Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

A Poem by Radrach23

for the Poetry and Lyrical Challenge, about a bad breakup

one day you hate me
the next you say "I love you baby"
your bipolar bullshit
is driving me crazy

your personality is like
fire and ice
one day your a one effing mean son of a b***h
the next you're so sweet and nice

let me tell you one thing
you aren't the person i fell for
the person i fell head over heels for
lives no more

the thought of your love
for me ceasing
it is very
very displeasing

you loved me
i loved you
now you hate me
i don't know what to do

i want all of you
all for me
none for anyone else
you see

now the only thing i can think of
that will fix this
involves a knife, my arm
and that stuff i do when i'm pissed

it is my fault
that now you hate me
but remember this
i still love you baby

© 2010 Radrach23

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... ah ... this is something i want to read at 4:27 am or so in India ... because this verse transcends its theme by miles ... it gives one the opportunity to revisit and explore that somersault in emotions that seems inexplicable to the heart and completely rational to the mind ... while analyzing a break-up ... in the first stanza ... the lines ... "your bipolar bullshit" ... "is driving me crazy" ... are striking ... very powerful expression ... in the second stanza ... the title "fire and ice" is justified with great lucidity ... "you're an effing mean son of a b***h" seems to me to flow naturally from the previous lines ... and works for me as a reader ... the third stanza ... again captures with directness ... "you aren't the person i fell for" ... but it's really this fourth stanza that takes my breath away ... not just for what it says and how it says it ... but for the fact that the narrator acknowledges one of the most profound truths of life and this situation ... which is the absence of love ... the fifth stanza ... is even more intense ... "now you hate me" ... "i don't know what to do" ... aptly describing how perplexing the situation is for the narrator ... the sixth stanza expresses complex introspection in the simplest of terms ... "i want all of you" ... "all for me" ... is a simple expression of expectations ... and points clearly to how those expectations must have been belied ... the seventh stanza ... is a dramatic outburst no doubt ... but seems like anger expressed on the spur of the moment ... as a reader who has on occasion witnessed such outbursts ... i feel like this one won't translate to violent action ... and is just indicative of how brutally devastated the narrator is ... the last stanza ... sort of confirms that ... when the narrator submits and says ... "it is my fault" ... "that now you hate me" ... and then again when in the last line of this verse the narrator says ... "i still love you baby" ... a beautiful verse this is ... it makes one wonder why two people who start off with love ... grow out of it ... and even the love is replaced by hostility tending to violence in extreme cases ... it makes one wonder why a lot of people don't recognize that separation is sometimes a function of clashing worldviews and that's no one's fault ... it makes one wonder why a lot of people don't realize that sometimes a separation is merely the function of the absence of love that may have seemed like love because of the initial attraction ... but more than all of this ... it makes one wonder why people don't have enough sensitivity to at least make sure that it doesn't get ugly ... that respect is not compromised ... it makes one wonder why peace cannot be of paramount importance even when things don't work out between two people ... the narrator's voice in this verse communicates in no uncertain terms ... to me ... that despite all the ugliness that the narrator is subjected to ... despite the narrator's outburst ... in the last stanza ... the narrator establishes that people may succeed in dishing out all the "bipolar bullshit" they can ... but they can't succeed in making others dish out the same ... and hence ... for the outstanding resilience demonstrated in the last line of this verse ... and the outstanding build up to that resilience ... this verse deserves a hundred ... it is simple ... it is powerful ... it is contemporary ... and yet it still keeps the essence of love alive ...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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This really hit home with me. I've been in this exact situation for four years now. thank you for sharing, it's almost as if you put my feelings into words.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I'm pretty sure I know who this is about, but is a complicated topic to understand and indulge, swallow fully. It can drive us crazy, in both the good and bad way. It makes us do things we never thought we would do for anyone before, make sacrifices we never imagined taking. Sometimes, we never think it is able to break us, but when it has...we are left confused and lost. Love wasn't meant to be stable, it was meant to have ups and downs and many obstacles. This is what love is. This is the reality of it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I understand the concept. People tend to act so cruel and hateful but turn around with other words and actions. Havoc mood swings, I dislike them too. They are horrible and cause nothing but grief that no one should have to deal with. Very well done. -Claps- I like it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This screams bitterness and anger. The tangle of emotions is so strong and so valid to everyone out there. Who hasn't had a person like this in their lives?
The only line I have trouble with it, "one day your a one effing mean son of a b***h"
It seems a little rough. Perhaps you could try "one day your one effing mean son of a b***h". Just by taking the 'a' out it changes the whole flow of the piece.
Well done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

what can i say but wow! there is alot of pain through love here! i am kinda at a loss of words but it is a great write! B.P. My Dark He(Art)'s

Posted 10 Years Ago

To feel pain is to live...

Thanks for sharing

Posted 10 Years Ago

I know exactly how you feel :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Okay, I really don't have more to say than bipolar people drive me nuts- and I'm a Gemini! Honestly I'm not sure there's a fix. Great write! Keep up the good work.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is sad....I hope this is a topic and not your life...There is help if you deal with things in life by cutting yourself....If you do seek help through your family dr...He can direct you as to where to turn for help...Keep the creative pen flowing..Apparently there are many youth that have this problem and if this is a topic you should direct them for help..Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my work...Sara

Posted 10 Years Ago

I like this. It's sad how he treats you. Just move on with life. If he wants 2 b a jack a** let someone else deal with it. You don't deserve it. I'm here for u if u wanna tlk. Awesome poem though!!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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