Shipwreck of Phaloes 7  Chapter 1

Shipwreck of Phaloes 7 Chapter 1


An advanced civilization from our neighboring galaxy explore our Milky Way Galaxy. Misfortune causes them to crash on Earth in the age of dinosaurs.




Chapter 1

 The Giant Galaxy





After crashing on Earth in the age of gigantic lizards, the people of the Phaloes 7 showed a great will to live, and to overcome adversity. In order to thrive in a hostile land filled with monstrous dinosaurs, Abbadar and the few Terahans who remained alive, made changes to the ecosystem.

As a result, of their need to remain alive, the course of Earth’s history begins a new age, “The Age of Man.” The Terahans began eradicating the enormous reptiles from their new home. The reluctant visitors from Terah named this world Atalan Tios.

The records of “Atta-lan Tee-ose” meaning “a new beginning” were stored in one of the caves originally used by the castaways from Terah as a Fortress of Survival. The honeycomb of caves became their base of operations.

The stockpile of records is referred to as The Crystal Library, it contains thousands upon thousands of various size and colors of crystals. Each one contains information about their knowledge, history, and daily experiences while on this planet we call Earth.

Valormore is the revealer of their story. The life forces stored in those crystals chose him to make their existence on this planet known. The crystals parenthetically connected him to the Crystal Library. Spailac is now the human counterpart to their automated librarian named Sprout. Sprout is able to access any data in the crystal library, and translate it telepathically when asked a question. Spailac loves to ask Sprout all sorts of questions, and share the discoveries with his best friend Valormore. In turn, Valormore reveals the story of Abbadar to the world.

The story begins on the Home planet of Terah.


         *          *          *


Abbadar 7 personally inspects the newly finished, extragalactic class, crystal ship named, Phaloes 7. As he tours the many decks of this 1700ft. diameter disc shaped crystalline craft he carefully studies the details from the engineers, comparing the data to the actual installed components.

He has a spiritual link to, and cares about the one hundred forty-two lives at stake. Each of his one hundred thirty fellow scientists and the twelve soldiers that make up this expedition depend on his unique abilities.

One of Abbadar’s jobs is to focus each individual’s specialized expertise into a single unit that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Sprout reminds Spailac, “You should start farther back in time. Tell them about the first Abbadar.”

 Spailac hesitates a moment then declares, “Yes. I should let them know how it started.”

 The name Abbadar originates in the ancient language of planet Terah. It means leader, or more precisely, “The one who brings us all together.”

On home planet Terah, the society was self-destructive. Racial strife was tearing every country apart. The political leaders of each country were corrupt and fueled disharmony by propagating hatred and wars.

They profited from the warfare and saw it as a way to decrease the world population problem. The top ten percent of the affluent owned everything from the land and businesses to the people themselves. They did this in the name of democracy. Holding elections made the people feel as if they share the control of politics. In fact, the entire population was being duped into submission. All opposition was dealt with by branding the rebellious as terrorists.

This situation went on for numerous generations. The gap between the wealthy and the poor widened until there was no middle class. The leaders were turning on each other in personal ways. Each of them wanted to be the ultimate power over everything with absolute power. Worldwide war lasted for three generations, destroying all the cities and farmlands. Radiation from the bombs made the metropolitan areas into death traps of hideous, cannibalistic, irradiated, and dying people. Within that generation ninety three percent of the world population suffered starvation and disease, eventually leaving a very small number of people to start over.

After a thousand years had passed, the population had grown enough to form cities and countries once more. Though the initial remnant of survivors attempted to establish a new order that would prevent history from repeating itself, the strong and the intelligent among the populous followed their human nature driving them to control the weak and less intelligent.

A child was born, perhaps a freak of nature, which was different from any other. This child was far more intelligent and insightful than his contemporaries. The boy child was genetically different as well. His appearance was normal enough, though tall for his age, with a strong athletic build, blonde hair, mesmerizing pale blue eyes and a winning smile.

By the time he had grown into a young man his unique ability of empathic knowing of people’s heart and soul propelled him to leadership. When he met with other leaders, they may have had inclinations of corrupting him to their ways but he was not at all like them.

