TERRORISM NOW: New CIA Terrorism and Menacing Definitions

TERRORISM NOW: New CIA Terrorism and Menacing Definitions

A Story by The Archangel Gabriel

See below...

I have an important message for you:


1) Targeting for non-military reasons (generally seen as bombing in public that could hit children and targeting civilians)
2) Terrorist messages (such as I am the bomber with most.  Fear me, fear me, fear me)
3) For terrorist reasons (don't we say that just shooting people in shopping malls with guns is probably unjustified homicide while attacking the civilians in pits with guns by the government or government-sponsored paramilitary is a civilian massacre, and shooting people in a mall randomly to terrorize the public is a form of terrorism, basically?)

I have one more point, and my definition of terrorism which you will use immediately is over: "Especially if you are a member of a terrorist organzation.)

What about this?  If you are doing a paramilitary attack upon civilians by putting them in ditches and shooting them dead for your terrorist government-sponsored paramilitary, is it a terrorist attack?  No, you say quickly, it is just a civilian massacre.  Right, I think!  

What about this, if you are bombing as a terrorist civilian massacre in a marketplace to reduce the population and seek fear of the civilians for your government, is that a civilian massacre or terrorism or other unjustified homicide if you are in a terrorist government-sponsored paramilitary?  It is a terrorist attack I think because you are bombing.  Damn you, damn you!  This alone should clear up the issues of what is terrorism if you reconcile this!

What about if you are shooting in a marketplace randomly in a group for no reason but in a terrorist gang, is it a terrorist attack or unjustified homicide or a civilian massacre?  It is a terrorist attack again because you are in a terrorist gang and killing people for non-military reasons.  

This is complicated, but I think I have my definition of terrorism (an evil thing) without any more talk about it forever.

Have hope soon!

I think I got your message of love that got you up today: Have hope today at about this time.

I will not call the news until the hope of the littlest one, computers, and new one is fulfilled!  Have hope soon!

What if you have a message such as "I am the only one you fear" from a terrorist gang leader in the news for no reason?  Terrorism again because it is a terrorist message producing fear, roughly.

Terrorism, we just know it when we see it, largely just bombing in public that could hit people by terrorist gangs in our world in the past that is now almost or not seen because of CIA termination with extreme prejudice of terrorists.  You have to count my kills (if I do that) as CIA AFTERLIFE which is part of the CIA, and that is dispositive of these issues.  That is enough death that terrorism went away.

Be like Caleb that I met yesterday on the street and start anew in your magic.  Stop crimes by beatdowns or death by brain control or magic taking form only.  Don't we almost have enough magic supplies for eternity?

Do just that.

Go for terrorism in our past, rape, slavery, and a special choice by you that is you, perhaps what you hate the most!  I like to say that hate is a wasted emotion, that we do not hate anybody because we love everybody.  Hate is too strong, and some people hate leading to hate crimes!  Isn't that the meaning of Nazi, hating Jews and homosexuals?  Didn't that lead to a lot of problems and death?

What was that additional thing I added to my definition of terrorism?  Menacing?  What is menacing, and how might that be seen as terorrism?  Acting in a fashion that is reasonably calculated to induce fear is menacing, another crime.  Computers might find this definition of terorism, which menacing is not, to be compelling.  Can't we say that using your body to inspire fear or that does inspire fear scares children and should not be allowed?  Double headsite CIA honor for this one! 

What about just acting angry and moving rapidly and violently?  Don't you normally where this is an accident like people thinking I am a cop and being afraid of me doing this accidentilly...  Don't you think they live and learn this lesson later not to scare chidlren?  I had to charge this girl with menacing who twice ran at me for no reason at combat speed and showed anger in her conversation tone and body language...  I just told her, GIRL, YOU TRIPPING.  She went away the first time.  Since there were children there, she complained about something I said that should be said to children.  Then, she scared the children there twice.  The second time she did that, I tried to pay for a partial haircut which was refused and tipped not the stylist but the girl who suggested I not pay.  How is this not special?  Even partially undone, I wanted the stylist to get paid, but I was in a hurry to save the children.

More than this I will not say at this time.

Watch world emergency computer alarms by the CIA go off at this new definition of terrorism, something here to stay, much less of menacing, something here to stay.  Basically, it will say that they have been figiting crime all wrong because of two new definitions we almost had already?

That's interesting alarms!

I am gone!  Thanks all of you! 

Have high hopes!

© 2018 The Archangel Gabriel

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Added on May 27, 2018
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