The Chronicles of Airegoth and the Beast that Mourns

The Chronicles of Airegoth and the Beast that Mourns

A Story by scarhead


When Airegoth was born, there was no land not even a drop of ocean, there was only darkness. Just how Airegoth was born in darkness, so was I.  Airegoth a land created for good and justice bringing peace and destroying evil, but even I know of the dark corruption that lurks within.  The land was pure for the races as they were living in harmony, they had conflicts and crisis, but were easily rid of.  My father Eldor was a great knight of his king and as human he was looked at very highly, he was strong, brave and yet so easily consumed.  The king sent Eldor to the dark forest in search of the dark cave hidden through the water fall where he must kill the witch that oppresses these woods, and so my father did as he was told.  He followed orders and traveled far with his most trusted knights, upon arrival to the dark woods they found the water fall that was streaming down from the ridged rocks. They walked in and through the refreshing falls and swam deep in the dark water, in search of a tunnel to the cave. Swimming far into the tunnel shortness of breath was imminent, most died from drowning.  My father was not a weak man; he did not take failure as an option. After reaching the dark shores of the cave, he rose out of the water taking deep breathes of the fresh cave air that ran cold down his lungs, he looked around the darkness noticing the eirry light that cast throughout not knowing how that is possible. There were no great openings from the outside to make light come in. But the cave was lit up with a blue light with shadows around that can get you off guard, for every shadow move. A strange noise broke the silence, Eldor firmly grasped his sword and unsheathed it looking around in paranoia. He heard a soft woman’s voice calling out his name-


“Show yourself witch!”  He said.

There was a sudden quake to the ground, cracks begin to carve through the wall of the cave, he

positioned himself for battle. However, something wasn’t right, a blue anomaly suddenly formed in

front of him. Eldor didn’t remember coming in to find this mist, he watched the anomaly change

into human-like form,  he firmly gripped his sword to the point his knuckles were turning white.  

Trying to figure out what was coming, the form becomes female. 

Out walked this beautiful delve, Eldor’s eyes widened for her beauty was breath taking, her

face was small, pure and untainted, her raven black hair stretched down swiftly towards her thighs.

She wore nothing more but a clear cloak, draped around her body.  Her eyes were vibrant blue like

the ocean her skin looked soft and even twinkled from the energy that was satisfying to Eldor.

When he saw her, his heart stopped and his eyes gazed upon her body, gently swaying side to side  

as she walked toward him.  She slithered around his body like a snake,    

                          “Who are you?”

Standing in front of him she said “do you not know, who rules these woods?”

                          “It is King Argus that owns these woods,  he owns this realm

                          “Ah yes, and he does but what power does he have over the ruler of these

woods? what does he possess in his kingdom, in his life that makes him rule this land?”

                          “You still haven’t told me, who you are.”

She started to walk down and around the rocks, swaying her hand gently around and

                          “There are many kings and queens that have ruled these lands and have ruled these

woods, but they have all forgotten that only I rule these woods, for I am Asandra”

                          “You’re the witch that they speak about, the witch that can obliterate anyone just

by looking at them, the witch that can only say a word and it will be done” Eldor then points his

sword at her as he gets on his guard, as they both circle around each other as he said in anger

*Delves: They are  a very intelligent and determined race, they have long ears and have the skin color of a light or dark blue and green, they have small gills on their necks and their nostrils are on the top flat area on the nose and forehead by their eyes.  They are very easily minded to knowledge of craftsmanship, scringe, combat and mind intelligence.  They are a middle class and high class no low class and are a very populated race in Airegoth. They are very well known for having great warriors and priests that have written the main scrolls that helped create the scringe temples and the main facts about scringe.

                          “I should have known it was you”

                          “What…oh come now love no need to be aggressive… but I do like a man that

can be aggressive. I’m sure there is some way we can work this out”

                          “what do you want from me?”

                          “It’s not just what I want from you, but what you also want as well”

She slowly walked down to where he stood she pressed her body up against his, he could feel her

soft breasts rubbing against his chest that gave him shivers. 

                          She said “quietly, I think I can help us both”

                          “What are you bargaining here?”

                          “Not a bargain Eldor, a chance to redeem yourself, give me a son and make me

your wife… and I will give you the throne to all of Airegoth. Together we will rule everything, I will

give you my power, make love to me, and I will give you, your kingdom…  I promise”

He laid his strong hand on her tight hip pulling her closer. She grasped his body wrapping around

him. Eldor, passionately kissed her soft lips, as she stripped his armor off slowly.  He

laid her down and they made love;. As he made love to her he could feel the intensifying influence

of power being fused in his blood…  the deal was made, his choice to her made him king.  The

more passionate they became the more he was feeling this power that overwhelmed him. He exited

that dark cave as a new man. A new man with a brand like mark on his chest where his heart sits,

this reminded him of the promise he made. 

*Lupejaskada’s : they come from a family tree that meets together in two different blood race of Delves and Jersidus but their blood DNA’s mutate naturally which makes their minds process better and faster which communicate with their body to get strong quicker and smarter.  They’re skins are dark, vibrant and fade skin color, they’re bodies are like sea creatures with rocked scale bodies and their face uniquely created.  They carry a lot of power reputation even in the past and have a lot wealth and pride over each other.  They are very power in learning and understanding quickly about using dark powers or light powers like scringe, they have a mass population that study and believe in the religious of scringe.  They have many lords and dukes that own writ lists which means own a part amount of soldiers and when they come back alive and win battles they earn money but so do the soldiers.


He felt stronger and more intelligent; he started to run and was running faster than he ever could,

with the ability to maneuver around rocks and trees, with ease. 

He rode back in haste to the colony where King Argus resided. When he arrived, the knights

were stunned by his appearance, for they heard no one survived the trek.

“My lord, we heard everyone had drowned in the darkness under the cave.”

                          “Nonsense, I stand here before you in the flesh.”

                          “What happened down there my lord?”

that dark cave as a new man. A new man with a brand like mark on his chest where his heart sits,

this reminded him of the promise he made.  He felt stronger and more intelligent, he started to run

and was running faster than he ever could, with the ability to maneuver around rocks and trees, with

ease.  He rode back in haste to the colony where King Argus resided. When he arrived, the knights

were stunned by his appearance, for they heard no one survived the trek.

                          “My lord, we heard everyone had drowned in the darkness under the cave.”

                          “Nonsense, I stand here before you in the flesh.”

                          “What happened down there my lord?”

                          “We found the caves and swam deep in the dark waters, by the time I came back

up.  No one was coming; I met the witch, queen of all the forest.  Her beauty tried to soften me but

I did not let her snatch me, for I slayed her…see hears is my trophy.”  The knights saw Eldor pull

out of his large pouch that was strapped on his horse saddle.  In his hand was the heart

He then spoke to them of the king pointing out his weaknesses and flaws. Eldor explained how he

could be a far better ruler of the land, and give the people what they need. The knights of the colony

rejoiced with Eldor, making plans to slay the king.

convinced them of how weak the king is and that he can be there new king and even

be a better one then any king, they rejoiced and accepted to join with him, I remember hearing the

stories of how my father stormed the field around the marsh and quickly breached the walls with tall

ladders.  When Eldor and his men first arrived they were haunted by what they saw, for king

Agru killed the rest of his people.  Their bodies were on stakes and the children and woman were

mostly hanged, Eldor and his men fought through many knights to get to Agru’s castle,  his

soldiers were amazed of how what they saw Eldor doing. He extended his hand out and an intense

gust of wind would blow out of his hands as the while was intense and strong to where it ripped the

enemies bodies apart and he was covered in blood from each the wind spraying the blood in his face

and armor. They managed to get to the castle and from there not even I know how my father slayed

the Great King Agru,  after slaying him he had his head in the grip of his hands and raised it up high

for his knights to see that he is king.  You don’t have power if you don’t have a castle, you can’t

have a castle if you don’t have an army to protect it, for Eldor he was given an army and he used it

to bring down his king and take his throne.  Throughout the kings he then would make upgrades to

his great castle and colony turning the city to a colony with great and unique structures and statues. 

His colony was becoming more then an agricultural society, he turned his colony to a society that

believes in their kings, that believe in their politicians; growing more and more intelligent but slowly

their hearts and morality drift apart from each other.

                       Six years later

                     King Eldor and his knights ride out from his city; they rode along the stone roads that

stretched around  the city and down to the villages leading in the great woods.  King Eldor and his

men rode through the villages, the  people stared in awe as the king silently strode through. Citizens

lined up through the street, they gathered in joyful choir and called out to him “Praise our king!”

King Eldor rode out of the village and toward the dark forest. Upon reaching the forest they

traveled a trail up the rock hills surrounded by trees that were so bushy with pine needles.  Most

forests in Airegoth are either under a mystical power (witchcraft) or actual spirits that oppress the

woods caused from wars and innocent people and travelers, who were killed by thieves and murders.

They rode up and the rocky canyons of the mountain until they got to an area that was flat, He had

everyone stop as he knew this was the spot. His knights got off of their horses and marked the area

of where they will start construction, there were three royal Vamprisks who have ridden far to give

Eldor the plans they drew up on the blueprints.  King Eldor was very pleased to see that his plan

was proceeding as the way he wanted it too.  They were going to cut many acres trees down and

flatten the ground into dirt, construction takes place on building these wind mill structures

that will consume Nightmare Souls.  How this wind mill works is that there are multiple mirrors that

point diagonally towards the sky which are constructed on the mills, underneath the building fifty

feet down are many built tunnels to store these crystals. The way they retrieve these energy power

crystals, is when sun rays hit the blades from the mills swinging around. Its mirrors absorb energy in

the rays, which makes the energy becomes the primary heat source for the core. Is a long silver large

needle that is in the middle of this room that absorbs the energy and send these souls which are

fallen stars in the space.  The heat core, drops directly down to a chamber on the 2nd level of the

facility, inside of the chamber are two separate beams that strike this powerful crystal. One

consists of the sun rays and the other  cools the crystal at the same time. The large white crystal

sends out massive quakes, tearing through the atmosphere into the black abyss above, the

rays produce a tractor beam and withdraws stars from the sky and they are called Nightmare Souls.

The nightmares fall toward the ground in glowing orbs of white, with a tail streaming behind them. 