With the first face-to-face meeting, the goodness of the young man permeated through the toughest of hardened exteriors. Abbadar was able to know the individuals better than they knew themselves. He used this insight to encourage them to make decisions of state with the good of the people as the purpose for having government. The selfish leaders felt ashamed of their self-centered behaviors. Then when the young man explained his vision of unity, the pieces fell into place in the hearts of the leaders. They did not feel threatened by the young man or belittled. They felt as he did. Optimistic, excited, emboldened, and determined to bring unity of the people to the apex of their personal and professional lives.

The young man also had the unique ability to magnify the best characteristics of each person he met. Furthermore, his intuitiveness enabled him to match up people with common goals and compatible ideals into groups he called doers. There was no need to argue among themselves as to how to accomplish a goal, the group shared each individual effort to enhance the outcome of the endeavor. The young man became the most sought after motivational efficiency expert.

By the time he was twenty years old he had already met with every world leader and business head officials, the result being world unification. The simple ideals proposed by him snowballed into a new way of doing things. Products were made with pride of artisanship for reliability, durability, longevity, and functionality. Education became the ultimate personal goal. Everyone participated in the decision process with the emphasis being on goodness of character, and betterment of all people. Selfishness was abhorred. Togetherness, encouragement, and acceptance were cherished above all.

The united people of Terah wanted to elect him as their leader. He declined explaining to them that they needed no single leader. We all need each other equally. Although we as individuals are all different from the next person, the differences between us amplify the ability of the group to solve problems. The differences also add depth to the harmony of the community like a chorus of singers. In addition, the differences magnify the efforts of the individual contributions like when placing numerous small magnets together to form a single super magnet. This is the most important part of togetherness, needing each other equally.

The united people of Terah decided to rename the young man and give him a title of respect. They dubbed him “Abbadar” meaning, the one who brings us all together. He graciously accepted the title by popular demand and was referred to as Abbadar from that day forward.

The first Abbadar united all the races of people on the planet Terah. His genetic makeup was slightly different from any other Terahan. He was somehow spiritually linked to all Terahans. He was also an empath. When in close proximity he was able to feel what each individual was feeling, at the same time they could also feel what he was feeling. Abbadar didn’t read their minds he read their hearts.

Abbadar was also a magnifier, able to perceive and amplify the best characteristics of each person, or group and minimize the negative characteristics. His strength of character uplifted and energized the people and their ability to recognize the best in each other. The positive influence was exponential, creating harmony among all the races and cultures of Terah. The result was acceptance, compassion, tolerance, and unity.

He encouraged them to think as one group of specialized individuals.

Together they restructured the educational system to allow everyone access to perpetual learning forever. Every individual was able to pursue any subjects of interest for as long as they lived. Together they changed the way people interact by exchanging the spirit of competition for one of cooperation. Group effort was rewarded rather than individual accomplishment. Acting as a unified community they did away with the system of money trading it for freedom from greed. These are just a few of the fundamental changes he made. Everything about the way the people interacted became unifying instead of conflictive. Abbadar’s unique genetic makeup was a blessing and a curse, his DNA made it impossible to father children. Therefore because of his uniqueness and abilities he was the only person ever to be cloned.

Sprout interrupted Spailac again saying, “That is enough back story for now, continue the story of my creator.”

Spailac replied to Sprout in an irritated tone, “I was just going to do that. Who is telling the story here?”

Sprout said, “You are. I just wanted to help.”

“Thank you Sprout.”

Spailac resumes the history of the Phaloes 7.

The seventh cloning, Abbadar 7, is more than the glue that binds people together. He is more than the leader and decision maker. He focuses and amplifies the individual abilities of his crewmates. He loves them and makes it easy for them to love each other. He was cloned and bred for this purpose. He is genetically endowed with abilities specifically suited for leadership, unifying, and magnifying the abilities of others.

Abbadar himself possesses some of the abilities of each crewmember, but not the expertise of any single one of them. He needs them to do what they are good at, and they need him to do what he is good at. Because of him all function as one, through him.

