A Poem by Siege Powell

Bipolar, type 1. Mostly highs, but let me present to you, a low:

There are voices
Pounding in my head like a drum
And they want me to pay
For everything I've ever done.

All the selfish acts
The embarrassing scenes
The happiness too
The silences and screams.

My mind is killing me
Searing pain, I want to quit
My choice is to exist like this
Or take drugs that make me sick.

"This is why nobody wants you
You stupid fat sack of s**t
You should just kill yourself
Go on, you know you wanna do it.

No one would even miss you
Sure they'd be sad to hear the news
But in a year they won't remember
They'll be happier without you.

You see those girls over there?
That's how women are supposed to be
What are you doing in shorts?
That's something no one should see.

Die you f*****g c**t
You're a terrible daughter, mother, and friend
Get off of this planet
F**k off, rescind!"

Now that you've heard it,
Can you feel what it's like?
To be inside my head,
To constantly have to fight?

The fact that I do
Love myself quite a bit
Doesn't even come through
In this miasma of s**t.

I want you to understand
It's not easy to ignore this pain
It hurts my whole body
It dehydrates my brain.

People think death is cowardly
And I'll agree that it's true
But please tell me friend
What on earth would you do?

© 2017 Siege Powell

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Added on May 26, 2017
Last Updated on May 26, 2017


Siege Powell
Siege Powell

Yukon, OK

My name is Siege, i am a writer, painter, musician, and an awesome person. Sometimes i write stuff, then i put it here... I appreciate any feedback you wish to give to me, and hope that you enjoy w.. more..

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