Crispen's Rose: Chapter Eighteen

Crispen's Rose: Chapter Eighteen

A Chapter by Rhayne





Genitor’s Realm



Genitor had left the girls in their glass prison and returned to his own realm to wait for Crispin.  He approaches Derrick, still sitting on the platform where he had left him. His once green eyes are now black and void.  His body completely statuesque. 

“Rise”, Genitor commands.

Derrick slides from the edge of the platform and stands before Genitor First.  Genitor glides around him, stopping close behind him.  Reducing to Derrick’s height, he carefully melds into his body giving him life once again.  The dark void of his eyes become a greenish tint as Derrick’s normal eyes were. His tongue licks to moisten his dry lips.  Genitor stretches inside the body, cracking and popping the bones to ready them for battle.

“How do mortals live in these shells so cramped and crowded?” he snarls. 

At the end of his right wrist is Slayde’s staff, molded to it where his right hand should be.  Genitor holds it up, flexes his wrist and arm to test the mobility of it.  He chuckles at the thought of piercing Crispin’s heart.  It would be the last thing he would do in battle, pierce his heart while Rose is forced to watch.  He is so engrossed in his battle visions, he doesn’t even sense Crispin’s presence.

“Derrick?” he calls with surprise.

With a swift turn, Genitor glares at Crispin.  A low growling sound fills the mist around them.

“What are you doing here?  How did you get here?” Crispin asks.

Derrick’s green eyes glare until they turn red.  Crispin notices the staff attached in place of his hand and suddenly everything is clear.  This was no longer the same Derrick vying for Rose’s heart.  This is Derrick the tool of Genitor First.  Crispin’s instincts take over sending all his senses to a heightened state.

“Genitor First, I presume” he says firmly.

“You presume correctly” he answers coldly.

“So, do you care to explain why you have taken a mortal body to face me?  Can you not show your true self?  Or would that be a disadvantage for you?”

“I assure you it would be a disadvantage for you”, Genitor says snidely.

“Why not let me be the judge of that”, Crispin replies.

“I think not”, Genitor says, moving in a circle around Crispin.  “I want this to be a worthy battle, a fair one you might say.  This body has been given powers equal to yours.  I give you my word that I will not use any others unless you force me out.”

“He lies to you, Crispin!  You cannot trust him” comes Rhayne’s voice from the mist.

Crispin is relieved that his mother is alive and near, as he had not sensed her until now.  Genitor is angrier than ever at her for making her presence known.

“I will deal with you after you have watched me destroy your son!” he yells to her.

And with that, he uses his power of speed and hits Crispin in the chest with the side of the staff with such force that it sends him flying backwards onto the platform.  Before he can catch his breath, Derrick’s face is hovering above him, his eyes burning red.  His mouth open, showing Genitor’s jagged teeth crowded inside.  With his mind, Crispin slams Derrick’s body down, onto the opposite end of the platform, holding him there until he rose above him with the same look of hatred.  Genitor tries with all his might to lift the staff and plunge it into him, but Crispin’s force is far stronger than he had ever imagined. 

“I’m impressed”, he gargles out, “but I think I can do one better.”

Derrick’s legs transform into Genitor’s powerful haunches and clawed paws.  Before Crispin can comprehend, they draw back and give Crispin a mighty kick to the groin, sending him off the platform.  Quickly, he bounces back on his feet and charges Derrick as he slides from the platform.  With an elbow to Derrick’s jaw and a fist to his stomach, Crispin springs back to assess the situation.  The red of Derrick’s eyes had faded, replaced by his natural green.  His left hand presses against his stomach as he bends forward in pain.  Crispin looks around for Genitor but sees no one else.

“Crispin” squawks Derrick’s voice.

“I don’t want to kill you, Derrick.  My fight is not with you”, Crispin says remorsefully.

Suddenly, Derrick stands upright, laughing.  His eyes burning red again.  The staff raises, the jagged end of it growing into a sharp point.  A hand forms around it where there wasn’t one.  The fingers flexing on the cold iron.

