The London Eye

The London Eye

A Chapter by Rose

I wrote this poem to show how I would like to propose in real life to the person who will be the one for me. I hope you enjoy it.





















I want to invite you,
For some nights away,
With me in the best place to be

To show a surprise
I know you have been waiting for
I will take you alone
Not for others to see
I will put you in a blind fold
I will hold your hands
I'll walk you to the place
To the best view of your surprise
I feel your excitement
But inside me...

I am shaking
My heart still though
Like a watch stops ticking
Knowing just one word
Could ruin my life
And I will watch it come crashing down
So please say yes
Say yes to my question

Say it please!
I will beg on my knees
The word NO I would hate to hear
As I will see myself cry a thousand tears
I will cry the longest river, the river Nile
All because of one word
Don't say it!

I will take off your blind fold slowly
As for your surprise
It is to see the best view,
Of the london Eye
In the night
Along a path of trees that light up
With blue shiny lights
Lights in so many wonderful colours,
Covers the London Eye
So bright for you to see

My important moment now
To sit you down
Give you a tiny box
Ask you to open it slowly
My heart racing as I ask the question

© 2012 Rose

Author's Note

Anything You don't understand just tell me

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I am sitting here smiling this was really good. I can't imagine a woman asking me to marry me, but it is so romantic after reading this poem. I thin he would be shocked and please and how could anyone say no after a proposal like this. Excellent, very excellent write.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This honest to God had me sitting at the edge of my seat. This piece is an intriguing work of art, you've blown me away with your way with words. Gorgeous piece.

Posted 10 Years Ago

very Awesome

Posted 10 Years Ago

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. riveting, consuming, overwhelming ... exquisite poetry ... the way it meanders through the mood of the moment is so bewitching ... and yet there is a gentle hum of sadness ... of fear ... of pain ... what a beautifully written ode to life ... and of course ... the last line ... just steals one's heart ... there is nothing left ... but your lines ... resounding ... breathing ... pleading ... with unique eloquence and elegance ... shall read more of you soon ...

Posted 11 Years Ago

Coming from America where it's rare for a female to bend the knee and ask the question. I must say this is not only beautiful, but also very refreshing! Filled with emotions that flow like music that start suttle, building at last to the final crescendo. A masterpiece of ink and soul here! Two thumbs up!

Aaron Wolfie Maycroft

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is an awesome poem love it

Posted 11 Years Ago

Halfway through the poem I placed this in my libary because it was cute and it got me thinking about how I want to be proposed to as well. Somewhere, that's not in Houston for sure. I could picture it all and it was so beautiful. I could rant all day, but then that doesn't really help.

There's two lines that threw me off rhythm, though, because the poem is in future tense, this line swerved to past: "Along a path of trees that lit up" The word "lit" is past tense which confused me. Feel free to explain.

Also, I didn't understand this line: "the river Nile" I thought since this was a little bit of freestyle, and there was no internal or end rhyme to it, there was no need for the inversion. Feel free to explain.

The diction is awonderful and I catch a pattern with it making the tiniest thing matter so much or explod upon one event.

I love love poems because I love love and hope to find it one day as I travel the world. This poem rekindled that desire.

Posted 11 Years Ago

A very soft, moving poem. I really like the matter-of-fact way in which you've presented it, while showing appropriate amount of emotion in the write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Romantic to the MAX! I hope someday your dream comes true! ㋡

Posted 11 Years Ago

very innocent kind of poem, very cute indeed, but isn't a lengthy proposal???? but the last two stanzas were kind of romantic and cute...

Posted 11 Years Ago

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