chapter 6

chapter 6

A Chapter by Mskendra Renee

They get to the old mill

Chapter six
It had only been two weeks later that she was now nine months pregnant she lay on a soft hospital bed taking deep breathes. They'd just finished taking her heart beat and telling her about focusing her breathing. Not knowing what was going to happen to her baby after she brought him in to the world, she was terrified. 
“Well Rebecca, it’s time for you to deliver the baby" informed Dr.Nummon as he enters the room with a nurse. It felt like she was being torn apart from the inside, the pain was excruciating to say the least.  She pushed a pushed until some hours later she finally delivered her baby.
“I thought you said my baby was a boy, he doesn't look like a boy or girl?" she groaned as she looks at what’s in the doctors arms. The baby had miniature claws coming from his fingers and his eyes.... his eyes were black as night. His feet seemed as if they were fragmented and his breathing was hollow
“He’s better." he congratulated holding the baby up take in every detail.
“can I, can I hold him please?" she pleas extending her now skeletal arms. He places the baby in her arms then goes over to the nurse and they talk.
  All of her pain stilled as soon as she touched him, he stopped crying. It was like he knew she was his mother as he smiled and placed his hand on her cheek. She had always desired a son and he was beautiful, no matter what those monsters had done to him. Looking into his eyes they abruptly turn brown and the claws in his hands were gone and his legs looked ordinary. 
"Now what shall I called my fine-looking baby boy? Mm, (she laughs) I know Damien, do you like the name?" he makes as sound which she takes as a yes.
She snuggles him against her, giving him so many tender kisses she losses count. The nurse stops talking with the doctor and by force takes the baby from Rebecca arms.
“No, no, let me hold him some more, where are you going!  You b***h, Give him back to me! Stop!" she hollered as she makes an attempt to get up and take back her baby as Damien cries.
“Just relax, you can go upstairs and take a shower then we'll take you to your baby and you can leave. But you must stay in communication with us so we can know how the baby's doing.”  Dr. Nummon explains as he places his hand on her shoulder stopping her from lashing out at the Sarah.
She agrees and two Guards come in and take her up stairs. She had never been upstairs and as she left the staircase and into this room she realized why. It was dissimilar than any other place in the building she had gone. It was unfriendly and murkier with a large cage, the cage had a small, soggy, old, shredded bed. The floor of the cage was dirty and black but the opening of the cage had the same key card system that her room had. It smelled like rotten flesh, puke, and feces. They went through another door and Rebecca turned trying to get away. There wasn't a bathe tub or clothes, it was a room with dead bodies piled up on sides of the wall. She recognizes some of the faces, as they were some of the woman that had been taken. At the end of the room was a huge furnace and a man with a black mask and leather apron inserting coal. The men turned her around and held her in place as she watched the man in black lift a dead body onto a hook. He presses a button on the wall and she watches as the body was taken threw a hole in the wall. She could hear the bones and organs being torn apart, while blood gushed from the hole. She throws up onto the floor, believing they're going to do the same with her.
"Oh no we wouldn't do this to do ma'am. But I don't know why you’re so amazed, the entire time you've been here they've been giving you human meat. Apparently it was for your baby's progression ... you know they’re going to give it the same?" he mocks referring to her baby.
She cries again, realizing shed been eating human meat she throws up again still struggling to get loose as she's  struck by one of the men behind her.  
“Now you just calm down, we have something else for you.” the man implies as he takes her head and positions it in the direction of the furnace. He then secures the door as she squeals for somebody to help her.
 They wasted no time in experimenting on him to see what he could do. Once he turned two they put him in the very cage his mother saw when she was told she could leave. At the age of four they started electro shock therapy every two weeks. Frying his brain to see if it could heal with his memories.  He was already at the age of seven in the three months after his birth date, he was growing more quickly than they expected. However with careful researching they estimated he will start growing normally at the age of nine. Even though he was considered as a child they treated him as if he was an animal. Just like his mother they feed him human meat but not in the proportions they feed her. They kept him on the edge of starvation to keep him controllable and too weak to attack. they also hooked him and every other child that was their kept them on an anesthetic. They were strapped to the beds until it as time for them to eat where the straps were undone and the IV taken out. once they were done they were electrocuted  until they passed out and were put back into their beds. His barely spoke to them but the nurse Sarah would bring him books to read frequently and tell him stories about things around the world. Sitting on his bed reading a book called “A mothers love" he wished he could have known his mother, he imagined she was something like Ivy. He heard them talking about her a lot, he'd known for a while what they had done to her. They also carelessly mentioned the name she had given him. He laughs as he thinks it ironic he’s reading a book about a mother he'll never have in this hell. He hears someone turning the knob of the door, he sniffs, and it’s the doctor. He quickly marks his place in the book and hides it under his bed, seconds before the doctor enters the room with two guards.
