11 - Queen of Surreal

11 - Queen of Surreal

A Chapter by Tertia

Chapter 11

Lucas lay flat on his bed staring at the dots on the ceiling, that for some reason were now interesting. He had a big smile on his face that wouldn't go away and his hands were relaxed and confidently held behind his head, which in turn put the world at his feet, in fact he was so upbeat he felt he could rest his feet on it. Breaking this high feeling there was a double knock on the door and without invitation Daggs came in.

‘How’d it go?’ she said.

He looked at her still smiling broadly, his eyes wide and searching. ‘Good, yes you could say it went well,’ He didn’t notice that she was neatly dressed in a cotton Night shirt, her hair was washed and back and that she was wearing make-up.

She looked at him and started laughing. ‘Oh, I see, that well,’ she felt embarrassed.

His smile faded a little and he looked down. ‘Well, good and bad. I won’t be able to see her again of course, but we made the most of our time together,’

‘Sounds like it, but poor little Lukie,’ she said in a baby voice, but inside she was actually sad for him, sad about the whole thing. ‘The picture went well?’

‘Yes, I’m getting in the hang of doing it now, so you’re next,’

‘I said I would, so here goes nothing, I am looking forward to it,’ she said with no enthusiasm.

He framed her in his fingers. ‘Im not going to hold you to it, but you will be a hundred per cent perfect,’

‘More perfect than, than...her?’ she stuttered, she had never tripped over words before and certainly not due of Lucas Verity of all people.

‘Yes, I expect so,’

‘You expect so?’ she said dejectedly. She shot him a look, all of a sudden he wasn’t so attractive when delivering bad news, but wait a minute was she finding him attractive in the first place she thought, her mind racing.

‘I know so,’ he said, smiling. His heart skipped a beat as without thinking or looking he found himself patting the bed by his side. What was he doing? What was he thinking? Was this him? but before his thoughts had ended she was without question lying there. He looked at down her, at her nightshirt and her breasts. ‘Just perfect,’ he whispered. He felt light-headed and dreamy as she nestled up to him and with her warmth a ripple of tiredness washed over him and he drifted off to sleep.

Lucas was up at first light on Thursday and put his last A3 pad of Daler-Rowney paper on his easel and positioned it by the large bay window. He would start with her face and could’ve painted her from memory, but he waited. As he put the low three-legged stool in the bay, he waited and wondered if she would ever come. He heard the movements of the house; the bathroom taps running, the kettle boiling, the bleeping of a phone, but no her. Listening more closely in the still there was the creaking of the house’s wooden beams as the heat ascended through it, gently twisting its dry and loyal timbers.

He filled his jam jar to the brim with cold tap water as thoughts of Lana flashed through him. She was laughing, dancing around him mockingly, she was smiling and full of life and energy. His heart sunk to think he would never see her again, she had made him happy, if only briefly. He slammed down the little jam jar. Sighing he arranged his brushes and pulled the curtains back to maximise the available light. He stared out the window thinking of the previous day, watching the postman and people walking by and in those moments Daggs caught him unawares.

‘Where do you want me, Verrs?’ she said.

‘Just there,’ he said pointing to the stool. ‘On the stool,’ he sat behind his easel waiting for her to settle. She faced him and had her back straight. The light caught her from behind and bathed her in a haze of gold. Her jet black hair shone with sunlight, making her seem on fire.

She dropped the towel that was covering her and put her arms by her side. She looked up, focussing on the middle-distance so her blue eyes were perfectly central. ‘Is this all right?’

He looked over her, before starting to outline her head and draw in her face. Her shoulders were smooth, as was her skin, her neck elegantly long, her breasts round and full, her waist small and hidden, her legs sleak and long. ‘Good, all good,’ he said nervously. He looked at his Life Class Drawing book and at her and then back again. She seemed to match it in every way, she was beautifully formed with no imperfections. ‘I’m getting an outline of you first, Daggs,’


‘You have amazing bone structure,’

‘For what?’

‘For painting,’

‘That’s no use to me,’

‘It’s very even,’

‘That’s nice,’

‘It makes it easier for me,’

She nodded, smiling. There was a silence while he painted. The weather changed and the light faded and he was glad he had caught her in those moments. After a while he sat back yawning, letting some of the paint dry, he looked at her and people on the street outside.

‘I think I’ve got it,’ he said. He rubbed out some faint lines that represented her chin and redrew them. She had a radiance, a presence and seemed serene and superior in her exposed and vulnerable position. He thought she looked god-like and had always been told by his teacher and parents to paint what he felt and what he saw and so he would follow those instincts and paint her that way. ‘Pull your hair back and look up more,’ She frowned, breathing out in a heavy sigh. ‘And don't frown,’

‘Sor-ree,’ she snapped.