*It’s almost a thing of beauty, if they weren’t depleting stars* When this happens the crystal

compresses the rays into the Nightmare Soul causing it to transform into a bonded crystal like

structure, the crystals are jet black with piercing red veins running throughout their core. After the

crystal completes transformation, it’s placed in the wall of a man made mine deep below the

structure to cool . I’ve looked into a nightmare soul many times; it’s an oddly shaped 4 foot crystal

of a pale egg white color. Stars hardly ever have pleasant dream, most of them consist of

nightmares where a simple person could never imagine. Things so dark it would make any

normal God look away, staring deep within those souls. Good thing I’m no normal God.

King Eldor, instructed his knights to place stacks of building materials out along side of the wind mill, eventually he will establish this plot as of a factory to create the finest and strongest armor out of the crystals. However it takes multiple souls to make a single chest plate. The rest of the souls are made into Airegoth’s main source of income and wealth, being finely crafted into coins.

King Eldor and his advisor Theris, sat high atop their steeds watching the progress of the factory. Theris was one of King Eldors most trusted knights, for his great acts of duty for the king and his protection towards his royal family. Theris single handedly fought off three hundred knights to protect his King, making him a legend throughout the colony. Theris sat on top of his black steed, covered in blood, red armor draped in a leather cloak. Theris turned to Eldor,

“So how are you going to build this dream of yours?

 “A king is blessed with many things wealth, royalty, power his queen and his people” said Eldor

Theris gave him a concerned look on his face and said “You’re talking about using your people in hard labor work!”

One of King Eldors advisor who is a knight and leader of the king’s army and is known throughout the colony for his great acts in duty for the king and protecting the royal family. He has fought off and killed three hundred knights to protect the king, his name is Theris.  Theris was on his great black steed where his armor was steel; he was sitting on his horse next to king Eldor as they were watching the knights process everything.

                          Theris said “So how are you going to build this dream of yours?”

      “A king is blessed with many things wealthy, royalty, power his queen and his people” said Eldor

                          Theris gave him a concerned look on his face and said “you’re talking about using

your people in hard labor work”

                          “I am king of Airegoth and if my people want to serve me and make Airegoth a

prospering place to live then they will have to work to get to that promise land.”

                          “Yes but you’re talking about forcing your people to do work, that’s slavery!”

                          “No Theris that’s serving, if they love their king then they will serve their king,

knights assemble back to the city in three days we will be starting a list of families that will be

working on this project.”

Three days later King Eldor’s kingdom was coming true. He found men and children to work in

constructing his factory and empire. Hundreds of workers pushed through the day, working hard to

erect the perfect empire for their king. The hours were grueling and cruel on the workers; the king

would ride out to the build site occasionally to check up on his workers.  Smiling to them and

waving, he was mostly there to check on the progress of construction.

                          After a few weeks in the process, the workers were beginning to fall behind,

and King Eldor noticed that everything was starting to move along slowly. A few weeks became a

few months, and Eldor was becoming frustrated and impatient with the progression of his work. He

knew that the colony was losing money and was desperate for more materials as they were running

out, but construction on the factory and mill was still far behind. The mine hadn’t even finished

being built yet to start using the machine.  So Theris was ordered to assemble the knights, and

prepare to ride out to the project site. Upon arrival Eldor was furious by what he saw.

*Jersidus: They are a different looking race where they come from an animal breed of rat and lion, they stand high and strong with their long mouths like a race and sharp long teeth like a lion with long ears and long thick hair like a lion going down their backs.  They serve under the house and lordships of their masters; they serve for their brothers and family not individuals. They are known for smelling far and listening clearly in a far distance as well, they are known for having the craftsmanship to create nightmare souls which can resource their race to becoming more efficiently powerful than any king. Jersidus are a humble, trustful, obscured, selfish race who are best with craftsmanship and weapons combat; for 250 years they have served Airegoth with their wealth to be built into a great empire.

A few of the workers were sitting around doing nothing at all.

He yelled “How long! How long must I wait to see your laziness produce prosperity? I am in anger

and disappointed that you all could not finish this on time. I have been reasonable and patient with

you, but now you have pushed me too far. From now on there will be NO MORE down time, you

will all work until the moon is high. Your breaks will cut to once a day; you will remember your king

and you will remember to not disappoint me. I expect you to do this quickly and efficiently. You will

do this.”

 A couple of weeks went by and the process went alittle faster, but after weeks it became two

months and still it wasn’t done.  Eldor became angry and was utterly losing patience as he

knows his city is losing money and is desperate to have those soul stones to be ready. He told Theris

to assemble some of the knights and to ride to the project and so they did. 

The knights armored up and all rode there horses out and to the project as they got there, the

king saw how most of the workers were liking they weren’t working hard enough the king became

angry and yelled out loud-

                          “How long! How long before we wait on your laziness to bring us

prosperity, I am disappointed that you all could not finish this on time.  I have been reasonable and

patient with you but now you have gone too far, for now on there will no more rest time you will all

work till the sun comes down.  You will only get two meals a day for I am king Eldor and I  c

ommand you to strong and fast and diligent do this or die.  You will prequel this task.”

The workers became angry and were becoming aggressive the knights on their horses lined up in

The workers lined near the king in rage, placing him between them and his horsemen. A young

man, wearing a tattered and dirty white cloth meticulously draped around him, stepped from the line

and picked up small stone, he stared intensely at the king. He drew his arm back with the stone and

threw it toward Eldor.

“We don’t have to listen to you, we out number you in every way!”

Eldor slipped behind his horsemen as the rest of the workers began throwing stones and cursing at

the king.

“Theris, take care of this and get them back to work!”

Eldor jumped onto his steed and turned from the knights riding back into the country.

“You heard the king! Prepare to fire!”

In perfect sequence each knight drew his crossbow and loaded a single arrow.

Theris ordered for them to fire, it was complete genocide; the workers didn’t stand a chance against

Theris and the knights.  The first arrow ripped through the young man’s head, pinning him to the

structure behind him. A wave of steel tipped rain came rushing toward the workers. Everyone

scrambled frantically, trying to dodge the arrows. Alas, it was no point, it took only 10 minutes to kill

50 workers. Bodies lay all over the work site, the ground ran red with a river of blood pooling near

Theris’ feet. After 3 harsh years of grueling labor and intensive work King Eldors kingdom is

nearing completion. Alas, it was no point, it took only 10 minutes to kill 50 workers. Bodies lay all

over the work site, the ground ran red with a river of blood pooling near Theris’ feet. After 3 harsh

years of grueling labor and intensive work King Eldors kingdom is nearing completion. The

Nightmare souls’ tunnels were finally finished along with the factory, the colony was over flowing

with wealth, distinguished with the look of a great empire. New Zion’s was finally complete. Not

long after the completion of his kingdom, King Eldor fathered two beautiful sons he named Leogis

and Sildious .


*The Black Stone:  It is stone that is built into the rock, it is dug into tunnels and the rocks are continuously hammered and drown in fire, and then is carved and blackened by those who the scringe of craftsmanship.  These stones can be used to create amounts of wealth, medicine and combat weapons. This also is formed into nightmare souls for these create spirits and sends them to who knows where.



                       Ten years later


                          It was a beautiful day as, little Sildious and big brother Leogis were running down

the garlic plains. Both brothers ran happy and freely with a large smile upon their faces, as they ran

farther from the castle on the hill side they stopped to take a breather.

                          Leogis said “Are you sure this was a good idea?”

                          Sildious looked at him and said “Of course it was, do you really want to spend one

more day listening to that b*****d teach us all that nonsense”

                          Leogis let out a great sigh and hung his head “I don’t know.”

                          Sildious said “Stop always being so worried all the time, look I’m not afraid so why

should you be.  Come on brother trust me.”

Leogis looks back with a concerned look on his face, but he turned around and replies “Okay”

                          Sildious smiled and said “Alright follow me I want to show you something”


Both brothers ran out of the garlic plains toward Leach Forest, as they approached roots stretched

across the trail, large spider webs glisten in a subtle mist slowly emerging from the tree line, with the

overwhelming smell of pine.

They stopped, in front of the forest looking onward. Leogis looked over at Sildious grabbing a sling

shot from his pocket. Sildious winked at his little brother and said “Come on follow me.”

They began tromping through the forest, over a large pile of rocks hidden behind the trees; several

downed rotting trees lay scattered, all over the forest floor.  Both of them stopped and laid down,

they saw a young fawn caught in a bear trap. Moments later, Leogis saw his brother walking over to

the trap. He rushed to Sildious and exclaimed “What are you doing?”

Sildious turns to his brother with an awkward smirk on his face, “Don’t you ever wonder what it’s

like to hold life in the palm of your hands, to be in control of everything? We have to make

decisions in life, even if that means taking one.”

                          Leogis said “Do you really want that kind of responsibility, do you really think

controlling a life or taking one makes you powerful.

                          “No brother, what I’m saying is that power isn’t taking a life or controlling it.  Its

knowing when it’s the right time to take a life or give one”

                          Leogis yelled “No!”

Sildious placed a sharpened rock into the sling shot and drew the band. The rock flew with

incredible force killing the fawn on impact. Leogis fell to his knees, “What have you done?” He said

in shock.

Sildious picked up his rock, and walks pass Leogis, “Don’t be such a baby, it’s just an animal.”

In the distance servants from the castle were calling out for the boys. Sildious rushed back to the

castle with Leogis tailing behind. They ran through beautiful grassy fields and meadows surrounded

by the enchanting views of the mountains, forests and twinkling mid-day stars, circling New Zion’s.

They both get inside as everyone was getting ready for tonight’s grand ball, for this is the night they

meet the young beautiful princess, and discover who is destined to take her hand in marriage. The

boys are told their father would like to see them. They ran quickly to his office in the upper chamber

of the castle. Their father sat before them, reading in a dimly lit office. Red stone lined the inside of

the rocks carefully placed in the wall, and books shelves stretched from the ground to the floor in

some parts. King Eldor sat in a darkly colored leather chair, with large gold rivets glistening from the

candle light. Both boys stood in front of his desk.

                          Sildious said “Hello father”

                           “Boys, it’s good to see you both what took you so long? Was Leogis

slowing down back there?” he chuckled and smiled as he continued “How would you both like to

come with me in one of my journey’s”

                          They both smiled and Leogis said “Where are we going?”

                          “We are heading 30 miles west from here, a large town lay in the valley behind the

mountains, and there are rumors that  we can’t make contact with them, due to the possibility of a

plague…. And we are going there to end this plague.  Leogis looked at his father with respect and

admired him as he wasn’t thinking of himself selfishly but having a goal to help these people and

save them from their sickness. He then said “When do we leave?”

