Crispen's Rose: Chapter Seventeen

Crispen's Rose: Chapter Seventeen

A Chapter by Rhayne





Secret Realm



The sphere of light bursts into sparks as Raphael has barely made it to his destination, the Secret Realm.  Rose, Rochelle and Laura fall into the mist in mild shock unaware of the fight taking place above them.  Raphael, already weakened by David’s intrusion, is struggling to get free.  David holds him by the throat with ease.

“How did you get this far, you little cuss?  Genitor sent you into the future oblivious of everything.  How have you survived this long?”

“David!  Let him go, you’re killing him”, Laura cries out.

“Yes, I know.  Better say goodbye while you can” he sneers.

Slowly, Rose and Rochelle regain perspective and see what is happening.  Both rush to his aid.  Rochelle pounds David with her fists while Rose tries to pry his hand from Raphael’s throat.  His eyes recede as he gasps for breath.  David only laughs, never feeling any pain.  At least not until a sharp pain rips through his back and shoulder.  His laugh turns to a disgruntled gulp as he finally drops Raphael.  Laura backs away, her hands covering her mouth, tears flowing.  David reaches for the object piercing his upper back but the letter opener is just out of reach.  His jacket stains quickly with his blood.  Raphael coughs, taking in the much-needed air.  Still weakened, he tries to use his power to drive the letter opener deeper but finds his power has dwindled to near nothing.  It had started with him now as it had Alexander and Barcelli.  David turns to Laura with piercing eyes, “you b***h! What have you done?  What is this you have stabbed me with?”

He seemed to be in agony yet not dying.  He continued to try reaching it.  His eyes turned red, his hair grew longer, greyer and then white.  His skin wrinkled slightly across his forehead. His nose doubled in size.  His entire face had transformed into someone or some...thing else.

“Oh my God!  What are you?” Laura screams.

Raphael pulls Rose close to him, “you must get your friends and run.  His interest will be in me now.  He has to destroy me before he worries about you.  Stay together.  Here, take this and run East.  You will find my father soon” he says handing her a small compass.

Rose and Rochelle are helping Raphael to his feet as David turns toward them.  Laura scrambles around him to join them.  He shows his nervousness of her movement by sneering at her like a trapped animal.

“Please, go, run”, Raphael urges.

With one hand held above his own head, David shows Raphael where his power went as he commands the letter opener to remove itself and it does, leaving a stream of spurting blood. From the wound in his back to his waiting hand, the letter opener is now his weapon.  His laugh is so cynical it brings more tears from Laura. The girls pull her away.  Raphael stands wobbly and appears to be in a trance.  David waves the letter opener in circles at him.

“What is this you are trying to do, boy?  Are you trying to call on your Father and your brothers to help you?  Little late isn’t it?  You already know I’ve taken your powers.  You can die now. I can kill you.  You do understand what has happened to you all, don’t you?”

Still he stands with his eyes closed, his lips moving quietly. This only angers David that much more.  He starts toward him with the letter opener trained for his heart when Laura yells to him.

“Why don’t you tell us what is going on, David.”

“Why, this is liberation, my dear Laura.  Freedom, release, emancipation, deliverance, SALVATION, you might say.”

“From what?” she asks.

“From the DO-GOODS of this world.  I tried being one myself, that night at the club, remember?  Didn’t like it much, not my style.  That’s why I told your girlfriend, Rochelle, to go back inside and look for Rose while I looked around outside. I knew she was with Derrick.  He was supposed to kill her that night and I wasn’t about to be the one to stop that.  But it seems Rose has the luck of the cat.  She’s got more lives than we thought.  Poor Derrick tried three times that night and failed miserably.  Well, he’s still gonna get his chance and I just bet he’ll hit his mark this time.  You’re in for a real surprise, missy.”

“So, what you’re saying is, this whole thing with you is about good and evil and you want to be evil” says Rochelle sarcastically.

“Give her an A!” he replies. 

“Then why the charade?” asks Laura.

“Had to find some way to get close to the three of you.  Rose was already smitten with Crispin and Rochelle just wasn’t interested in any man.  But you, Laura, you with your old-fashioned naivety and Southern accent, well, you were, mmmm, just right.”

“So, are you the one that Crispin was sent to battle?” asks Rose.

“Oh, no, dear girl.  I’m just a minion of the one Crispin’s up against.  That would be Genitor himself.  You see, let me explain a little something to you.  I was once human, just like you, just like Crispin and just like Raphael here.  One day, I was injured, rather badly I might add. I would have died in fact, when a man came to me and offered me the gift of life.  The only condition was to accept life on the level offered me.  Well, of course I said yes and here I am.  It was the same with all the others.  But, Crispin, Alexander and Raphael were never really totally human.  You see their parents were not human.  You didn’t know that did you?  Their mother is a shape shifter and she’s from another universe.  She did a despicable thing.  She deceived our creator.  She transformed into a human form and seduced a man who was still human.  He had already been chosen by Genitor but had not yet been inducted into the Realm.  Raphael was born.  Then she transformed into another human form and seduced the man again, only this time he was a Council member and very powerful. Crispin was born.  Soon after, Genitor learned of her deception but didn’t let on.  He allowed her to go on with her games and she again, seduced the man and this time a crippled child was born. Alexander.  Genitor saw to it that the mother would be punished by knowing that her child would suffer for her deception.  Now, an all-out war has begun because of all of them. Crispin has become too BIG for his BRITCHES as the saying goes.  To ensure the fight is fair, I was sent to disable the “family” and to keep an eye on the prize, you, Rose.  Well, I managed to disable Alexander and possibly Barcelli.  Now I have to take care of this one.  So, if that explains enough for you, I have work to do.  This shouldn’t take long, so don’t run too far.  There’s really nowhere for you to escape too anyway.”