“You are a foolish boy!” Genitor sneers and almost simultaneously throws the staff turned spear.

Crispin uses his power of speed to move from harm’s way but Genitor, already expecting this, uses his power of mind to guide the spear directly into Crispin’s right thigh.  His painful yell echoes through the mists and into the clouds above, nearly deafening Rhayne’s ears.  She watches helplessly as her son falls, holding his thigh where the spear has pierced through to the other side.  Grunts of pain seep through his teeth as he pushes the spear through his torn flesh until it is out.  Genitor is again impressed with his tolerance for pain as he gives him the opportunity to heal himself.  Crispin’s hands burn with heat to seal the wound and stop the bleeding.  His task weakens him as using the healing power always does.  He forces himself to his feet again and faces Derrick.

“This is a game to you.  You had your chance to destroy me just then and you chose not to.  Why?  What is it you want of me?”, Crispin asks.

“I am enjoying this challenge.  You have shown great strength and I would like to know just how far you can take it. I am not worried for myself, you see.  I want to know just how strong you are and how far you will go to save one who is very dear to you.  I want to know if you will die for her.”

Crispin knows that he is meaning Rose and not his mother.  His heart pounds in his chest so hard that he can hear it.  A voice in his head speaks in whispers, ‘do not give in to his threats. He uses her to make you vulnerable.’  Crispin looks around for Alexander, for he has to be near.  ‘We are close, brother’, came the whisper again.

“Shall I show you your sleeping beauty?” grins Genitor through Derrick’s mouth.

“Why would you use lives of innocence to win your battle? Are you so cowardly that you cannot meet me face to face in your true form and fight me with your own hands, your own powers?” yells Crispin.

“Lives of innocence?  Derrick, innocent?  I think not” replies Genitor.

“You know who I mean.  I believe you cannot defeat me unless you distract me by using those I love.  You are a coward. A weakling!  To use innocent and powerless mortal lives against your enemy is certainly evidence of that.  Tell me what you have done with Rose.  If you have harmed her in any way.......”

“Yes, that’s what I’m looking for”, Genitor snickers, “anger, madness beyond reason.  That is what it will take for you to even battle me.  That is what it will take for you to meet me half way.  I want you to be at your highest level of power.  That is what it will take to make this battle remotely fair.  I will show you your sleeping beauty.  I must admit after seeing her up close and personal, I can understand why you feel the way you do. She is indeed quite pleasing to the eyes.  I find myself pondering the idea that I may just keep her for myself when I’m finished with you.  If you will look behind you......”

Crispin turns to find the glass box sliding toward him.  Inside, Rose, Rochelle and Laura cling to each other in the center.  From the corner of her eye, Rose sees Crispin running toward her.  She releases the hands of her friends and rushes to the glass wall separating her from the one she loves.

‘Rose, are you all right’ he asks with his mind, putting his hand on the glass over hers.

With tears in her eyes, she nods to him confirming that she is well for the moment.  She points to the holes in the ceiling above them.

“The holes are closing.  It’s like the glass is living or something.  We’ll run out of air when they close, Crispin.  Can you get us out of here?” she cries.

With all his physical strength, he pounds the glass with his fists and then kicks it with roundhouse kicks but the glass is solid and doesn’t even shake.  Genitor laughs and with his power of mind picks Crispin up and throws him hard against the platform with a force that would have snapped a mortal’s spine. Rose cries out for him and begs Derrick to stop.  Crispin is slow to get up this time, holding his side and left arm.  He shakes off the shock and uses his power of teleportation to position himself on Derrick’s back where he proceeds to lock his arm around Derrick’s throat and squeeze.

“Come out of him, you b*****d, and face me!  Show me what I’m up against!” demands Crispin.