                          “We leave tomorrow when the sun first rises, so get some rest and pack up, I want

you to be ready by tomorrow.  Also be ready for the ball tonight this is a very important night

for the both of you.”

                          “Yes father we will” said Sildious as they both walked out of his office and closed

the door from behind them.

 Later that night after packing and getting ready for the forthcoming journey with King Eldor, the

boys dressed for the ball, wearing hand woven shirts made from the finest silk, with beautifully

crafted trousers, and long soft robes draping delicately over their shoulders. Their crowns of finely

crafted steel and gold shimmered as they walked orderly down the hall with servants following

swiftly behind. Upon entering the common room they made their way to a large wooden table

overlooking all of the common room. The room quickly ceased all activates, chatter silenced and

scratching of utensils dwindled down. A server standing near the tables lined with gourmet food,

have arrived.” yelled aloud for all to hear “Prince Leogis and Prince Sildious have returned”


*Iskadars: these cave village blind eyed creatures who live in the dark with the height of 6.6 feet tall, they are toned muscle strong long eared creatures; they’re skin is dark white.  They have the skills on sneak attacks, camouflage, short blade and mastering in hand to hand combat.  They can grow into the age of two hundred years old in a cave. They were a normal race but they were the first to show cannibalism over a group of children for they were lost in the woods and stranded.  Father Airegoth cursed them for their evilness into tall, strong, pig and bat looking creatures and wore torn clothes to hide their shame.  And so they descended in the mountains and have slowly grown the population in of the mountains to the hundred thousand and making buildings inside the rock of the mountains.

The crowd smiled and clapped as the boys took their seats, before returning to what they were

doing.  went back to what they were doing. The princess sat down next to King Eldor a few of his

close advisors and politicians on the other side of him, each from a different race nation.  Sildious

was having a conversation with his father, about the journey they will be taking in the morning.

Leogis attempted to speak out during the conversation, but both of them ignored him. Leogis felt a

sharp pain in his chest, like a hot knife piercing his heart. He then thought of himself as a stranger to

his father, and how his life would be better with just Sildious. They were talking about the journey

they are going too and what kind of fun will they have, Then Leogis tried to get into the

conversation but they continued to not listen. Leogis got out of his seat and, walked down on

 beautiful stone floors, swirling with black and tan slate, gently pushing people and maneuvering

around others. Leogis made his way to a table near the back of the common room, he saw several

glass pitchers filled with wine, and crystal glasses neatly placed in stacks. But he never had tried wine

before and thought to himself “Why not”. Each time Leogis reached for a glass of wine, guests

would nudge him out of the way or take his glass from him. Leogis felt invisible to everyone, he

knew he was cursed. So he hung his head thinking about being the kings’ son, and still seen as a

nothing in the eyes of everyone around him. Knowing that his younger brother was always the



 Leogis reached for a cup of wine, as he turned he bumped into a girl without notice. He bent down to pick up the cup, the girl stooped beside him . When he looked up at her, he saw the most beautiful Delve kneeling before him. She resembled more of a human girl, she fashioned long brown hair neatly tied into a bun, with curly locks resting above her brow. Her cheeks were soft with a rosy glow that lit up her face. Her eyes shimmered in the common room light, she had a smaller nose with pointed ears and the nostrils that were between her eyes as it made her face even more beautiful to Leogis. She was wearing a royal teal and purple dress with a white shall draped around her shoulders. The girl smiled at Leogis, he stared back in an odd daze.

“Hey I’m Alderi” she said with another smile.

Leogis could not stop looking at her; he didn’t know what to say.

“So… sorry about that, I didn’t think you would be turning in such haste.”

 “Haha, what’s the matter? Have you never spoken to a lady before?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect someone like you… to be standing behind me.”

She stared at Leogis, with confusion. “Someone like me?”

“I assure you I meant no offense my lady, you are breath taking. I did not expect to see such beauty before me.”

“Oh my, thank you.”

Eldor saw the two engaging in conversation, he called for Leogis to come over. Leogis stiffened up and quickly said good bye to the girl. He hurried back to the table.

“Sit down!” Said Eldor, pointing to an empty seat beside his brother.

Eldor and Sildious walked to the girl standing in the middle of the room, leaving Leogis sitting there to watch.

“My dear, may I introduce you to my son Sildious.” Said King Eldor

“Pleased to meet you Sir Sildious, I am Alderi. Would you care to dance?”

Sildious smiled and nudged his father. Eldor walked back to the table and sat one seat down from Leogis.

Eldor told Leogis sat down and watched the both dance gracefully as everyone around started to watch in the end.

Leogis glared at his brother in a bolstering rage building inside of him. He wanted to dance with her, he never saw anyone so beautiful before. Jealousy slowly crept up his shoulders; he felt for the first time ever a true anger towards his brother. He began thinking what the world would be like without people in his way, no one to tell him what to do, no one around to stop him. Leogis wanted to rid of everyone that didn’t take him seriously and was no longer going to be invisible.

It was early in the morning; the sun was rising over the North Mountains cutting beams

of neon light through the cold clean air. Intense hues of red and orange sliced through the clouds, purple and pink lined the mountains with a fierce yellow peeking through.  The king sent in his loyal captain Khar a Jerisdus as he and Eldor have been friends for many years. Khar ordered the servants to draw the drapes. To let the bright morning sun light rush the room and immediately illuminates everything in the area.

                          “Get up boys, morning is among us.”

The boys laid asleep in their beds, Khar grew impatient. He stood between the beds and grabbed

each brothers ankle. Then quickly jerked them out of their beds and threw them on the floor.

“Gah, I’m awake, was that necessary?” Exclaimed Sildious.

Khar stood before him peering down on the boys and said “Good you’re awake. Your father is

waiting outside.”

They quickly stood up and got dressed for the day, Leogis put on a royal white shirt and dark green

leather vest neatly fashioned with leather straps and buckles, he pulled on his matching leggings and

buckled his shoes. Sildious wore the same outfit only in a dark blue. The boys walked outside and

saddled up their horses in the stables, then after they rode up to their father waiting near the gates

into town.

It was morning and the sky was crystal clear with the sun rising from the north over the mountains

shedding beams of intense colors in the sky, it was warm through the clean cold air as the morning

felt fresh.  The king’s captain Khar comes out and leads them through town in the streets and

stopped by their father at the gate entrance. Getting ready to head out with their father as he looked

at them with proud.  King Eldor then told every one of his knights to head out as they all rode out

of town and out the front gate with fifty strong courageous knights they rode out on the rocky roads

that overlooked all of the green country and the gasping hills that stretched out far towards the

snowy grand mountains. They traveled many miles through ranges of hills and meadows, riding vast

through the fields. Traveling through their first woods outside of the king’s borders, they were

traveling through the beautiful tall tree forest Barandor.  A forest that has a bright green beauty in

the forest where the leaves and pine needles seem to attract the sun light to create the glistering light. 

But carries a mysterious presence, a haunting beauty but not even a creature will come out in front

of anyone as there is a deep fear runned by many secrets and lies. They rode down slow to

take it easy for their horses their knights were relaxing as they were taking their time, the king

brought fifty of his finest knights 30 of them were Jersidus where they are known for their great

speed and strength with their heavy weapons, 10 were lupejaskada’s who are incredible with crafting

and using their spears and 10 were delves as they were advanced in sword fighting and survival. He

had much trust for them as he fought with them throughout the scringe temple wars for they have

killed hundreds each. It took three days of traveling up to the town but as they were arriving the

king and his two sons were standing on this distant hill looking down at the town from a distance.

                          Eldor then said to his sons “Come sons, your gonna want to see this.” The

both walked up and stood by their father and Leogis said “What are we looking at father?” as he

didn’t answer, as the then knights rode hard down the green pastures as the bells were heard loudly 

and people were starting to run for their lives.  They were screaming as the knights would run up

and brutally slaughter innocent people and did it so fast with bodies of men, woman and children,

even stabbing the woman and children to the stakes. They lit the homes on fire and killed the

livestock.  The knights saw the church where inside they were taking care of the infectious people

lying in the beds dying.   They locked the doors front and back of the church and lit the building on

fire and watched it burned, hearing the cries and screams from inside.  Leogis eyes go wide open

as he saw only fire and red so much red, the screams wouldn’t stop ringing in his head hearing those

swords slicing the heads off of innocents.  But Sildious was amazed and smiling with laughter, he

had the look on his face of enjoyment and satisfaction.  After when it was done, King Eldor and his  

sons walked back down the rocky hill and got back on their horses and rode into what was left of

the town, the horror and that’s all it was in this town.  Some were hung on house beams as there

were many and it was torturing Leogis mind with anger and sadness, but for Sildious was with his

father giving gratitude for his leadership and the father was more proud of Sildious. Almost like he

was showing more of his love towards his little brother.  But for Leogis he saw agony and knights

walking around stabbing the dead, puddles of blood were pooled around everywhere in the village.

Then out of the tavern came crashing out of the door of a couple of brute knights holding many

woman in their possession.  All stood in front of the king as they were aggressively holding the

woman, as they were squirming around and screaming to get away from them and they asked if the

king would like to have a join for the fun.  King Eldor looked at him as he had a look of pleasure

and tasteful, but he nodded and instead stood there watching it with his boys. 

The brutes were beating the woman till they were weak and then bent them over and each forced

themselves on them brutally till blood came out,  once when they were done.  All the knights started

to drink heavily on the villages wine as they danced on their blood.  The knights stabbed the woman

with spears and left them their bleeding to death.  They were animals and had fire in their hearts and 

filled with evilness, drunken from it.  Leogis was mortified as he felt the evilness and corruption that

his father had.  Hatred grew more for his father and was jealous of his brother of the love and

proudness that he gain from his father. Leogis slept in the royal tent not even wanting to sleep as he

felt like he had blood on his hands, he never had again had a good sleep not after that. 




