March 2nd - 7:15 AM

March 2nd - 7:15 AM

A Chapter by Jim Parson



March 2nd - 7:15 AM - Aligarh

Today we head back to Delhi to join up with the other teams.  Although being in Aligarh has been the most memorable experience of my life, I must confess that I am looking forward to getting back to the comparative comfort of the Hyatt.  We are going to have breakfast and then hit the road by about 10:00.


Jay is back with me.  He moved back in last night because his room had already been booked to some visiting dignitaries (with LOTS of armed guards).  I tried really hard to sleep on my side to keep the snoring down, but woke up this morning flat on my back.  We all know what that means.


Last night, we attended a Rotary meeting at the Rotary Club of Aligarh (as opposed to Aligarh City, the first club we visited).





It was very much the same as the one I described earlier - very formal, invited to the stage, got “garlanded” (as opposed to lei’d), received trophies, placed garland on Paul Harris’ picture, men on left, women on right, ate awful food.  This is both Mr. Gulati and Ashok’s club - Mr. Gulati is the current President.


The thing that strikes me about this club was their facility.  They were very proud of the fact that they meet at the most exclusive “country club” in Aligarh - most of the Rotarians are members and most members are Rotarians.  Well, here it is…

Behind the wall on the right are a large swimming pool and a smaller circular pool for the children - both of them empty except for the foot of crud in the bottom.  They gave us a tour of the entire club and spoke of it as if it just didn’t get any better than this.

When we were here…         we were here…





And those steps are these steps…

I guess it was another lesson for me not to put my expectations on others - what is one man’s slum is another man’s country club.

© 2011 Jim Parson

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I guess "country club" has a different meaning in India than it does in North America! Oh, and about the snoring....there are devices that work to curb it. Ever hear of the "Klear-way" appliance? We use it in our practice, and have had great results for many people and their partners who suffer from their snoring. Not sure what the protocol is in the USA, but ask your dentist, next time you are in.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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