Suddenly, from the back of Derrick’s head emerges an eye at the end of exposed nerve endings.  It teeters in front of Crispin’s face, searching him, blinking until a single tear drops onto his cheek.  It burns him like acid.  Within moments, the burned flesh heals.  The eye weeps more tears but is careful not to spill them on Crispin.  It looks into his eyes as if trying to communicate. Crispin realizes at that moment that the eye belongs to someone other than Genitor.  His mother’s voice speaks to his mind, ‘it is Seeyer, my friend.  He means you no harm but Genitor rules him now.  He wants you to destroy him, Crispin, he’s in agony.  Sentinel is also inside the body and he too, wishes to die.  It would be a merciful thing, my son.’

Crispin never realized how much compassion he had until now.  These were living beings that were much like him and they were willing to die to help him win this battle.  His mother’s voice quivering, showing the depth of love she had for them. Her pity was almost overwhelming for him, causing him to lose his concentration and strength.  Genitor, with a great thrust, sends Crispin crashing into the glass box and still it never budged.  Still crying, Rose collapses to the floor near him, with only the glass separating them.  She longs to touch him, to hold him, to wish them away from this awful place.  Bleeding from his nose, he reaches up to the glass to touch her face, wanting to wipe away her tears.  Suddenly, he is whisked away through the mist by an unseen force.  She watches helplessly as his body is thrust up into the air and held there by Derrick’s extraordinarily long arms.  Crispin takes a deep breath and wraps his fingers around Derrick’s wrists to brace himself.  With a mighty push, he breaks free of Derrick’s grasp and with a quick flip and snap of his wrists, he throws Derrick off his feet and slams him against the platform.  The impact snaps his back and the sound can be heard all around.  His body slides to the floor of mist to a sitting position.  His eyes of red fade to green and then close slowly.  For a moment, Crispin thought he had won but then a glow filters around Derrick’s body, consuming him.  Crispin looks on, shielding his eyes, waiting to see what was to come next.  As the light dims, a new being emerges.  The monstrous haunches that had kicked him were familiar.  Then came the rest of the hideous body, the bony structure with skin so thin the blood can be seen flowing through the veins. The long arms with curves and bends in odd places seem to swim around the body ungoverned.  The neck, a twisted looking vine of tree roots leading to an odd shaped head with an elongated nose and wide mouth full of jagged teeth in rows.  His eyes are red and alluring like the simmering coals of a fire.  A single large protrusion from the top of the head came to a sharp point but not like a horn.  It is much wider and dangerous looking.  But the protrusions on each side of his shoulders appearing like handle loops catches Crispin’s attention.  The height of Genitor seems to be a disadvantage to Crispin but it seemed the shoulder protrusions were going to be of significance to this battle plan.

“You have gotten your wish, boy.  You see before you, Genitor First, the creator of your parents and of you.  The creator of all beings greater than mere mortals.  Do you see the advantages I have over you now?  Do you not see that I was giving you a fair fight?  Now you will learn that you cannot defeat me. The sad thing of this is, the sleeping beauty will have to watch you die.  When that is done, I will destroy the rest of my creations and begin again.  This time I will not be so lenient to allow the deceit that your parents have committed. And I think I will keep your sleeping beauty as my trophy, get to know her as you know her. I think it will be a rather interesting change for me.”

“You sound so sure that you can destroy me.  So, what keeps you from doing so?” says Crispin.

“Nothing, you foolish boy, I’ve just been having fun with you.  Fun’s over” he replies, throwing a ball of fire from his hand toward Crispin.

Crispin moves away with ease, letting the fire ball disappear into the mist behind him.  Another ball of fire is coming at him as he turns back but again, he moves away with ease.  With his arms stretched in front of him, his fingers curved so that the fingertips point directly at Genitor, he chants a demand and from his fingertips shoots streams of electrical charges that engulf Genitor.  The white glow outlines his body and seems to weaken him for a moment.  His wolf-like haunches fold to the knees onto the floor of mist.  Crispin walks toward him, still engulfing him with electrical charge, giving him all he has until he began to fill weakened as well.  The charge stops and Crispin falls to his knees, exhausted.