‘We’ll take a break soon, relax,’ he said letting his eyes roam over her curves and lines, they lingered on her breasts and drifted down below her navel.

‘Tea and biscuits? great,’ she said wearing a thoughtful smile.

‘You never know,’ he said making sure he was happy with her head, neck and upper body. It looked good enough. ‘What’s your film then?’

‘I’ll tell you later,’ she smiled. ‘You’ll like it,’

‘It’s not bloody sub-titles is it?’

‘Wait and see,’

‘Oh Christ, it is,’ Her ears were small and flat and couldn’t be seen under her thick hair, so he painted the top of one in anyway and some of the freckles on her cheek that the sun had brought out. She was the ideal life model. Out from her head and upper body he painted thick bands of lemon yellow, dull yellow and tangerine that got wider at the edges, giving a totally surreal look to the whole thing. As well as the ordinary background detail of the rooms furnishings he added some fish swimming by her and birds flying above. ‘I’ll wait for that to dry. We can take a break now and I’ll make some coffee,’

‘Good luck finding any,’ she said getting up and putting the towel around herself. He felt aroused by her, his head felt numb, he couldn’t think straight, it was too much.

‘I’ll go to the shop and I’ll get some biscuits too,’ he said, to clear his head he thought.

‘Breadwinner Verrs, well done, anyway it’s only one more day,’ she said stopping in the doorway, looking at him and the painting. She could see her likeness, but was surprised by his over use of colour, she could see he was enjoying painting her. ‘There’s one thing missing, if I am a Queen, I should have a,’ she pointed to her head.

‘I see you as a goddess not a Queen, Daggs,’

‘You really think that much of me?’ she laughed.

Going red, he laughed. ‘That’s how I see you in my head for this, Daggs, but I will give you a little crown. Good idea,’ he said trying to reduce the compliment.

Thirty or so minutes later they resumed the sitting and working quickly he finished off the painting, adding final details and signing it. He had made her straight black hair in rings so the end of the rings were full of golden light. Although the painting was surreal it was also ultra-real and he had made Daggs with a small silver crown somehow look like a supreme goddess.

‘Good god what have you done?!’ she shrieked, wandering over to him naked.

‘You dont like it?

‘I love it, Lucas,’ she said kissing him on his head. ‘But it’s different from how I expected,’

‘It’s yours of course, if you want it,’ he said lightly slapping her bottom. She didn’t react. ‘I’ll take make a copy,’

‘Thank you,’ she said staring at it. ‘It’s me, but do I really look like that?’

‘Yes and I could get used to painting you. I could paint you every day,’

‘Well don’t, I’m not planning on settling down yet. I’m only twenty-two,’

‘You’re twenty-three,’ he corrected.

‘Oh yeah,’

‘Yes,’ he said and slapped her bottom again. She looked at him with mixed emotions both distrustingly and admiringly and still not sure decided to carefully sit on his lap. Her eyes returned to the watercolour as he held her around the waist, his eyes only for her and she looked into her painted blue eyes that stared back out at Lucas forming a perpetual triangle.

© 2021 Tertia

Author's Note

In the next chapter it is film night

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Things between Verrs and Daggs get interesting in this chapter, as the young woman poses nude for him. We see the chemistry of erotic desire start to percolate as Verrs realizes how attractive she is and how much he is drawn to her. We also see how Daggs is simultaneously experiencing powerful sexual feelings of her own. This mutual attraction is very skillfully described, tantalizing the reader instead of trying to overwhelm, as porn so often does. It's not hard to tell, though, where this is leading.

Posted 2 Months Ago

A masterful chapter. It is so because the writer has mastered dialogue, and that's a beast that can devour a writer. I won't say you tamed the beast, but it is docile under your pen. That more than plotting, or description is the making of this chapter.
This line: "‘You expect so?’ she said dejectedly. She shot him a look, all of a sudden he wasn’t so attractive when delivering bad news, but wait a minute was she finding him attractive in the first place she thought, her mind racing." is not written from the same point of narration as the rest of the chapter. Here the writer departs from norm and enters the mind of the character to pluck out a thought. This is a departure from the method employed in the rest of the chapter and may stand out to to a reader. Writer's choices are accept it and let it stand, convert it to dialogue, or put it into the narrator's mouth.
Fine writing in this chapter and by praising the dialogue I don't mean to diminish the excellent description and storytelling.

Posted 2 Months Ago

I liked the details of a new day and your descriptions were just awesome, especially that creaking sound on the wooden beam with heat as the day was ascending.

The light jealousy on Daggs reaction while comparing with Lana, you portrayed it beautifully. And then the surreal painting session of her with Lucas... It was perfect in all the sense a painter can expect.
You painted an ethereal picture( pun intended) of their chemistry so well....

Posted 2 Months Ago

this is a very good chapter

Posted 2 Months Ago

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