                       Thirteen Years Later

                          For thirteen years the two brothers grew up to be strong lads and they

 trained together , fought together .  The both were masters of combat physically and mentally in

knowledge of knowing the land, they were commanders of legions.  Leogis and Sildious were

voyagers and great warriors, as they had their own squad of warriors with them. There were six

hundred with strong long breast plates that was thick steel and carried long spears with swords on

their backs with small chain wrapped around their torsos. Their long dark blue drapes as capes and

shields that  were strong in iron and fur. They were men, fighting proud together and with honor

where they have won many battles; traveling Airegoth and its lost worlds.  It was night as the tides

were becoming strong, where the sky was covered in hell dark grey clouds. Everything around them

was dark except seeing the tides of hundreds of feet tall and crashing into their ship. As

everyone were soaked and the ship was being knocked around recklessly, The crew and his soldiers

were trying to keep the boat stable.  Leogis was on top with the rain beating his face and was

standing by the flag pole, holding on tight as he saw the waves crashing through them. He saw the

other ship up ahead going through the same hell as they were, he yelled-

“There they are lads, get those b******s!” The soldiers then got in their paddle seats on both sides of

ship and each grabbed their long ores, rowing together up and over. Sailing faster and faster towards

a Galleon, Leogis whipped around the mainmast as he was climbing down and jumped over to

where Sildious was steering the ship.  He stands beside him and Leogis yelled to him-

                           “Were getting close brother, we need to use the trapoltz’s!”

Sildious looked at him and nodded then yelled to the soldiers “Prepare the trapoltz!”

then a few of the soldiers stood up and opened a large storage room in the back of the ship and

rolled out a wooden device that had two strong and long arrows tied with heavy ropes on the back. 

Rolling it into the front of the ship and unbuckled the straps to strap on to the ship and once done,

one of them kept the machine in place and the other was aiming for the ship and pulled down the

latch.  Then both long arrows shot fast in the air towards the galleon and pierces through the side of

their ship. The one then strapped the ropes around the front of ship for when they twisted the latch

around, it was slowly pulling the ship in.  Sildious had the ship rolled up to the front of the great

galleon ship, They both smiled and howled as the ship was being slowly reeled in, after a few

moments of getting close enough to the ship and climbed down the ropes to the galleon.  Once

they got on,  no one was on the ship, it was very quiet. Then suddenly came rushing out and

jumping over the both and his men, were men and yet creature.  Wearing pirate like clothing and all

looked like they were creatures from the sea. Everyone’s swords were clashing with each other, as

the battle was epic and on both ships they were all fighting.  Blood was running down in the ships

with limps and piles of guts that dropped out of their stomachs, as it was a blood bath.


 Leogis and Sildious jumped in and were maneuvering around everyone as they fought side by side,

killing one enemy after another. As they had splatters of blood on their leather armor and their

swords were soaked in it as well.   Their soldiers then broke part of the ship and were burning it. 

Everyone were rejoicing for they had won the fight in the storm, they took their heads and nailed

them to the ship.  Stealing all their resources and all their gold. After loading their ship by morning

the tides were calm and they were sailing in with cool strong winds pushing them down the small

tides, they got to the Gelises docking port where there were many small businesses and markets. 

The crew sounded for the anchor and stopped the boat in the dock and they all marched out and the

kings high servant greeted Leogis and Sildious, congratulating them on their conquest. The both

brought the riches to the city, as the crowd were cheering for them and looked at them as heroes;

singing of great tales about them and telling fables of their quests.  Leogis and Sildious were brought

by the high servant to the king and told him of their glory, they were brought inside and entered the

throne room as the high servant opened the doors, there sat king Eldor.  He then stood up and said-

                          “My sons you have returned.” He smiled

Leogis and Sildious walked up but Sildious was just as much excited and was the first to walk up to

greet his father by wrapping his arms around him as his father did as well.

King Eldor said “it’s good to see you son” he looks at Leogis and said “it’s good to see you too boy”

Leogis nodded.

Eldor then put his arms around Sildious and only laying his hand on Leogis shoulder as he spoke

aloud “I see my sons have succeeded in their journey, another year without blood being shed,

another year of no attacks of those monstrous giants. Tonight we feast as we celebrate our heroes


The servants then got everything ready and had the party in a large lodge building, inside the walls

had animal skins and heads around, there were many trophies that showed everyone the legend of

heroes.  The servants set the long wood table with big plates filled with ham, turkey, ribs, lamb and

much, much more.  Meanwhile that night the lodge was filled with people drinking, dancing,

laughing, conversating with family and friends from all different types of races. It was a beautiful

night, Eldor was laughing and smiling seeing everyone having a good time and seeing Sildious

dancing with beautiful woman. He turned his head and saw Leogis outside standing there,

Eldor stood up and walked outside. Then grabbed out his pipe and grabbed stuffed tobacco in his

pipe.  Eldor lit it up and started to puff on it, the sweet honey smell of rum was in the air as the

smoke was a musky smell but caught Leogis attention and his father said “What a night isn’t it.”

                          “Aye what a night it is” said Leogis

                          Eldor walked over and stood next to him and said “So many times I have come out

here in the dark cold nights and I would walk these roads, sometimes in the city when no one was

out.  Peaceful and quiet it was, not a sound could break it; your mother would be proud of you


                          “You mean boy”


                          “You mean Sildious, she be proud of Sildious then me”

                          “What are you talking about now?”

                          “Oh don’t give me that, damn your bloody confusion stubbornness.”

                          “What have I done, have you hated me for this long .  What have I done then being

a good father to you.”

                          “Oh don’t give me that father we both know what you have done, you manipulate

everything so you can just avoid the truth. Your sins can be hidden but cannot be destroyed or be

forgotten, have you not heard of that.  Your scared of the truth but most of all your scared of


He had a grin on his face as he was becoming angry but kept himself calmed and said “Let me

tell you something boy you wouldn’t know the first thing about me and what I have gone through, I

have dug out men that were burned to the crisp and were drowning in fire, I have been ordered,

forced to see death and make it.   I have marched with legions into battle and only twenty including

me survive, the fields were covered in blood, limbs, tongues, eyes and guts.  I have seen things that

would make you wish that you went to hell.”

                          “You forced me and my little brother to watch you give the order to have everyone

Slaughtered in a village.  You had children hung and burned, woman raped and pierced by spears I

was only a child.”

                          “I did what I had to do, to make you both good boys.  I’m sorry I failed too but its

time to move on and wipe your nose and stop being a p***y and grow up.  We all have an evil side

its time you learn yours.”  He then walked away back inside leaving Leogis standing there feeling

more lost.

                          Eldor then saw how everything was still going and people were still

getting drunk, he walked down and started to dance with everyone.  Later on Eldor was already

 drunk and walked over with a pint in his hand spilling it everywhere. He sat at his seat next to

Sildious as they both were laughing, Sildious said-

                           “You alright?”

                          “F**k yeah I am” said Eldor

He then sat back and the both watched everyone enjoying themselves, Eldor said “It’s good to

have you here son, proud of you. Couldn’t be more proud.”

                          “Thank you father”

                          “I have seen how you are becoming a fine knight and a fine son.  I see greatness in

you and you both are ready for the next test.  Do you wish to of this quest?”

                          “What kind of test is this?”

                          “You will be going hundreds of miles into the dark valleys with no names NE from

the tower of Arthile and fifty miles to the fort of Bargus, I need you to go to  this fort and see if

something happened.  If did with no survivors, you must report back to me as we prepare for war. 

But listen to me son, I will not think of you down if you do not want to do this.   Because this is a

quest that will be difficult as you will cross many decision making.  Many have lost their lives as

many have failed for we have not heard any contact from them in six months. But most of all son

most have lost their souls.”

                          “How many have you sent”


                 He sat there thinking hard about it and looked at his brother from across the room as he

Leogis did as well.    “When do we leave?”

                    “You leave in 4 weeks rest up and tell your men to prepare.  Good luck my son and

remember don’t let anyone bring you down even your brother, you are a delve and a prince.  You

are my son.”

Sildious then told his brother and the soldiers about this quest and the great benefits of getting

gold if they come back alive with information, they agreed and rested. For the four weeks they

trained and relaxed to be ready for their next quest. Learning different defense strategies and

maneuvers. Using objects as ways to maneuver away in escaping a bad situation.  They were served

the best food as they ate healthy to be strong, all

prepared for the dark valleys as rumor has it, that demons and other menacing creatures and thieves

rule over the woods and ash lands.  Even climb around the rocky walls of the black pointy

mountains.  More than hundreds of them have died but most of the attacks come from possessed

refugee villagers from twenty years ago of the scringe temple war.  It is haunted and corrupted by

evil to where it has torn itself inside out, lawless and filled with death and cult worshipers.  They will

travel in darkness and won’t see the light for a while on this quest.


The day came and it was morning with crisp warmth in the cool air, morning sun was rising up in

the Northern the mountains with gorgeous purple and orange beams from the reflection of the

snow.  The both gathered with their men and decided to bring only a hundred men as this will be an

easy run through, a get in and get out mission. Wearing their long steel dark blue plated armor and

helms with their shields and holding their short swords, they got on their great stallion horses.

Riding down through the city as the crowd came to the streets rejoicing aloud and cheering wishing

them the best of luck with Leogis and Sildious, as the both ride in front of the pack and leading it

through the city, out of the gate.  The horses were riding very fast down the meadow valley, riding

the roads to the dark valleys riding through swamps, forests and meadows they were riding for two



Finally they get out of many thick jungles and woods, riding up hills and down in the distance was

an open valley of fear and death, bones were everywhere the ash was soft and falling from the

smoky grey clouds;  there was a light but strong mist that was pale red.  Traveling slow on the roads

everyone was either coughing at a time or sneezing cause of the smell, it then started to get dark and

a shadow was covering the sky. It seemed to brighten the mist but yet still hard to see through, They

continued to walk down as the crows were kawing and the trees were lifeless, they were dead and

burned as it was translucent.  Black they were scattered around thick, in the murky ash lands there

were many large rock piles around that were alabaster flowing with grey and white colors.  Leogis

and Sildious then started to hear things even some of the soldiers were hearing it to where it made

them get chills down their spines.  Their hearts beat an extra few seconds faster, holding there

breathe as they knew there is someone lurking and enshrouding in the ghostly black trees.

               As they were walking for a few moments they then smelt something that they all

recognized, Leogis and Sildious led the knights further down the road then it started to smell.  It was

more recognized in its smoked, they all start to rush down then heard screaming and as they got

closer they saw a bright light like fire through the trees in a distance. Leogis then spotted some

people coming out and he yelled “Hurry up men!!” running down fast and saw the village in aflame

and saw some villagers run out burning on fire.  Leogis then yelled “Knights to your positions save

the villagers!!” the soldiers scattered into groups as they charged in the village to get people out of

danger and save those who need it.  Leogis and Sildious were mortified of what they were seeing and

confused of why this was happening? The both saw many burnt victims as they would carry them

off and sometimes there limps would fall off.