“You surprise me, boy”, Genitor says huffing, “this is a power I knew not of.  But I too, have powers I have not shown anyone. Not even your mother.  Shall I show you?”

“Give it your best shot, old beast”, Crispin replies, wanting to know everything he was going to have to fight.

The two of them rise to their feet slowly.  In an instant, Genitor transforms into a giant boa constrictor and wraps around Crispin so tightly his breath is nearly cut off.  The snake’s eyes are Genitor’s burning red coals, glaring into his.  His forked tongue hisses as he speaks from the snake’s rounded mouth, “I can snap you like a dry twig or pull you apart like a loaf of stale bread.  Which would you prefer?”

“Neither”, came Crispin’s strained words.

In an instant Crispin is gone.  Disappeared from the clutches of the snake.

“You have a short memory, Genitor.  Did you forget that I can teleport?”

At once, Genitor transforms again.  This time a giant black widow spider stands over Crispin.  Her web spins down upon him so quickly that he is distracted and doesn’t see the fangs coming down on him.  Her bite is immediately paralyzing.  He cannot teleport.  He cannot move.  Only his head is left above the sealing web as her leg picks him up and dangles him.

“Is this the end of you, boy” asks Genitor.  “Do you not have any means of escape?”

The healing power of his body seems to be slowed as well as his breathing.  For the first time, he feels that he is in real trouble.  He isn’t sure that his healing power will be strong enough to destroy the venom before it destroys him.  With his mind, he tries to reach Alexander, ‘where are you, my brother?  I need you now.’

At that moment, Alexander and Raphael come running from the mist. Alexander stops in his tracks when he sees the glass box and Rochelle inside.  She runs to the wall of the box and cries out to him.  Raphael stops just short of a black hairy structure.  Following it upward, he sees the spider’s eyes reflecting himself and from the corner of his eye he sees Crispin’s body being dangled from a single strand of web.  Raphael backs away, calling to Alexander who is still trying to find a way into the glass box.

“Alexander!” he calls.

But his brother ignores him until Rose slaps the glass at his face.

“Help Crispin.  He’s our only way out of here” she yells.

“Hurry Alex!  The holes are closing and we’ll be out of air” yells Rochelle.

Laura crumples to the floor, crying.  Punching the glass in anger, Alexander forces himself to leave her and join Raphael.  He followed his brother’s eyes upward and sees the predicament Crispin is in. 

“What can we do?” asks Alexander.

“I can try to separate him from the web and bring him down but she’s not going to like it.  You’ll have to figure something out to distract her” replies Raphael.

“You do what you can do and leave the rest to me” he says with confidence.

Alexander looks around for anything to use as a weapon but it seems there is nothing.

‘Near the platform, my son, on the floor in the mist you will find Slayde’s staff’ came Rhayne’s voice into his mind.

Alexander falls to the floor and feels around until he finds the metal spear still stained with Crispin’s blood.

With his many eyes, Genitor sees Alexander with the spear and Raphael concentrating to build his power to maximum.  With one of his unoccupied seven legs, he sweeps across the floor toward them.  Alexander, with great swiftness, pierces the leg with the spear, in and then out.  Acidic blood spurts from the leg sending a smoldering stream of steam up from the floor.  Alexander uses his power of speed to run the spear through another leg and then another, crippling Genitor.  Raphael has succeeded in breaking the single strand of web and floats Crispin’s body safely to the floor just before Genitor’s legs crumble beneath him.  Quickly, he transforms back into his hideous self, angry and weakened.  Raphael and Alexander free Crispin from the web.  Alexander uses his healing power to help him recover.  Rose sighs relief when she sees him scramble to his feet again.  The relief is short lived when the three of them see Genitor also rise.  They scream a warning to them but the holes have sealed and their voices cannot be heard.  Their air is running out.  Genitor’s long arm reaches out and with his long-clawed fingers he grabs Alexander and then with his other clawed hand he grabs Raphael.  Crispin watches as each brother is yanked away from him in two directions.  A single claw of each hand had penetrated each of them through the chest, rendering them powerless.

