Crispen's Rose: Chapter Thirteen

Crispen's Rose: Chapter Thirteen

A Chapter by Rhayne





Realm of the Council of Seven



The black cloak of Genitor First floats back and forth in front of the Council members seated quietly at the platform.  He ponders over everything Rhayne has told him.  She sits quietly as well in her more human form.  Sentinal raises up on his crawlers, looking at the other Council members one at a time until his eyes meet Rhayne’s.  He senses a change in her as he did with Snare and Slayde.  Seeyer, with his three eyes, could look in three different directions at the same time.  He watches Sentinal to his right, Genitor in front and Snare, Slayde and Rhayne to his left.  An uneasiness befalls him as Genitor stops and turns to face him.  The black faceless cloak floats toward him, leaning across the platform just inches from his center eye.

“I have a mission for you, Seeyer.  I warn you not to fail me as the others have.”

He turns slowly toward Rhayne, “your thoughts have betrayed you, Rhayne.  Alexander lives!  Snare!  I warned you this was your last chance and still you have failed me.  You are of no use to me!  You are no longer a member of this Council.  I will send you back to your own decaying world where you will die.  Be gone from me” he yells and with one wave of his sleeve Snare disintegrates. Rhayne bows her head as the others gasp and mumble to each other.

“Silence!  If you have something you want to say, say it to me.  I have grown tired of this place and with all of you. I will rid us of this young nuisance and this world and we will move on. Seeyer, there is a human who is near death as I speak. You will go to him, offer him the gift and bring him back to me. If you fail, I will destroy you as well.  Now go, his last breath is drawing.”

Seeyer glances to Slayde as he dissipates.  He sees the look in Slayde’s eyes.  A look he couldn’t describe.  A look he didn’t know.  It is the look of sorrow.  Rhayne looks to Sentinal who is confused and frightened.  She speaks to Slayde and Sentinal’s mind, ‘it is all right, my friends, Snare is safe.  Barcelli and Crispin have saved him.  He now lives in the ocean of this world with others like him.  He is well and grateful.  You will see him again, I promise.’

Slayde reaches for her misty hand in gratitude.  Sentinal nods his shell and settles back down on his crawlers.

“Damn you, Rhayne!” yells Genitor.  “Why do you insist on defying me?  Do you not fear what I can do to you?  I will destroy you!”

“Then destroy me, Genitor!  I care not for my own life, not as it is now.  I am no longer loyal to you and no longer wish to be a part of this Council.  Do what you will, I have fulfilled my destiny.  I have given birth to one who will destroy you.  Through me, the God of this world has created one to destroy you and protect this universe.  I will not do your bidding anymore.”

“Nor will I!” yells Slayde.

Sentinal raises high on his crawlers, his eyes teetering above his shell, “I have not the experience of this young warrior, but through my friends and colleagues I feel his power, his confidence.  I sense your own fear of him, Genitor.  I too pledge my loyalty to this youngster.  Destroy me too, if you must.  You have made it abundantly clear that you do not need us.”

“You are absolutely right.  I do not need any of you.  But I will not destroy you as yet.  I want you to witness my power. I want you to witness the destruction of this one you think more powerful.  I want you to watch me destroy him.  Especially you, Rhayne, I want you to see your sons die!”

The black cloak falls to the platform after being shed from his invisible body.  Rhayne stands in her human form.  She smiles, “he’s gone”.

“I hope your son is what we all think he is” says Slayde, erecting his iron body.

“He is.  You will see” she says transforming into a bright white cloud, moving out into the heavens mingling with the other cotton like clouds.

She kept her own mission a secret from Slayde and Sentinal.  Sweeping across the heavens in the gentle breeze, she searches for Seeyer.  She knows that his mission will somehow have something to do with Crispin.  The day is nearing noon, casting her shadow across the ground.  The town is bustling with activity.  A feeling of happiness swoops through her when she sees Crispin, Rose, Alexander and Rochelle entering the Tabora Museum.  Barcelli holds the door as he and Crispin look upward for a moment, acknowledging her.  She glides over the museum and suddenly gets a strong sense of death.  Transforming into a mist she becomes part of a trailing line of steam coming from a pipe extending from the back of a dry-cleaning store.  There she watches as policemen search through dumpsters and discarded boxes.  She senses Seeyer is close.  The scent of death fills the stream of steam.  Seeping upward into the pipe and into the building, she finds the essence of Seeyer hovering over a man lying on the floor.  The room is littered with boxes, plastic bags and racks of clothing.  The doorknob to the back door turns and jerks but the locks hold tight.  A voice calls through the cracks, “police!  Anybody in there?”  Seeyer turns quickly when he senses a presence.

“Rhayne, what are you doing here?”

“I was curious about your mission.  I wanted to see who Genitor sent you to save.”

“I do not know who he is.  I only know that he is evil.  The feeling is strong” he replies.

“Then you must not save him, Seeyer.  Genitor will enhance him and use him against us and Crispin.  Come away, Seeyer.  Leave him to be found by the men searching for him now” she begs.

“Genitor will destroy me.  I cannot fail him.  You saw what he did to Snare.”

“But Snare is alive, Seeyer.  He is safe.  Barcelli and Crispin, they saved him.  I promise, I do not lie to you.  They will protect you too.”

“I am afraid, Rhayne.  Genitor, he wants this one.  I must do what he says” and with that, he leans in and whispers to the bleeding man.  A nod from his head and the two of them disappear.


© 2019 Rhayne

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