How To Prolong The Life Of The Carpet?

How To Prolong The Life Of The Carpet?

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Not everyone is perfect and you can also make some of the mistakes while removing the stains from your carpet. The information mentioned above some of the common mistakes that is made by common people


Every homeowner invests a lot of money on their carpets and wants it to live for years. Many times you find your carpet in a filthy condition or stained and you end up replacing it with a new one which costs you more. So it is better to maintain the carpet to prolong its life and save your money from replacing it. You may take a lot of care of your carpet from not getting it stained or becoming the home of dirt but by some or the other way, your carpet will temp to all the dirt and allergens. These contaminants will not only damage the fabric of your carpet but it can also spread many health issues to you and your family. For keeping your carpet in good condition, it is very important to follow the best tips. Below are some ways which will help in increasing the life of your carpet.

Best Tips To Increase The Life Of The Carpet

  1. Vacuum Regularly: The first thing you have to do to keep your carpet in a better condition is to vacuum it. It is very important to vacuum the carpet at least 2- 4 times a week. Regular vacuuming is very much essential to remove all the dirt particles, pet hairs and food particles present on your carpet. Make sure you are choosing the best vacuum machine available in the market. This is one of the most basic tips which you have to follow if you want to increase the life of your carpet. 

  2. Keep Separate Flip Flops For Carpet: Regular foot traffic is also one of the reasons why your carpet tends to become the home of dirt. Do not allow any of your family member to walk on your carpet with their shoes which they have used outside. You or your family may come from outside and walk on the carpet with the same shoes which have many dirt and dust stick to it. This dirt will fall into your carpet and it becomes dirty. It is better to keep a separate flip flop for your carpet and ask your family to use it whenever they want to walk on your carpet. The flip flops should especially be for carpet and do not use it anywhere else. 

  3. Clean The Spots Immediately: If you find any stains or spots on your carpet then it is highly advised to clean it immediately. There are different types of stains which are usually found on the carpets such as bloodstains, urine stains, food marks and so on. You can apply homely methods like white vinegar, baking soda to get rid of these stains. Fresh stains are very easy to remove and if it becomes old then you need to put a lot of effort to clean it. Avoid using chemicals carpet cleaning as this may damage the fabric. So to prolong the life of the carpet, get all the stains out of your carpet as soon as possible. 

  4. Train Your Pet: You may wonder how does training your pet will help in increasing the life of your carpet? But it is important to understand that pets can damage your carpet in many ways. Your pet will play in the garden and can get all the soil and dirt on your carpet and moreover they may pee on it as well. So it is very important to train your pet so that it stays away from your caret and do not make it dirty. If your pet is new then make sure you keep them away from your carpet for some time and train them well. 

  5. Use Rags Before Using Carpet: This is also one of the best tips which you can follow to prolong the life of your carpet. You can get a rag and place it in front of your carpet. Walk on a rag before you walk on your carpet. When you walk on rag much of the dirt will fall on the rag itself and then you can walk on the carpet. Though your rag may get dirty but your carpet will get less dirty. You can even use doormats instead of rags. Choose the best rag that can accumulate most of the dirt particles and change your rag if it becomes too filthy. 

  6. Steam Clean The Carpet: There are many methods through which you can clean the carpet steam cleaning is the best method. It is very important to steam clean your carpet as it will remove all the bacteria, dirt, stains and allergens residing in your carpet. Steaming or hot water extraction method will clean the carpet deeply and this will eventually make your carpet in good condition. Get your carpet steam cleaned once in 6 months for effective result and increasing the life of it.

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