 

If he's lucky to get a girlfriend when he's older, curiosity and experimentation could easily direct his motives. His girlfriend could become akin to some sort of volcanic science project. The final eruption being the hallmark of conversations between his buddies for the same amount of time it took his volcano to ...ahem... show results. 

Unfortunately for his girlfriend, whose main interest is love, she'll probably wind up disappointed at such meager displays of it. 

In another scenario, It's possible Mr. Willy will develop certain damaging views about women instead. 

Being there are thousands of naked girls on the web, hundreds more taking their clothes off in movies, and girls in school with those yoga pants and protruding tops, he may become overwhelmed and perceive women as unapproachable or simply ho's looking for attention. 

Despite his erroneous perspective and attitude, let's say Mr. Willy discovers the love of writing and joins a site such as this.   

"I'll write poems," he thinks to himself. "This looks like a good site. Okay, let's see, what should I write?  I got it, rrfdhbjb and then gefyefecb so he eceygeebecb. There, that's good. Now I'll post. Okay good. Let's look around. Wow, check her out, she's hot. I'll review her. 

"Good poem."   

"Now let's send her a little message. 
Hey there, just curious, what color is your underwear? 
"I wouldn't mind *[email protected]%*^@ you! How big are your &%*#$ 

And so on... 

Anonymity is a big benefit for Mr. Willy. He doesn't have to give his real name and he can say whatever he wants. He may even groom a victim beforehand. As his bravado strengthens, so does his little willy which is now more alive than ever. 

And what about his victims? They may feel violated, irritated or angry. In other cases, they may laugh knowing how inept he is. "This is where you go for that? What a twat head." 

Yes, folks, it happens all the time. Little willy becomes Mr. Willy's brain. 
"School/work sucked today. I know what I can do! I'll log in." 

With no barriers to stop him, Mr. Willy is free to roam his writing site at will. As a free Willy (:p) pretty girls are his food source. Wherever he gets a bite is where he'll return. The girls who write erotica are the first places to look for a morsel. He may even get lucky with sexy conversation, although that is highly doubtful.   

So you see, the days of trench coats and hats to hide faces are over folks. People like Mr. Willy are shielded by avatars, distance, and keys now. But if you're a woman, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Chances are, guys like him will be spending a lot of time alone..............with little willy.

© 2019 Dark

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Oh my how clever. Yep I think many women realize this, and the ones who don't will figure it out soon enough. But, it wouldn't hurt to feature this story as a precautionary tale to the very young on this site. Kudos!

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thanks for reading, Karen.
How I love this story! Quite funny yet ringing so true. There are worse things than Willy with his little willy on writing websites. There are seasoned sexual predators using writing as a cover. But when their cover is busted, they are left alone as you so rightly said. So women, befriend them or enjoy their attention at your own risk. My favorite lines in this story would be:

And what about his victims? They may feel violated, irritated or angry. In other cases, they may laugh knowing how inept he is. "This is where you go for that? What a twat head."

Twatheads indeed!

Looking forward to more writings from you.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thanks DIVYA.
Well, this got me giggling because, unfortunately, a lot of this is very true. The last line got me good.

Posted 4 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

A very late thank you.
This is funny. I like it.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you.

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