The whole village ground was filled with pools of blood from the bodies that were being dragged

out, then they burned the dead leaving the injured in the woods, as they were saving all these people

then a sudden aloud deep crunchhhh!!! Came in the distance of the hills in the thick woods, as

the trees were being knocked down and birds were flying away.  Everyone stalled then dropped the

injured and dead,  all the villagers ran fast and even the knights.  Leogis and Sildious looked

down as a crashing was coming through the trees, tarring through getting  closer and they just stared

at it.  Until it got out of the woods it stopped, nothing was happening but the villagers were still

running and that quiet moment suddenly.  Out of the woods jumped out three seven foot pale

beasts, there skin looked like frog skin but in a pale grey.  They have two heads and have four arms,

they are extremely strong and looked fast and are very costly destructive.  The creatures back torsos

wore bear skin hides but in upper body have nothing.   They rolled like a ball fast out of the woods

and far length of the distance, once they hit the ground it would explode three times cause of them. 

Then they would run down and would sprint faster than a bear and wolf put together would, they

pulled out their swords in all four hands to carry,  Roaring loudly with their monstrous long jaws

and eyes like a demon with darkness in it, then they rolled into the village housing. With the villagers  

running as fast as they could.  But most lost their lives when they started to walk down or do rush

on’s but fail and the creature executed the peasants brutally. They would spin around with their

hands holding the swords with their hands spinning rapidly fast as well and would slice up people so

fast you can see blood being sprayed everywhere in a distance.  Leogis and Sildious eyes were wide

opened and became fearful but then faced their enemy pointing their swords towards them. They

yelled at their soldiers “Battle positions!!!” they stopped and just looked at him, he yelled “What are

you b******s doing, time to f**k s**t up!!! Let’s go!!” the soldiers then ran down and lined up with

their two leaders and Sildious yelled “Shields forward!!!”  all rushed in with five down and five across

their shields were facing towards their brothers to help hold the line.  Their short spears tips

pointing towards the field and they started to run fast  down the field then stopped as the three

monstrous creatures came in  and were running towards them, they stood there and  quickly formed

all in a circle. Then they got on their knees and faced there shields up to where it was flat. The three

monsters charged down the field and one jumped far in the distance  and landed in the middle of

where they were shielded.  As he got closer suddenly a few soldiers lowered their shields and stuck

out their spear, and the creatures weight killed him as he fell into the spears.  Then the

other two ran down and the princes had there knights facing them, they dropped their

spears and grabbed out their razor sharp blades pointing at them. The leaders led the charge down

the field together like a flock of birds soaring in the sky.  Then had the first line to split and the

other on the right did as well, leaving the small band of soldiers as they grabbed out their bows and

arrows. Quickly all shot at one of the creatures; their arrows flew many and flew fast completely

hitting the target. Hearing the creature roar and the two half’s came in and flanked the creature while

it was down, All had a swing on the creature to finish it off.  Leogis then led a squad as they charged

at the last one and the creature then quickly ran up, threw one of its knives that spun around hitting

three of the soldiers.  The monster jumped up and three more of the knives hitting six more of

them.  As they tried to bring it down but then it hid in the shadows and the knights huddled in  a

circle to cover each other’s backs. 


The creature came out and lit a torch, then blew in the torch and made it like a flame thrower

sweeping around, burning the soldiers.  Then jumps in and starts swinging away, spinning fast  

killing each soldier that were in there way as they were being slaughtered, chopped away till there

nothing.  Sildious saw how his men were being slaughtered and was becoming angry; he then

grabbed a long chain ball and then swung it around up high.  The creature started too spun towards

him and he threw it as it was close and it wrapped around the creatures legs and fell hard. It was

struggling to get up as two of its arms were broken and the creature was becoming a rage. Sildious

walked towards the thing with a hateful look on his face. Leogis walked towards to Sildious to calm

him and Sildious threw him down, then he grabbed a spear that was sticking out of a dead body

and then threw it at the creatures stomach.  He then stabbed his sword in the creatures

neck and sliced it off, the arteries were torn and blood was spraying everywhere.  Sildious stood up

and walked back with the creatures head in his hand, he threw it in the fire.   It became a night of

hell, most of the villagers didn’t survive and twenty five of their soldiers had died, it was grey in the

morning as the mist wasn’t was thick to where everything in front of you cannot be seen. You can

see the bodies everywhere in the area. The air smelt like death and you can even hear the blood

sizzling from the fire, the dead bodies being burned with the rest of the ones who survived moving

out of the valley.  After when everything was being picked up, the two princes ordered the soldiers

to move on and they did.  For the whole day they were walking in muggy heat that made them sweat

on their hot armor steel, they walked tiredly in the sun and the sky was becoming red.  They camped

for the night in the dead woods, gathering firewood and making shelter. Bu they were also trained to

know the knowledge of survival in all ways and is why they are up to the challenge.  It was a dark

night and the soldiers were asleep with the fires burning out and there was a chilling sound of wind

in the air.  The night was quiet and the moon shined high, sleeping they all were peacefully and then

there was a loud crunch sound within the trees in the distance.  It stopped for a moment and did it

again, then again it got louder and closer as the ground then shook and everyone woke up.  They

rushed to get their weapons and all of them stalled in their positions throughout  as they were

listening to that crushing sound.   It stopped and it got very quiet no one was moving, there was

glowing pale red eyes in the trees that were seeable through the pale dark mist.  Then the crunch

sound was more frequent as there were very many of these tall creatures that are of the dead and

only have bones wearing long hooded leather strap clothing.  They were pale face and had sharp

teeth with faded white eyes and long thick old hair, they were ghostly like and every time they

walked their bones crackled.  Slowly walking in many but was walking quietly as they were going

towards them. Then they roared in a loud gargling screeching sound that would bring chills to your

spine and they charged down fast and were so many of them and were charging down like ants in

fast sprinting.  Leogis and Sildious Yelled for the soldiers to defend themselves and once they

collected all their weapons they then flipped there shields around facing towards the enemy as they

collided against their shields around the fire pit.  They were stabbing the dead with their swords and

spears while holding them off against with their shields.  Then the knights used each other’s strength

to push them out of the way to make a clear small area quick enough to where a few of the archers

aimed their flame tipped arrows pointed at the dead creatures.  They aimed and fired as the long

strides of fire went passed the knights fast and struck many of the dead down as they burned,

the soldiers would take five steps in  and strike their enemies.  As then their archers shot between

their faces at the dead. The dead creatures climbed on the nearest tallest tree and had so many piling

on it to where the tree broke down and fell on some of the knights killing a few of them as they

were squashed from the tree. Then the dead found the opening and quickly ran down through

starting  to attack them hard to where Leogis and Sildious told his knights to run, and they ran down

the fields as they were being chased by these ferocious looking undead.


While they were running, Leogis scanned around and saw the cliffs, then said to his brother "

                          “Brother is this a bad time” Sildous looked back and there were very many of them

and were growling at them as they were  sprinting towards them he said “Now probably be not

a good time to speak”

                          “No it must be now, we need to head to those cliffs and we can find a better way to

lose them” Sildious then nodded and yelled to his knights “Soldiers head to the cliffs.”

 All ran fast through in the ash valley and ran up to the cliffs as they were maneuvering around

many rocks and boulders, tripping over shrubs then they hid in the cliffs and let nature hide them. 

The dead then came running up and stopped as they were sniffing around and stalling just searching

around with their eyes.   They hissed like snakes and growled loud like a mad eating monstrous dog.

Dust in the air covered them up to where they looked like shrubs and rocks scattered around the

ground,  The undead then rush down and they were able to hide away from them as there was still

many of them. After almost an hour of searching, once when it was all clear. Everyone came out and

brushed the dust off themselves and all gathered around and Leogis and Sildious both got on one


The soldiers were saying of how much they would have to endure this much intense battle and how

many lives must be lost, they were frustrated, fearful and angry for they were scared of how it is all

starting out to what could be a nightmare.

                          Sildious said “Why you all complain like p*****s we have escaped and succeeded in

doing it, you all fought exceptionally and it is why we are going to be able to fight our way through

it.  Do not give up on me now, you are soldiers and you belong to me no one else I am your father

and you all are my sons.  And I will fight this with you.”

                          Leogis then stepped up and said “And how do you know that hmmm? How do you

know what else more is out there, d****t for all we know everyone there are dead and we have

enough information to give to our king about what is here.”

                          “Our mission is to go to the fort and see if there are any survivors and if not then

we will report it back to the king.  The king is counting on us our father is counting on you and me,


                          “Do you not know what you’re doing you’re going to get everyone here slaughtered,

you have no idea and no clue of what else is out there.  We all have families and we don’t need to be

bringing them back to be buried.”

                          Sildious then became angry as he yelled and pointed at him “What are you afraid of,

Leogis you are the prince and son of the king  and you are fearful?”

                          “I am not afraid, this is not fear.  This is saving our lives”

He then walked passed him and nudged him away and circled around speaking to his troops as he

said “I will lead you all into victory, as your commander, your captain your leader I order you to

fight freely by my side and we will win.”

The soldiers cheered in a howling voice sound like the wolves and beated the ground with their

spears and beated their chest plates.  Then Leogis starts to try to speak up and persuade them more,

then Sildious became angry and exploded with aggression and hatred, he walked down towards him. 

Then he throws him down fast, everyone turns and it even starts raining as the ground was turning

soft quickly and muddy from the heavy rain.  Sildious then walked over and was going to kick him

then Leogis grabbed his leg fast and hooked his leg around, then pulled him down to where he

landed on the ground hard. Leogis spun around and quickly got on top, as it started to punch

Sildious in the face continuously then Sildious blocked one of them and reversed it, then punches

him in the left side of the rib. Sildious flips him over to the ground and breaks his face with two

hard kicks, then walks over as Leogis was on the ground holding his arms on his stomach.   As he

was breathing hard in pain and Sildious flipped him over and put his foot on his chest hard. 