Not one of them had a clue what to do to try and help Raphael now.  Rose felt the compass in her hand and knew there was nothing left to do but what Raphael had commanded.  She took Rochelle and Laura’s hands and urged them to run with her.  They did.  David smirks at them as they swirl up the mist with their fast heels.  Raising the letter opener, preparing to plunge it into Raphael’s heart, a hand squeezes around his wrist so hard that he drops it.  He looks back to see two dark eyes glaring at him.

“Alex.  So nice to see you on your feet again.  Last time I saw you, Daddy was carrying you off like a baby.  How is it you’re so fit again?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.  Sorry, can’t divulge that information.  Guess where you’re going?” he smiles.

“Well, I’m sure I’m gonna like it, wherever it is”, David smirks.

“You think?  Not”, Alex said just as he thrusts the letter opener into David’s heart once, then twice.

The mist swallows David’s body as Alexander eases the man’s dying body down.  David’s red eyes turn brown as the rest of his contorted face transforms back.  Alexander watches, knowing it would happen.  His heart wept inside for the man he had just released.  David tries to speak, “I don’t understand what happened.”

“You can go home now, David.  You should have been there eight years ago.  You would have been there eight years ago if you had not been misled, deceived.  Home is a good place, don’t be afraid to go.  Trust me.”

“I’m not afraid anymore, Alex.  I understand now.  This is the time for the gathering of hearts.  I’ll be seeing you again, I’m sure.  Thank you” he says with his last breath.

Alexander submerged David’s head into the mist and a soft glowing light outlined him for a moment and then he was gone. Alex crosses his chest in remembrance.  The quietness surrounding him now allows him to hear the soft whisper of prayer coming from Raphael’s lips.  He could only wait for Raphael to come out of it and his instructions were to do just that, stay and wait.  Off in the distance the voices of three women carry as they make their way through the unknown.  Alexander had thoughts of Rochelle, how she feels in his arms, the sweet smell of her hair and smoothness of her skin.  A smile comes to him as he whispers to her, “keep east, my love, watch the compass.  I will join you soon.”

Rochelle stops suddenly, jerking Rose’s hand.  Rose nearly drops the compass.  Laura is still crying, not noticing that she is walking ahead alone.

“What is it Chelle?” asks Rose.

“Did you just hear Alex?” she says looking around at nothing but white.

“No.  Come on, Chelle, we have to keep moving.  Raphael said to keep walking east and we would find Barcelli.”

“Yes.  That’s what Alex just told me.  He whispered to me and said to keep watch on the compass and stay east.  He said he would join us soon” she says happily.  “I swear, Rose, I heard him say that.  It was like he was right next to me and whispered it in my ear.  Am I losing my mind?”

“No, Chelle.  He’s talking to your mind, that’s all.  Crispin has done that with me too.  Not recently like I wish he would, but he has spoken to me like that before.  Now, come on before we lose Laura.”

“I hope we find Barcelli soon.  If you didn’t have that compass, we wouldn’t have any idea which way we’re going.  What is this place?  Is this like Heaven, or something?”, Rochelle rambles.

“I don’t think so” replies Rose, “but it’s kinda creepy. You don’t know what could be here with you or just how big this place is.  You can’t see the floor so you don’t know if you’re going to step off into nothing.  Doesn’t seem to be any walls either.  I’m not even sure if we’re in a room.”

“We’re in the clouds, you dopes” says Laura pulling it together.  “Can’t you tell these are clouds surrounding us?”

“Then it is Heaven” replies Rochelle.

“I don’t think this is Heaven, girls.  Somewhere in between maybe.  Besides, I don’t think God would let a minion like David in Heaven” reassures Rose.

“That wasn’t David, Rose”, Laura insists firmly.

“No, it wasn’t, Laura, you’re right.  It was a minion who had taken possession of him.  I’m sorry, Laura, I know this is hard for you”, Rose says, giving her a hardy squeeze.

“Do you think he’s killed Raphael and coming after us again?”, Laura asks.

“I don’t know.  So, let’s keep moving” she answers taking another look at the compass.

“Raphael isn’t dead”, Rochelle says suddenly, “Alex is with him.  He just told me.  He can hear us.  And Laura, he said that David is dead, that he’s been released from his torment.  His soul has gone home now.  David understood what had to be done and he’s all right now.  Do you understand?”

Laura reaches out to Rochelle “yes, I think I do.”

