Crispen's Rose: Chapter Twelve

Crispen's Rose: Chapter Twelve

A Chapter by Rhayne





Tabora Beach, North Carolina

Winter, 2014


All that is left of the fire is glowing cinders hissing and an occasional pop.  A click from the kitchen awakens Rochelle.  She remembers the coffee pot is on a timer but neither she or Rose had prepared it.  She rolls onto her back to find a man’s hand hovering above her from the sofa cushion’s edge.  The sound of his voice fills her head, remembering their conversation just hours ago.  The soft snore from across the room reminds her that Barcelli is still sleeping too.  She can’t resist reaching up and touching Alexander’s hand, causing it to jerk slightly.  Suddenly, his face appears with sleepy eyes and the most handsome smile she had ever seen.

“Morning, Princess” he says sleepily.  “Are you all right?”

“Am I, all right?” she says pushing up, “are you all right?  How do you feel?”

“I’m on top of the world.  You’re here, Crispin’s here and with his Rose, and Barcelli’s here.  I’m alive.  What more could I want?”

“Breakfast, maybe?” she smiles.

“And she cooks too” he jokes, while gently brushing her tossed hair behind her ear.

She notices the wound to his chest has completely healed leaving only a slight scar.  Color has returned to his handsome face.  She wonders why none of this frightens her.  It is clear these three men are not human or at least not completely human.  She is sure of her feelings but how could this be happening to her? She has always been so particular about who she gets close to.  Why is he so different?  She knows nothing about him except the most unusual things, abnormal things.  Then a frightening thought came to mind, had he beguiled her?  Even without the power to read her thoughts, he sensed she was becoming nervous. She pushes back from him, tucking the blanket over his bare chest.

“You rest for a bit longer and I’ll build another fire and start breakfast” she says slightly distant.

“Did I say something to upset you?  I was only kidding about the cooking.”

“No, no, you didn’t say anything wrong.  I just need to get another fire started.  It’s rather chilly in here and the last thing you need is to catch cold now.  I can tell by your eyes you haven’t gained back all your strength, even though the wound has miraculously healed.  Just where are you and Crispin from anyway? Are you from another planet or something?”

She feels so silly after asking such a ridiculous question.  But she has witnessed some rather strange events in the last several hours.  Quickly, she begins to pile logs onto the cinders and in a few moments, there is a roaring fire.  Alexander knows she is trying to hide her nervousness.  He sits up and wraps the blanket around him.  He reaches out and takes her hand as she passes to the kitchen.  With his head laid back, his brown eyes searching hers, he gently tugs her toward him.

“I’m not from another planet, just another time.  I’m afraid if I try and explain it to you, it will change how you feel about me, and I surely do not want that to happen.”

“How can you be from another time?  That’s ridiculous.”

A door opening distracts them.  They turn to see Rose and Crispin solemnly emerging from the bedroom.  Crispin, obviously mourning, until Rose shouts, waking Barcelli.


Barcelli startles awake and sits upright almost tilting the chair over.  Crispin stops abruptly, shocked but ecstatic that his brother is alive.  The brothers rush into each other’s arms, slapping each other’s back. 

“I thought I had failed. I thought you were .....”

“I never was, Crispin.  I couldn’t tell you or I would have died.”

“I don’t understand” Crispin says.

“Like you, I was fighting my own battle inside.  The Council sent a member to kill me too.  And he would have if Barcelli had not warned me and told me to pretend that I was dead.  I slowed my breathing until my heart was all but ceased. You pulled him out of me just in the nick of time, brother.  I could not have held my heart at bay any longer or it would have been all over for me.  It took a while to get things back to normal.”

“Normal?” Rochelle says, “you think what you guys do is normal?  This whole thing sounds like some kind of morbid Sci-Fi movie.  I still can’t believe what I witnessed last night and I’m not sure I believe what I’m hearing now.  Council members inside you?  Slowing your heart enough that we all thought you were dead?  Bullets falling out of you and a hole big as my fist healing itself in a matter of hours?  I think I must be going insane.  I need coffee” she says heading off to the kitchen.

“Since I do somewhat understand what you’re about, I’ll try and explain to her and let you guys talk”, Rose says, giving Crispin a quick kiss.

“I can see why you were so anxious to come back here now, Crispin.  She’s more beautiful than the portrait.  And Rochelle, exquisite.  I think I like the women of this century better than of our own.”

Crispin, admiring his brother, takes him by the shoulders to give a stern shake, “how you have grown!  You look wonderful, healthy, strong.”

Alexander returns the gesture, giving Crispin a hardy shake, “thanks to you and Barcelli.  He saved me, Crispin, just as my heart was about to stop.  Suddenly, I knew everything.  I understood all about you and others like us.  I’m still learning, mind you.  I’m not as powerful as you but maybe someday.”

Crispin shot a look to Barcelli, “then he knows of Raphael, you and our mother?”

With a smile and a nod, Barcelli confirms.  His smile fades as he turns toward the patio doors.  A strange feeling comes over Crispin, a sense of peculiar awareness as he, too, turns toward the doors.  Alexander senses something odd about the atmosphere, electrical, it seems.  A feeling he has never experienced before. He glances toward the kitchen where the girls are busy preparing food and completely unaware of anything different. 