“No!  Your fight is with me!  Let them go!”, Crispin yells. “What do you want of surrender to you?  To let you destroy me?  So be it.  Let my brothers and the women go. I will not fight you.  Do what you will to me.  I will not run, I will not fight you.”

“You would die, give up your life willingly for the likes of these?”, he laughs.

“Yes! Yes! I will!  Please, Genitor, they have done nothing wrong but to try and help me.  They will do nothing more against you, I promise you.”

Crispin glances from his dying brothers to the glass box where all three women are lying flat now, gasping for air.  His heart breaks, his mind swarms with words to say to plead for their lives.

‘I will not let this happen’ comes his mother’s voice into his mind, ‘I will not!  Barcelli, you must come.  You must help me save our children.’

Genitor laughs almost hysterically, “Rhayne, my dear Rhayne, did you not think that Barcelli would be here if he could?  I assure you, he will not come.  I have sent him back to the battle ground where you first saw him.  It is why you still exist.  He gave his own life to save yours.  He knew I could destroy you with just a ball of fire.  He exists no more, my child.  And now I will fulfill my promise to you.  You will watch as I destroy your sons as well.”

Suddenly, a swirling cloud as strong as a tornado came barreling down from the heavens.  Within it flashed bolts of lightning followed by ground shaking thunder.  It consumes Crispin yet does not harm him.  From the twister comes a rod of lightning that runs through Crispin, shooting from his eyes and splits into two directions.  Each beam of electricity connects to Alexander and Raphael’s eyes, charging their limp bodies back to life.  From the brother’s eyes the beam comes together causing an enormous explosion.  The beam then is directed into Genitor’s chest where it sears through the thin skin and boils his blood from his veins.  His screams shrill, splitting the air and even cracking the glass box.  Air rushes inside, reviving the women.  Rose is the first to comprehend what is happening.  She crawls to the crack in the glass and breathes in the cool mist, enough to fill her lungs so she could scream.  She sees Crispin, beams of light coming from his eyes as he stands amidst a tornado.  His body lifts, levitates within the tornado.  A scream startles her, as Rochelle has revived enough to see that Alexander is in grave trouble.  His bleeding body hangs from Genitor’s claw, convulsing with light coming from his eyes and joining to the other beams of light that seem to be killing the beast.  She fears for all their lives.  How could any of them survive this?

Genitor begins to wither.  Another blast of light and clash of thunder emanates from the tornado, jarring the bodies of the brothers.  But Genitor seems to be getting the worst of it.  His skin melts from his bones.  Smoke bellows from his eyes and mouth.  Suddenly, Genitor jerks and throws the bodies of Alexander and Raphael to the floor, breaking the unity of the beam.  Crispin teleports from the tornado onto Genitor’s back, holding fast to the handle-like protrusions.  From the tornado to his eyes comes another beam of light so bright it is blinding to the women.  The light has transformed into a laser beam and penetrates the back of Genitor’s head.  He thrashes, trying to dismount Crispin but he holds tight.  The laser cuts into his brain until it splits and burns to cinders.  Genitor falls to his knees and then face down into the mist.  The beam dissipates and Crispin collapses into the mist also.  The tornado calms to a gentle breeze still swirling the mist across the floor.  The smell of Genitor’s burning flesh is sickening.  Rhayne transforms into her human-like form, standing over Genitor.  The lifeless bodies of her sons lying all around her.  The wailing cries of the women are pitiful to her ears as they have been released from their prison at the moment of Genitor’s demise.  Rhayne’s tears crystallize as they plunge from her eyes.  The cost of her journey was great. She finds herself alone and wishing she could have died in place of her sons.  The sacrifice of them for the safety of this world suddenly seems far too great a price to pay. She weeps pitifully.


© 2019 Rhayne

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