Pointing his sword close to Leogis face and he said-

                          “You do that again, I will f****n kill you.” He then walked away as it was still

raining and everyone is soaked then yelled “Soldiers time to move out...”  Leogis struggled to get up

as the pain was horrible and they walked far long in the muggy heat where the clouds hanged low

and the heat was unbearable to where they sweated like pigs.  They were walking in the deep pale

ash sands, as it was desolate and wasted.  Later that day once it was becoming evening with the

sun setting but you couldn’t even see the sun to ever tell. The sky was bright but grey then they were

walking on a flat rocked ground that was sand  and it looked like it went out for miles. They all were

looking tired and weak of traveling for hours in the hot sun with no water and no breaks.  Suddenly

they stopped as they heard something like water like a stream.  So they rushed down and ran for a

bit till they got to these cliffs and were sharped edged,  Leogis and Sildious saw a stream coming

down from these rocks and made a cold water pond that was pure and clean.  Quickly they ran fast

to this stream and all dunked their heads in the water, drinking it like dogs as they smiled and

laughed.  Wondering if this was a dream? Or if it is real but they didn’t care. After a long break and

hydrating something rumbled they all stopped and looked over in the distance behind the cliffs was



 Leogis and Sildious led their men up the cliffs and crawling under twigs and vines, but they were

coming to a steep hill and in this flat area where there was much of sand.  There was a stone

structure that was very with many statues of great demons and up front were statues of each

race.  Each with something broken on the statues of the race representing the kind of darkness

that each race is burden with. Lupejaskadas were armless as they careless, lawful, greedy race, Delves

had no eyes as it represents that they don’t see but only their own pride and vengeance,  Jersidus

were mouth less representing how much they hunger for revenge and never would stand up long

enough towards others,  Illadars were handless representing how they are never giving but to their

own and are envy of what they have and idolize it, Vonderis was two face one side crushed

representing how two face and untrusting they are, Vamprisks were earless representing that they

don’t care to listen to anyone except for themselves and how they don’t give second chances.

Iskadars had a crushed, with a big crack on its heart representing they are the heartless and feed on

the weak and the dead in survival. They went in the structure as there was the same rumble but more

violent and everyone fell, quickly they got up and positioned themselves for battle. Their hearts were

beating and had eyes of fear, all didn’t know what was going to happen then in the midst of

quietness suddenly out of the sand like an explosion of fire with ash in the air. Was this huge long

creature that looked like thirty feet long, its body was like grizzly and had long claws its face was like

an angry dog and rhinoceros,  the creatures face was like a hard rock like and there was three heads. 

With sharp long teeth and blowing fire towards them as everyone scattered to either get away or

fight to defend themselves. 

The thing had a long tale to tail whip everyone off their feet and would snatch people up and chomp

on them,  the soldiers were throwing spears and blocking the fire with their shields. Sildious then

tried to fight it off but the beast demon flew into him and pushed him away, Leogis became angry at

the beast and walked down the sand hill.  He starred at the creature in anger as everyone were

suffering around him and time was slowing down. Leogis then extended his hand out towards the

beast and all this air  flew towards his hands and then it was faster, louder like hurricane and then it

started to glow white.  Then into a grey color with electric shocks around it, a long skinny vibrant

streaks like lightening came out of his hand with a strong whirl wind coming towards the creature.


It was badly wounded and had blood gushing out of its leg as it was limping, then creature turned

and looked at Leogis.  The creature roared and was coming to him, it blew fire at him but Leogis 

quickly swayed his arm right to left,  as the air and electric shocks flew by the fire to deflect it. Leogis

then pumped his arm back and extended it out and blew its stomach out as the blood and intestine

was falling out with blood as dark then human and smelt awful.  Everyone stopped and looked at

Leogis as they never saw anyone do that and no one has been able to do that in a hundred years. 

Yet Leogis could, they all saw that he has a power even over Sildious and he knew it too so he

became jealous. Everyone gathered what remained as eight more soldiers were killed, slowly being

picked off as they are waiting for their death but then saw Leogis as the one to bring them out of

this alive. Seeing his great power gave them confidence and pride in themselves.  They all were

taking a break and recovering, Sildious then walked over towards Leogis he was standing there

gazing upon his hand and Sildious leaned over. As he saw his hand and saw nothing, he stood next

to him and said-

                           “What was that?”

                          “I don’t know” said Leogis

                          “How did you do it?”

                          “For a long time in hiding my emotions I learned about this deep power ago and I

just believed in it, knew that I was going to bring that creature down.”

                          “But how can you know all this if you haven’t studied or been taught about it?”

                          Leogis stared at him and said “You remember our last good nanny we had Mrs.

Archworth she took me under her wing and taught me about witchcraft.  But more of a deeper

power as she taught me the language of the Elrong trusks which allowed my mind to accelerate

more of these molecules of different spirit soul DNA’s.  That flowed into your main blood vessel

streams to help your mind and heart to take the adrenaline and strength of this power. She taught

me it for years, still never believed till I did it.”

                          “So what does this mean?”

Leogis then walks over and grabs his sword, then walks towards the stone building and said

“Finishing this mess that you brought us too and I’m going to do it without getting everyone killed.”

                          Sildious yelled “Men! Time to pack up and move out, were going in that building.”

And so they all got up and got themselves ready, they followed Sildious and Leogis up to this

ancient old structure with large long pillars that stood a hundred feet tall, the statues were

magnificent. So they walked down towards the two heavy wood doors and couldn’t get them open

and Leogis walks up and stabs his sword straight through the creak of the two doors.  He pushes

his blade into it towards the right and slid down hard and quickly broke the latch.  Two soldiers

helped push the door open how it was a large area room, it was made of stone.  Piles of skeletons

and bones were everywhere with old weapons and dubree around like a battle happened.  It was

dark and smell of old flesh, it was wind chill cold as it reminded them of being in a cave.  The

soldiers closed the door and everything was lit up more as they lit up the candles that were on a

table.  They all walked down into the darkness and stopped, there was two huge wide tunnel

entrance’s but with no light returning.  Leogis and Sildious both looked at each other and Sildious

pointed his sword and said “Alright men were going to split up, I’ll take the left and Leogis will take

the right, this half goes with me the rest you go with him.  Now let’s move!”

                          “Wait shouldn’t we talk more about what we’re deciding?” said Leogis


*Elrong Trusks language: It comes from a dark source power that is an old and ancient power created by a cult call Blood Writs they were killing for justice but then started to be more and more innocent, this language is like putting the Pagan, wicken, latin and Spanish languages all together in to one.  It has been known everywhere but been instinct for fifty years after ‘the four day war’ a battle that made the new law of no of the practice of witchcraft allowed.  This language gives your moleques of the MX-q which is a soul spirit that goes in the blood cells straight to the heart and mind which helps give the knowledge and strength which can release anything destructive you can think of.

Sildious then moved his shoulder forward and ignored him as half of the soldiers marched with

him in the left dark tunnel.  Then Leogis marched his soldiers in the right tunnel, it was dark and

Leogis had the troops grab out torches and light them. A radius around the room was lit up from

the torches,  Leogis and noticed of how the tunnel  was  made by hand and it was very well crafted

and built.  While they were walking down without noticing in the walls Iskadar’s were moving

around as they were camouflage in the rock to where you couldn’t tell the difference.  Still walking

down even in the shadows, their eyes glow pale lime white as they were creepily crawling around the

rocks from up above.  As they have hands that looked old and clammy, but there were hands are

uniquely molded from the rocks they climbed on every day, and it formed around them in time. 


               They turned to the left and kept walking down and then they all came in the

middle with Sildious and his squad of soldiers.  The both looked at each other oddly and were

confused, and then they looked forward and saw a one tunnel down.  Suddenly they all heard some

noises,  then it got louder and it sounded like loud screeching roars.  All drew their swords as

Sildious and Leogis both yelled “MEN DRAW YOUR SWORDS! Be prepared.”  Sildious and his

soldiers got down on their knees and were blocking on the left of the tunnel, then Leogis and his

men on the right of the tunnel as they were standing there with their shields out towards the tunnel..

Then Leogis and Sildious had their swords drawn out and pointed as the archers were on their knees

ready to Shoot anyone down. Waiting nervously hearing the hollering get louder and more eirry as

It sounded like an army was coming in.  Then suddenly it got quiet they still had their torches up to

where it was the only light in their small area, suddenly a loud squealing roar as you could hear one

after the other jumping in the dark so fast.  To where none of them could predict of what was going

to happen next.

                          Sildious said to Leogis “What the hell are they?”

                          Leogis answered “They Iskadar race, a once a power and incredible race.  Till

betrayed and outcasted.  They know who we are and they are going to kill us all.”


 The archers were shooting them down from the walls that they were climbing on, then behind

them a wave of the Iskadar’s came in fast on both tunnels charging against their shields.  Still trying

hard to get through but they were holding the line, Their fighting was incredible as they fought with

passion and were stabbing constantly with their flaming spear tips.   Then Leogis said “HOLD

YOUR POSITIONS!!!...WAIT FOR IT…NOWWWW!!!!”  The soldiers then pushed them away

hard with their shields at the same time and all spun to another position where the shield men were

protecting Leogis and Sildious.  Then the archers were in the middle shooting down one by one,

they jumped in the middle and started to attack as it was all about fighting to survive.  All were

fighting hard and chopping them into pieces and the blood escape from their throats till they gagged

their last death.  Hearing all the limps being torn and sliced off, bodies were piling up around and a

lot of the soldiers were overrunned and the Iskadr’s would surround them and then feed on their

bodies.  The thick dark blood splashed all around, fighting till their bodies couldn’t sweat any more,

as more kept charging in through the tunnels but they became tired. Then Leogis rushed to the

middle of where all tunnels were coming out to meet, another wave of Iskadar’s were coming in all

directions .  Leogis stood there and closed his eyes just standing there waiting as they were getting

closer and closer.  Then once they were close enough Leogis then opened his eyes and they were

glowing blue, he then brings up both hands pointing at the tunnels then he shot out his lighting

power.  It spread to many vines of them and was shocking the enemies to death to where

their limps were falling off and he would walk around just torching the tunnel way hearing their

painful, agony screams.

They watched him go down to the straight away tunnel and you can hear more and more screams of

utter pain down through the tunnel as he was killing everything he saw, Sildious and the troops

followed Leogis down in the tunnels.  After a bit of walking down in the dark tunnel with the

screaming that had stopped and rushing down till they got to the end of the tunnel.  Which led

them into a stone hallway that was outside from above and they splitted up to check the rooms. 

They got in the last room and the door was broken apart and the soldiers waited outside of the

room as Sildious saw Leogis holding a very large leather book that was called “The Toringe Eldor

Scroll”  Leogis started at it, with his eyes turned pale white and the words in the book were glowing.

