Flowers in the sky

Flowers in the sky

A Story by Rizaclaire

A boy dreamed of flowers in the sky, how can flowers bloom in the sky? he asked his mother. His mother was busy cooking dinner, adding pepper here and a pinch of salt there, that she stared at her son and said, " stop talking such none sense and help me instead."
The boy's curiosity did not stop at home, and throughout the village he roamed, he came to the bakery and asked the baker, "please sir can you tell me, how do flowers bloom in the sky?" The baker stopped meading his dough and looked at strangely at the boy below. "Dear boy what utter non sense, flowers only bloom in the ground, it could never bloom in the sky! stop day dreaming my boy and do something better with your time." Disappointed but not giving up the boy looked around and asked questions here and there, until he saw an old lady in her flower shop. "Oh how beautiful these flowers look," he exclaimed and the old lady looked at the little boy and said," do you want some flowers my dear boy?" He looked at the lady and with hopeful eyes he asked,"can these flowers bloom in the sky?" with sadness the old lady sighed, "Unfortunately little man flowers do no bloom in the sky, they are planted in the ground, and then bloom only for awhile."  With a sigh and a frown the little boy left, thinking perhaps flowers were never meant to be in the sky. He was almost ready to go home and give up on his dream, when lo and behold there was still one place he had not asked about his dream. There was an old man working with metal and powder, he was the only blacksmith in town. The little boy looked at the man and asked,"Hi sir, I have been looking all over town, for a person to tell me if flowers can bloom in the sky and not just the ground." The blacksmith smiled and looked at the boy with a very wild dream. "My dear boy, I can make sparks with my powder and with a little bit of fire," said the blacksmith, and infront of the little boy he saw how sparks were created with his powder and his fire. "Oh my it looks life flowers!" he shouted with excitement. The little boy and the blacksmith worked hand in hand, and when night came a loud bang could be heard all over town and bright lights were seen through their windows for a brief moment. The baker, his mother, and the little old lady from the flower shop all looked up in the sky and were really surpised how flowers can bloom that high.
The little boy was brought to tears for finally his dreams were up there, were the flowers have been blooming up in the sky. Fireworks he said, fireworks are the flowers in the sky. 

© 2020 Rizaclaire

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Really enjoyed this!! I got slightly excited at first thinking it was a story

Well done again!!

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


3 Weeks Ago

thank you for your review, I am still dabbling with stories.
Jane Bruce

2 Weeks Ago

Yes me too, I have started writing a few short stories. Good luck!!!!
I enjoyed reading your tale. It is rare the number of people that can dream of flowers blooming across the sky. Well told. Brava.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


3 Weeks Ago

thanks for reading

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