A Poem by eaglefeather

Life is spinning 

It is cheerful and fun

It is almost like dancing 

I grow a little weary 

But i keep on spinning

Life as picks up the pace

I grow wearier by the minute

but it doesn’t stop

I don’t want it to stop 

Then it grows to fast 

Things blur as i stumble blindly 

The world won’t stop 

The spinning just gets faster 

I am helpless 

The world is going to fast and i can’t keep 

The more it spins

The dizzier i get 

Til i can’t take it anymore

Tears are streaming down

I feel my voice shaking 

The pressure linger for just a little bit longer

The world as stopped 

I feel myself rise to my feet

I stumble and fall 

but without thinking i rise 

I feel the pressure rise again

This time gently 

This time the world spins slowly 

Finally, the balance is back

© 2021 eaglefeather

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I agree with both the other comments. It is so easy to feel like everything is spinning out of control, it's a very good poem, but perhaps you'd like to turn the i's into capital I's. I just think it would look a bit better on paper. Overall, a very good poem.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

ok thank you.
Almost has the sound of a manic episode. It's probably a comment on the nature of life today, especially the influence of modern media. Watching too much of the internet can make you feel like you're caught up in a twister.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

this is based on modern life but mostly because of the hardships of 2020 that influenced this.
This is so true and so relatable. The feeling of life going too fast and hitting too hard, yet you don’t want it to stop. Not yet at least. And when you get back up again, everything is finally balanced and you’re not so dizzy. I loved this interpretation on the hardships of life, it was such a ingenious idea!

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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Added on June 2, 2021
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