.Vamprisks: They are a royal race with cold blood line throughout their a race who are always related to someone they would know.  They are genius minds and very prideful and violent to keep their territory and whatever is there’s.  Vamprisks would be consider a vampire but a saber tooth as well for their strength and speed but also like Illadars where they climb very well and see in the dark just not as strong. They come from four houses of four family with their own skin color too till the difference and also in politics and religion and sometimes become violent to where they always have civil wars with one family or another.  They have the second most large wide population around Airegoth and are great fighters and have incredible speed with weapons and are excellent in commanding and leadership.

Sildious walked over and extended his hand out and said “Leogis what have you done?”

Then there was a whisper in the air that caught Sildious attention but it was coming from Leogis and

he said “Brother glad you can join” he then turned around and the whole front of him was covered

just soaked in blood and pieces of flesh that was stuck on his armor, Sildious saw half of his face

bloody then walked down by the window.  He then said “I finally have realized something brother?”

                          Sildious then looked at him strangely and said “What brother, what have you


                          Leogis then said “That no one controls our fate but only we can, we are controlled

by corruption of politics and religious people.  But now I know the truth I know the deep power of

dark magic and I like it”

                          “Leogis just put the book down okay”

Suddenly Leogis quickly grabbed his dagger with his right hand and stuck it up to his gut to make

him feel uncomfortable and said “Don’t test me, I am learning more and more of the secrets that

you and father have kept from me.  You and father have turned this kingdom into something that is

full of shame and most of all you and father have always looked  down on me for being weak.  Yet

you don’t realize how weak you both are, one day father will be dragged through the dirt to justice. 

This isn’t over.”

Then suddenly there was a rumble throughout the entire building as the dust was falling in the whole

room, he yelled at Leogis “Leogis we have to get out of here!!! We can’t stall here anymore. I’m not

leaving without you.”

Leogis then quickly wrapped his book in a thick ripped clothe and tied it around him to where it’s

on his back, He then rushed out of the room with Sildious and all the soldiers start running

*vonderis: These creatures who are full blooded humans but were cursed by the King Theodis they were cursed because they’re King left his brother and his people to die to keep power, so King Theodis cursed his brother and his people to never become a nation not even a powerful nation to not even exist. They’re height can go from 6.4 to 8 feet tall they are large, tall and strong their skills are master heavy weapon combat, waking the dead and go in the air and soar. 

 out of the building as the rumble got more intense and the  huge stone bricks were falling with

some of the soldiers getting squashed from the  stones. They finally got out of there with thirty

soldiers left and eight of them were severely injured, tiredly they all fell on the ground as the

structure crumbled and the dust flew up in the air everywhere fast.  Once everything calmed and

hearing the soldiers cry in pain with some who were missing legs and arms with blood all around the

ground and everyone trying to help them. Leogis walked over to Sildious and Leogis said “What do

we do?” he didn’t answer then Leogis said “What do we do!! We can’t let them suffer.”

He still didn’t answer but only was just staring ahead as everyone was yelling at him for the next

command, then Leogis went to silent except the ringing in his ears that was giving him a headache. 

Then he pulled out his sword and took off the dark purple drape that was around his upper body,

as he was wearing a black thick leather plated armor around his upper torso.  Leogis had rage in

his eyes to where he was blind from innocence, he then walked fast towards the wounded as the

soldiers were wondering what he was going to do.  Leogis then went to the first one where both legs

were dangling ready to be cut off as he was laying there crying, Leogis then stabbed the sword into

his gut as he screamed louder and was spitting blood out of his mouth and stabbed him in the

stomach three more times.  The soldiers stood up yelling at him saying how crazy he was, then

Leogis, swung his sword at the wounded repeatedly not stopping, with the blood splattering on his

face.  They all were freaking out but couldn’t do anything as they became in fear of Leogis.

Once when it was done, he was breathing heavily and dropped his sword and walked passed

everyone and said “In three hours the injured would all be dead, but I took care of what needed to

be done in order to keep us alive.”

He walked down and suddenly fell on the ground and blacked out, Sildious and his men buried

the dead and packed up the men were carrying  Leogis on a stretcher to rest as they continued to

travel in the hot dessert of ash even at night.  Leogis woke up and a sudden loud sound

echoed, his ears were ringing again with his head  shaking in pain, the smoke was thick in the air as

he saw  they were down in a white rock flatbed below.  The soldiers were defending themselves or

were in cover and Sildious was behind the pile of rocks with most of their men laying on the side of

the bunker hill.  As he was laying there, he quickly rolled off the stretcher, there was many loud

explosions and Leogis turned over and saw  five bodies that were shredded up and missing limps.  

Leogis got up and was his legs became wobbly as everything was spinning and there were voices of  

yelling for him to get down, they were pointing to the sky and Leogis turned around. He looked up

and in the sky were winged demons but were female monsters.  They stood tall and skin was pale

and wrinkled but was hard like dragon scale.  There were four of them and they were flying down

fast in the sky.  Soaring fast like lighting in the sky and sounded like wind cutting through the air, 

throwing fire balls that striked explosions around the area.

           The soldiers were shooting their arrows at the demons, but became difficult for they

were flying very fast.  Leogis then walked over and started to move his hands around making the

dust and dirt from the ground to push up.  Making it into a dust storm and it was very thick to

where you couldn’t see the other side or between.  The winged creatures were being sucked into it l

ike a tornado, one of them was being spun by it so fast that it ripped it to pieces with blood

splattering everywhere. Demons were suffocating as Leogis grabbed out a torch and lit it, then he

brought it close to his face and blew on it. Making an intense whirlwind of fire that was exploding

over like a volcano ash cloud that was coming down towards the winged creatures. Burning them to

ashes, their screams were like dying pigs ready to be chopped up.  The soldiers were amazed of this

amazing phenomenal  power that he obtained, but were losing trust thinking that he will take their

*Humans (nords, raiders, outcasts): they were one of the first three to be made as a race in Airegoth by father Airegoth he treasured and looked at delves, Jersidus and humans as something precious to him, though he had the same equal love for all of the other races but found the other three he first made to being precious.  Humans were very wide spread populated throughout the land there wouldn’t be any city or village without seeing humans, now you don’t see them much for they ruled Airegoth for three hundred years till they’re race went to trial for something they did not do and were saw as a threat.  Instead of sending them to the outcast lands they were being executed to be extinct,  but father Airegoth helped send most of the humans to this island that is West from the western shores out in the ocean.  They say that this island is a land mass and never thought that there was one out there, they are not raiders, outcasts in their land and in Airegoth only as nords servants of dukes and kings.

lives and they can’t do anything cause they know if they turn back on their own their dead, if they

stay their dead.  After resting up and burying more of their dead they headed out and by

night fall they were out of the dessert.  In the forest where the trees were dead weeping willow trees,

there leaves were rotting and they were a silver black color.  Once you touch them they turn to ash. 

Leogis then asked a fellow soldier if he knew of this forest, for in his records it showed that he is

trained very well of knowing the wilderness and mapping areas.  The soldiers told him “They call

these woods the Reaping Woods these woods are heavily oppressed ever since the outcasts have

descended to this part of the land.  Once they came… they brought followers as well from their

dark lands, rumor has it that the vines in the trees are evil and large grey snakes that disguise

themselves as tree vines to attack their prey.  Some say all those who have died in these woods they

become soul guardians and stay to protect their nightmare souls, there demons haunt these woods.

Riding in the thick forest where the branches hang low with no life in them, it was muggy and they

sweated till it stuck to there under clothing.  The forest was howling and eirry there was dark

presence that they all felt and all were starting to have negative thoughts of being murders, thieves

and that they will never make it. You can see the fear in these men’s eyes, already can till something

was not right.  After awhile of traveling in the woods it was becoming night and Sildious told

everyone to set up for camp.   They were grabbing the wood to make the fire and food to feed

everyone, meanwhile later after setting up camp and there was three fires around the camp site.  As

all the soldiers gathered up to each fire to get one, as temperatures were dropping tremendously.

While everything was quiet and the cold air was hitting them hard like needles, then they heard

something in the trees that made a crackling sound they all stopped and looked out.  Wondering

*Nightmare Souls: They are these black diamonds that stand tall like crystals but have a powerful energy in them, one nightmare soul can resource a population of ten thousand to help against starvation.  It can create strong weapons and armor and also creates the economy as it is more valuable than gold.  It was made by the guardians of scringe and father Airegoth for this nightmare souls were something to help strengthen the presence of scringe to where their souls can connect with it faster and more comfortably and communicate with it better.  They are worth more then gold ten times more as they are made of a crystal from a star deep in the galaxy that creates this strong power but to complete there has to be a soul in it.  They are used as power corruption in politics to create allies and to bring down enemies and go to war with kingdoms.

what the hell it was,  It stopped for a moment till it did it again except more louder. All stood up and

grabbed their shields, swords and spears ready for action.  Then it became quiet and after awhile it  

was gone they were still in full and later on turned in for the night  and had some warriors up for the

night doing rotations to keep watch while the rest got sleep. 

The fires were out and there was no light out except for the moon high in the sky shedding light

through the trees.  It was a desolate forest that only casted shadows, there was a sudden drift in the

ashes swaying away on the road, where it was like laying on sand, it was oppressed by innocent death

and bloodshed in cold blood with hate, anger, fear and lonesome that haunt these woods.  Then in

the dark there was more light sounded movement in the woods that caught a few of the soldiers

attention, most stayed laying there in fear of what they would wake up to next.  Then there was

some squeaking noises in the trees where it sounded like a little girl laughing.  The guard then said

“Who goes there!!!” then it was quiet his heart stopped and was stalling as he was waiting then

suddenly  multiple eirry voices of laughter were heard that sounded like more than twenty . As it

sounded like they were surrounding them all at their camp. They all woke and the light around them

was blood red  as they stood up and stood there watching all around them in the dark, then suddenly

the sounds of arrows were flying passed them hard as they shot a few warriors down with sharp

tipped darts.  Four were hit severely that killed them instantly where they were

stuck with many of these darts in their bodies, everyone quickly got down as they were still being

shot at.  The laughter started to get louder and louder as the warriors were panicking in fear of not

knowing who was attacking.

Sildious yelled “We have to get out of here, everyone follow me and run fast!!! NOW!!!” they all

quickly got up and a few more were instantly shot and  all ran down the road as fast as they

could and the laughter was still loud as they could hear them running in the trees and none of them

could see who they were.