“Do you feel it?” asks Crispin.

“Your mother is here” replies Barcelli, “but something is wrong, terribly wrong.”

“She speaks to me”, Crispin says lowly, “she asks that I come to her on the beach.  She does not want to frighten the women.”

Barcelli halts the brothers by grabbing their shoulders with his large hands as they start for the door.  “Wait.  This could be a trick.  Something is not right.  I will go first and let you know if it is safe.”

“No, Barcelli, I should go.  It is me she calls to.  It is all right.  I would know if it wasn’t.  I can take care of myself.  Wait here.  You’ll know if I need you.”

Slipping past them, he steps out onto the deck into the dense cold fog.  Her voice is swirling around him, guiding him down the steps, across the soft sand, between the dunes and onto the empty shore where she waits.

“Why the fog, mother?  Show yourself.  I have never seen your true self” he says.

“This is my true self, my beloved.  This is how I embrace you.”

“Why have you called me here?  Barcelli believes there is something wrong with you.”

“I have been sent to deliver a message from Genitor First. You have challenged him and he accepts.  He wishes for you to choose the place and time and to come alone as he will be alone. Should you defeat him, all will be well and unchanged.  Should he defeat you, all of your kin will parish, including Barcelli and myself.  He will go on to another place after destroying this universe.  I am to return with your answer.”

“Do you believe in me, mother?”

“I know that you are powerful and that you have something within you that I cannot explain.  Slayde and Snare are proof of that.  Somehow you have changed them.  This has caused talk among the Council and that has caused concern and anger for Genitor First.  He too is very powerful, Crispin.  He has powers that I am sure he has not shown us.  I have just learned that he is a shape shifter.  He can be very deceiving, cunning and dangerous. I worry for you, for all of us.”

“The something within me, Mother, is faith.  Faith in something so much more powerful than me, than you, more powerful than Genitor First.  My faith, Mother, comes from the God of this universe.  He will not let Genitor First destroy it.  He may use me to fight this battle and I am more than willing to do His bidding.  Genitor First will never have loyalty from me, Alexander or our father.  I will gladly meet him.  I will even meet him in his own realm.  Tell him I will announce my arrival as soon as tomorrow.  I wish to explain everything to my brother and my father so there will be no interference.  Have faith in me, Mother, have faith in God.  You and Victor did well as my earthly parents by sending me to the monastery.  I know you did it for my safety but it turns out God had a hand in that decision.  You will learn that Genitor First’s plan is all about greed, destruction, hate and most of all fear.  God’s plan is all about life, compassion, growing and most of all love.  All these things go beyond this realm and into His eternity.”

Crispin reaches up to his cheek where cold drops have fallen. His fingers glisten with the wetness.  He knows he has touched his mother’s feelings.  Before him, a swirling mist within the dense fog already surrounding him, a face appears.  Her eyes a shining blue, with sparkling tears.  Long soft white curls flowing around her face.  She smiles with a mouth shaped just like his own.  She is the most beautiful image he has ever seen.  A lump formed in his throat as he reaches out to her.  More swirling mist from the fog envelopes his hand.  It becomes solid and fingers with shimmering white nails entwine his.

“Can you feel the love I have for you, Mother?”

“I do, my beloved.  I have always had feelings for you as well, but never like I do now.  This is stronger than what I felt for your father the first time I saw him.  I never knew it was called love.  I always thought of it as fascination, a need to learn.  This I have not learned.  This comes from a place inside me I never knew was there.  Explain this to me, Crispin. Is this what you did to Slayde and Snare?  If only you could do this to Genitor First.”

“I did not do this, Mother.  It is something you already have.  You just awakened it.  This is what God put in all beings here.  It is what He is made of.  Once you find it and feel it for Him, then you cannot be defeated by anything evil. Even if your earthly shell is destroyed, your true self ascends to His realm.  There, you are eternal.  Tell me, Mother, can Genitor First offer such as this?  Do you understand my faith now?  Can you feel God’s power within me?”

“I can answer your question now, Crispin.  Yes, I do believe in you.  I believe you have the love and protection of the God of this universe.  I will deliver your answer to Genitor First.”

Her lovely face fades into the mist as her hand is the last part of her to pull away from his.  Suddenly, he finds himself standing on the beach, surrounded by seagulls running along the foamy edge of the receding waves.  The sun is bright in a sky filled with popcorn clouds.  His heart fills with warmth as he smiles to the heavens, whispering “thank you”.  He turns toward the beach house to find Barcelli and Alexander anxiously waiting on the deck.  Waving to them, he uses his telepathy to tell Barcelli about the coming event, asking him not to tell Alexander. 

‘Ah, you have my gift.  I knew you could read minds, but I did not know you could speak to them as well.  You must tell me of all your powers, my son’ Barcelli sends back.

“There is much we have to talk about, Barcelli.  After breakfast though, I’m starving” he says patting Barcelli’s back.


© 2019 Rhayne

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