"Hi 001 (Damien snarls at the number they'd given him as his name.) I've noticed you've been doing good and not fighting when we give you injections. So what we're going to do is let you watch TV."
Damien stood with a happiness he'd never know, he didn't know exactly what a TV was but he has an idea from the books he's read.
"But you have to promise to be good. These two guards are going to put on your spark cuffs, OK"
 Even though the 'sparky cuffs' hurt like hell he wanted to finally watch a TV show. He nodded his head letting the doctor know he'd be good. The two guards enter the cage using they're key cards handcuffing the boy and escorting him out. Where they took him was a place he had never been. It was a glass room inside another room with just a single chair in the middle of the floor. It was clean and the smell was amazing nothing like where they kept him. Sitting him into the chair the boy notices it’s nailed to the floor and there's restraints on the hand rest and at the foot. 
“Don’t worry you know we have to take safety precautions. The nurse you like so much... Sarah is bringing in the TV" he pronounces as the guards strap the young boy in.
“It’s going to be alright, 001" nurse Sarah stated as she entered the room locking the door behind her.
She didn't have a TV with her but she had something behind her keeping it out of Damien’s view as she went to the corner of the room. Damien watched as the guards went to the opposite corners behind him. He turned back around and saw Sarah give the Doctor a big knife. Petrified he tries to get loose from the chair. 
“shh, shh calm down everything is going to be alright" she says to Damien. 
 "stop acting like that, you'll be fine we just need to do some test on your healing ability and then you can go back to your cage ." he joked  as he takes his left hand putting it on the boys right arm to hold it still. 
"I’m going to hum you song to keep you calm, it’s called hush little baby. It’ll help you relax until I’m done.”  The boy yells and spasms as the evil doctor starts humming and carving through his arm.
“Help me Sarah! Help me please make him stop.... it hurts so much" he shrieked historically looking at Sarah waiting for her to come his rescue.
But she just stands there unaffected by seeing his blood floor like a river on to the floor. He screams again as the doctor breaks his arm and continuing to cut through the rest of his arm. The blood paints the doctors face as he pulls the amputated arm from the boy as he passes out. They bandage his arm and then drag him back to the cage and throw him onto the bed. Leaving his some meat and a little water in his bowls.
Hours later the boy wakes up but he isn't hurting anymore. He looks at the bloody bandage on the floor and realizes what had happened to him. But to his amazement his arm had grown back, was he imagining things. looking at his arm he noticed they had forgotten to out the IV in his arm and strap him to his bed. He remembered the doctor saying that he had a healing ability but he was just happy his arm was back. He sits up in the bed stretching his arms and neck. Noticing the food in the bowl and the water, he gets up and kicks the bowl. He never understood why they never gave him anything else but human meat, though he didn't mind. Even though it was a little tough to him it was deliciously sweet and a little bitter. All of sudden the one little light in his cage went out, as he started to walk over to it to make it work he heard a beep noise. He turned and looked at the key-card... it had no color.  When the guards would come in to get him for something or give him food it would light up green meaning they could come in. If they tried to get in without using the card which some did it would show red but other than that the color would be blue. But now it had no color at all, the power had went out. Without even thinking he ran to the door of the cage and pushed it. IT OPENED, he was out he could leave but not before he ate something.
he senses the guard as he approaches the door opening it quickly as he drops him to his knees then pulling him into the room. he comes out of the door with blood dripping from his chin. in the long dark hallway there was nothing but doors with number labeled on them, only one labeled stairs. he starts heading to the door leading to the steps but stops when he hears a noise. for a long time hes been certain that he could hear other children behind the doors. he kicks down one door and in a cage there was a girl who looked about his age. he took the IV out of her arm , undid the restraints and waited for her to come around. for a moment she just looked at him  the sat up.
"who... how did ... did they let you out?" 
"my name is Damien... we should help the others"
they go to each room getting the other children awake . the power comes back on and the alarm goes off as they all run the staircase. when they busted through the door the nurses and doctors froze trying to take in what they were seeing. The children slowly spread out as the nurses and doctors came closer . Their body's and faces changed into what could only be described as monsters growled at them.

© 2015 Mskendra Renee

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Mskendra Renee
ignore any grammar and spelling errors.

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