                          Still they were shooting darts at them, just chasing them through

the woods,  then while they were running.  In the distance there was lights through the trees he then

yelled “There!!! Go to the lights!” and so they did, running through the misty muggy woods with

branches hitting them and their bodies were pouring sweat from the thick hot muggy smog.  Then

some of them stalled and yelled as they were caught between living disguised vines of snakes hissing

at them and prowling around them with the sharp long teeth sticking out.  Their fearsome slick

white tree color scale skin with their crystal black eyes beaming wide, two got bit and quickly

strangled as you can hear them screaming there life out.  Sildious then saw them and kept running

and Leogis was shocked what he saw as he left them there to die and so the both ran to them and

sliced all the snakes in half at the same time with his sharp blade of his blue iron sword. Saving the

other soldiers as they thanked him and Leogis yelled “Go!!! We’re almost there” they all kept

running towards the lights and finally were out of the woods. A wide river pool by this village where

it was very cold.  Running through the water, fearing for their lives.  Then they were yelling for help

and these villagers that looked like militia and were waving them over as they passed them.  Saw

how they had these long curved swords that were black and rusty.  Once everyone was in the village

there was one villager who had a torch and got down on one knee. He lit it up and then the other

took a deep breath, then blew hard into the flame from the torch.  Then appeared high in the sky

what looked like smoke was only darken clouds.  Swirled in shapes of demonic faces showing

through the dusty cloud that was coming towards the village, he blew into the flame and this mass

amount of air comes quickly in and the fire expands in a shape of a monstrous hand stretching out

towards the dark cloud. Then it flames around it and the darkness retreats back in the woods. Once

when it was all over and all the warriors had a moment to breathe and they looked around. The

villagers looked poor and rutted out from the dirt, their homes were made of stick and hay, They‘re

skin was pale and were wearing rugged animal skin clothes. Once they got a better look of their  

faces in the light .  Their faces looked rutted up or mostly deformed from birth or had scars from

the battles they have fought through everyday to survive, but the weird thing is that it looks like

scratch marks from a person.  The villagers were many, coming out and told them they could stay

for the night .  The villagers then had the warriors set their things in the old barn and had them

come into the big lodge  to sit at the long table with the other village leaders and feast with them. 

They accepted and saw that the food didn’t look too great, as it looked spoiled and even the flies

were flying many around the food.  As they look like they have been outside for a while, but drank

as much wine as they could to just be able to eat the food.

After awhile of eating the food and everyone were laughing, dancing and drinking away,  the

leader of the village name Ramroh walked over and introduced himself to Sildious but he walked

away with a grin on his face, then he walked over to Leogis and said  “Is he always like that?”

                          Leogis laughs and said “Yeah but that’s who he is”

                          “You sound like you and him don’t get along”

                          Leogis nodded his head and said nothing Ramroh said “That’s okay I know how

that is, where do you come from?”

                          “Were from the east from new Zion’s”

                          “Oh yes my family came from there, we saw some soldiers come through here

awhile back.  But they kinda looked like you all but they weren’t.  One they were looking for

something out here or maybe testing.”

                          “Who are you? How did you all get here?”

                          “We have lived in these desolate and oppressed lands of ash.  Haunted so much to

where it can tempt a person so bad to where they are easily possessed. A long time ago a king filled

with bitterness and evil in his heart, he had his soldiers send the ones who were different in skin or

looks to be banished in the land of outcasts where it is outlawed and most who were

new there would die quickly within a couple hours to a day. Once we came to this part of the valley, it even once was beautiful, perfect to start a new life and start families. But something followed us

something that came far from within where we lived, once you live in the land of outcasts even

when you get out the darkness comes with you.  Soldiers started to come over and set up forts to

protect us but they couldn’t not even from themselves, our people were dieing…. But enough of

this sad talk, you are our guests and now we welcome you too our village.”  All the people and

beautiful woman with revealing dresses came through the door and with big smiles and having the

soldiers drink more as they all partied all night.  Yet everyone passed out so much quicker than

usual, it became a blur.

                          Everything was blurry nothing made since, Leogis head was throbbing he then

noticed that he was upside down, and once it go clearer in his vision.  He saw blood on the stone

pavement.  Four soldiers were hanging from the wall with two long spikes stuck in them with blood

draining out.  One was screaming in pain as blood was gushing out of his mouth, the pain was fierce

that it almost made the man’s eye balls fall out of his socket. Sildious and Leogis were by each other

hung by chains from their feet,  Leogis looked around and saw the dead bodies hanging and there

was a table of a soldiers body laying on it cut in half with his intestines and arteries hanging out with

blood pool around the table.

Leogis saw Sildious and woke him up and asked him “What happened? What’s going on!!! Where are


                          Leogis said “Don’t panic, calm down it’s been a trap.”

                          “Where’s the rest of our men?” said Sildious

                          Leogis said “I don’t know, but we have to get out of here.”

Leogis then meditated and closed his eyes, focusing on the keys that were on the table and Leogis

used his power.  Making the keys hover up and float down to Leogis and once he got the keys, He

then unlocked his chains and fell hard on his back he got up.  Then quietly unlocked Sildious chains

and helped him down, they both then walked over and hid quickly.  They were covered in sweat, dirt

and blood like they were dragged through the dirt and beaten while they were out., they felt so sore

to where it was difficult to even walk and dizzy of not remembering anything. The both then see

this tall man with big muscular arms with huge mass body,  his skin was grey and had a wheat sack

with cut out eye holes in it and was wearing it as a mask. With blood artwork on his big body and

was butchering up the soldiers in the other room, as Sildious and Leogis would sneak by they could

here the loud thrump! From the butcher chopping away with his small tomahawk.  The screams

were loud as the butcher would even leave a few soldiers alive but hanging there with two long iron

spikes.  That was pierced into their shoulders and they were just hanging there with missing limps

and even there intestines falling out of their stomachs, waiting to die and just bleed to death;

hearing their comrades dying around them in horrific pain. They finally sneaked out of the lodge

building and came outside,  it was dark and smelt like a burning fire. Leogis looked down in the

distance and saw the rest of their soldiers in a huge iron cage so they won’t get out.

*Scringe: It’s a strong blood line that is fused with this micro mulous in making the blood to be so pure that its power can be easily lose control; it traces thoughts and emotions as it consults with your mind and helps your mind to be stronger and more controlled against your emotions and thoughts.  It is a learning balance of patience, healing, justice and goodwill.  Scringe is a holy power and its fate chooses the right ones to have this gift even if its used for evil, fate will decide for how to help make the blood it produces a new kind of immune system to help make the blood stay pure.  Scringe is mind and strength.

Then the both saw a bright blazing fire and the were villagers dancing around it, speaking in dark

language tongues. They were gnashing teeth and were cursing with speaking of hatred words to the

soldiers, while Leogis and Sildious were trying to figure out how to get them to escape.  Then Leogis

saw a few of the villagers aggressively were taking two soldiers out of the cage.  They stood them in

front of the fire as the heat was intense and they spoke about sacrifice to their gods and then once

the introduction of beginning the sacrifice speech was finished, the villagers then threw the two

soldiers in the hot flame.  The screaming and begging for mercy as they were being burned alive as

the flames quickly swarmed around their bodies.  Burning their flesh till it was ashes, their eyes were

melting out of their sockets and teeth falling out and blood being burned on their bodies.

The fire was sizzling from the blood, Leogis walks out and  down while  Sildious was in cover then

he walks down with him towards the crowd of people.  Then in front of the crowd the both turned

around and had a rage feasting look in their eyes, there was a sudden stalled as they were waiting to

see who makes the next move.  Then Leogis quickly put his hand out and the electric sting came out

that stretched down and lit up and exploded one of the villagers.  Villagers were screaming and

running in terror and Sildious was going around slaying villagers and those who were fighting against

him, Leogis continued zapping them all away with chunks flying everywhere from their bodies and

blood splatter on the dirt.  Leogis then zapped the lock on the cage and Sildious opened it, letting

the soldiers out, then they all started fighting against the villagers and burning their village down.  All

stopped and saw Ramroh and he was standing in the distance and yelled “Dare to fight against me in

my village.  You will not see heaven today”

Suddenly he made a horrific transformation as his head was twitching aggressively from the back of

his head , the skin to the bone was tearing off down to his back and he then ripped out of the slimy

human flesh.  He was growing horns from his head as they were poking out of his head and taring

through his skull, and his face was changing and forming to a grey beast.  Tall, strong with long

horns, and  he grabbed a long beam and then turned it with his dark powers into a powerful spear,

his veins were coming out and sliding down his body and spinning around the spear.  Then Ramroh

looked down towards them and roared loud, he charged down like a bull and was very fast; colliding

through the soldiers, tossing them around high in the air.  Sildious jumped out of the way

and so did Leogis as he ran passed and was turning wide for another charge in.  Leogis then stood

up and extended his hand out towards the beast and had his finger pointed at the beast as sparks

were flowing around the palm of his hand.  Leogis then had the sparks quickly fly out and spark

towards the beast but the beast quickly was stepping to the right and left as Leogis was missing all

his shots and it was like explosion after explosion.  Still was charging towards him then he was

slammed into  and was thrown a couple feet away and was knocked out, Sildious became furious

and was shocked to see his brother knocked down.  The beast was being circled by the soldiers and

the beast was hitting them away.  Sildious then ran towards the beast and quickly flipped out his two

sharp knives and jumps on the creature and stabs it each time he climbed on it.  Suddenly the beast

was moving around crazy and trying to buck him off but couldn’t,  then Sildious got on the top of

his back and stabbed the knives on the beasts shoulders; the demon got on his knees in pain.  Leogis

then yelled “Move” Sildious saw him and jumped off as Leogis shot his strong spark shot at the

creature and put a big hole in its heart. The soldiers rejoiced as they won the battle and everyone was

dead only 18 survived but they were thankful that the both saved them, even though they mourned

about the death of their loyal comrades, their brothers.  After packing up they didn’t think to stay

any longer and headed out of the village, deciding to take the mountain pass that was on the other

side. So they agreed and decided to try the mountains, as clouds surround most of the mountains

and they journey high up the mountain and saw the great wide open entrance to the mountain.

Not knowing what lies in this mountain but knowing after this they will be closer to the fort, but

only one would know about these mountains.  Sildious then got out a picture of the entrance and

tunnel path from his map.  Everyone didn’t know what was going to be in that mountain and what

the other side would look like. As all the evil things that they would never come is about to happen,

he then tucked the map away in his pocket for no one to know or to see not even Leogis can know

of what is about to happen next. ….To be continued


© 2014 scarhead

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Added on June 24, 2014
Last Updated on June 24, 2014