“Okay, let’s go find Barcelli and find out what’s going to happen next”, Rose says.

It seemed they had been walking for a long time.  It was hard to tell since no one’s watch was working.  Rose keeps a close eye on the compass to make sure they stay eastward.  Rochelle squints to see through the thick mist ahead where she thought she saw movement.  Something large and dark wavering in the mist.  Hand in hand, Rochelle pulls them behind her as she rushes toward the object, hoping it is Barcelli.  It is certainly as large as he.  Her fast gait suddenly halts, sending Rose and Laura piling into her.

“Why did you stop this time?” asks Rose.

“That’s not Barcelli I saw.  I’m sure of it.  It’s big, it’s dark, but it’s not Barcelli.  I wish Alex were here now. We are still going east, aren’t we?”

“Yes”, Rose says holding up the compass.

“Let me see that thing”, says Laura, grabbing it from her.  She turns in a slow circle and the dial on the compass never falters from the ‘E’.  “Just as I thought, it’s stuck.  It’s not working right, Rose.  We could be anywhere.”

“What!  Let me see” Rose says taking it back.  She too, turns with it.  The needle never moved away from East mark.  “Oh my God, you’re right.  It’s not working.  Oh, God, what do we do now?”

Rochelle never takes her eyes from the spot where she saw the dark object.  The mist seems to swirl, getting thicker and thicker, moving toward them.  The girls slowly back away, holding on to each other tightly.  Rochelle, from her mind, calls out to Alexander, hoping that he will hear her.  From the mist steps the large dark object.  First one large animal haunch and clawed paw and then a second.  It seems to be backing out of the mist toward them.  It is tall, wearing a black cloak, the hood hiding the head.  Laura’s first thought, ‘the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood’.  She snickers slightly and Rose squeezes her hand as a mother would a rude child.  The mist begins to swirl away from the being still turned away from them. Rose could feel Rochelle trembling but Laura seems cool as a cucumber all of a sudden.  The being began to turn slowly as his voice seems to come from all directions.

“Welcome to my domain, Ladies.”

Slowly, his face comes into view, twelve feet above them.  His rows of teeth, shining with drool.  His eyes simmering red hot coals.  The girls cower in fear, speechless.  Genitor First lets his cloak drop to reveal his long oddly shaped arms and clawed fingers.  Rose gasps and pulls the girls back with her.

“Now is that any way to greet your host?” he says smiling, if you could call it a smile.

“Wh....who...are you?” asks Rose.  “What do you want?”

“It seems I have what I want now.  All this time and all the efforts that have failed and here you are, standing right here in front of me.  Rose.  The sleeping beauty that has disrupted my whole plan.  And what a beauty you are, my dear girl.  No wonder Crispin has given his all to be with you.  So sorry it can never be.”

“What do you mean?  Have you done something to Crispin?  Have you killed him?”

“Oh, not yet, but soon.  And you’re going to help me, the three of you.  That’s the splendor of this moment.  Your beloved Crispin doesn’t even know you’re here.  Now he’ll get to watch you die or you’ll get to watch him die, depending on who goes first of course.  I think I would put my bets on you. You’ll be the one to watch him die first.  You see, I’ve known all along that you would be his weakness.  So nice of you to come to me so willingly, so easily.”

“I haven’t come to you willingly. We were brought here, but not for you.  We were brought here to help Crispin destroy you. What are you going to do to us?”

“Well, glad you asked me that.  First, I’m going to preserve you and your friends in a nice warm box.  A magical glass box.”

As he spoke of it, it formed around them, the glass box.  Four glass walls with a glass floor and ceiling with two large holes, their only means for air.

“Then, I will keep you in a safe place until the Prince arrives.  I will make my demands upon him and if he refuses, then I will show him my hand and force him into battle.  He will never defeat me.  I’m far more powerful then he, regardless of what his mother may think.”

“His mother?” asks the girls.

“Yes.  She is also a beautiful woman.  Maybe not as beautiful as you, my sleeping beauty, but beautiful in her own right.  I created her and she created Crispin which makes him a part of me, you see.  I guess you could call me his true father. He has been a most unruly child and must be disciplined.  In his case, discipline is much too mild.  I will have no choice but to destroy him before he causes me more problems.  I have already had to discipline my Council because of him and change my plans. He has cost me time.”

“You cannot be his father.  Barcelli is his father” yells Laura.

“And who do you think created Barcelli, little one?  This has been my problem.  Crispin has caused me to destroy a life’s work and caused me to change my carefully thought out plans.  Because of him, I have had to destroy all my work.  Soon, I will destroy him, his deceitful parents, his annoying brothers and then finally, the three of you.  Then, I will begin again and this will never happen again.  I will be Father to all universes! All species will obey me!”

His powerful deep voice shakes the glass box, leaving the girls holding their ears.  Rose has never been more afraid for Crispin as she is at this moment.  How will he ever be able to defeat something so large and strong?  She cannot stand the thought that she could be the one that brings him to his death.  That he will be killed trying to save her.  She is the bait in the cage.



© 2019 Rhayne

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