A Poem by Vltimecia

When worlds far apart which frames never should be in binds come to face one another
When thought is crossed
When Sight is laced
When you feel the world has ended deep within your heart
Then you know what it feels like
Then you understand
The tides of life seem to end or pause or who knows that
It's a motion locomotion
Ever going infinitely
I see it
I hear it
and oh so very much I feel it
The worlds collided and the single thought
The singular untattered unbroken unevolved thought
Of the end
When worlds collide no base to build upon
When nothing is to be
When there’s nothing to see
Thus the life is gone
Thus the world has ended

Nothing matters
F**k this and f**k that
The sea before you is the drowned thought
The sea of shards
The empty infinite end
What was was not any longer
What will be is absolute nothing
What is, is emptiness
Hollowed empty painful shell
Swimming feeling of transgression
Burn it all

I'll be here waiting
I'll be here in thought
So I ask is the sky in pieces or is that my heart
One in the same as it once flew free
Petty fickle useless thing begone
When was it last ever used anyway

In this throne the final stance
The grand thought
The feeling gone
The true end.

© 2017 Vltimecia

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Added on July 11, 2017
Last Updated on July 11, 2017
Tags: Sad, Chaotic, Angry, Lost, Hurt




I hereby give my humanity to the embers. I cast my heart to the abyss and my soul to the stars. Hatred my love and my life a canvas. My essence in dry red hue to paint on bone the skull of death. more..