Together they are solving the problems of extragalactic space travel in order to explore the neighboring giant galaxy ‘we call The Milky Way’ that will eventually assimilate their much smaller one ‘we call Snickers’.

Their expedition to the third quadrant of the giant galaxy is the first such attempt to leave their home galaxy. The mission is to discover and map the gravitational forces pulling their smaller galaxy in. Data from this mission may allow them to negate the destruction of their home world Terah. They have time on their side. The assimilation will take several billion years.

The Phaloes 7 is the first Extragalactic Ship. It is four times larger than its predecessor and is made of a crystalline amalgamation instead of metal. From the outside the ship looks a soft grey, however, from the inside the hull of the ship is transparent, giving the crew the feeling of traveling through the stars on a magic carpet. The closest approximation for the word Phaloes in our language is “Goer” as in, “It’s going not staying.” The enormous ship is constructed of manipulated crystals bound together by atomic fusion. Each new clone of Abbadar has built on the knowledge and achievements of his predecessors.

The starship of Abbadar 6, named Phaloes 6 propelled itself by folding space to form an anomaly that created a warp. The warp acted like a wave that the ship sort of surfed on as it was pushed along and it was steered by enormous thrusters.

This new ship is pioneering the Gravitational Flux Drive. The (GFD) pulls it to its destination instead of pushing it through conventional propulsion.

 The GFD synchronizes the Phaloes 7’s gravitational signature with the unique gravitational signatures of celestial objects that are on the way to their destination. For example, Abbadar can have the helmsman synchronize to a black hole. It will pull them with all of its considerable gravity 100 times faster than the speed of light, right into its core. The tricky part is for his navigator and helmsman to change the configuration, to match the next super mass object in the direction that they want to go, at the exact moment before the gravity of the black hole takes The Phaloes 7 into the point of no return.

If the ship is reconfiguring to the gravitational signature of another black hole its super gravity will pull the ship away from the first black hole even if the ship is very close to the first one. If the navigator is reconfiguring to the gravitational signature of a smaller mass object, then the helmsman must reconfigure while at a greater distance from the black hole or the weaker gravity from the object of smaller mass will not be strong enough to pull the ship away.

The Gravitational Flux Drive also works with objects of relatively small mass. For instance planets and moons do have enough gravity to lock onto, but the speed that the ship is pulled is diminished relative to the mass of the object that is pulling. For this reason the smaller mass objects are used to slow The Phaloes 7.

Another way to use the GDF is in reverse. For example, The helmsman could reconfigure to the opposite gravitation of the first black hole at the appropriate escape distance. The black hole would then push the ship away at super quantum speed. The problem is they can’t steer unless they lock onto another object to pull the ship towards it. For this reason reverse gravitation is only used for emergencies.

After careful inspection Abbadar and his crew confirm that all systems are go. Central control also confirms all systems go. The moment has come to embark on a new chapter in their expanding exploration of space.

The Phaloes 7 configures their Gravitational Flux Drive to a black hole outside both the disks of their galactic plain and the galactic plain of the larger neighboring galaxy.

This maneuver of about three weeks takes The Phaloes 7 into empty space above the two neighboring galaxies. Next Abbadar’s officers configure to the signature of the black hole in the center of the giant galaxy. The black hole pulls The Phaloes 7 in at an astounding and unexpected speed of almost 300 times the speed of light.

Before leaving their small home galaxy the black hole in the giant neighboring galaxy could not be accurately measured. This black hole is three times larger than their estimates. They must reconfigure quickly to an alternate signature of great enough amplitude to break away from the black hole in time.

They reconfigure to the signature of a massive neutron star in the third quadrant of the Giant Galaxy. The maneuver is successful and their relative speed decreases. They are still above the galactic disk so the ship is not in danger of striking undetected objects. It will be several weeks before they need to reconfigure again. The Phaloes 7 cruses at a leisurely rate of 46 times the speed of light.

The scientists map and catalog tens of thousands of stars as well as pulsars, quasars and super novae. The data is continuously streamed back home to Terah to prevent it from being lost in case anything goes wrong with the mission.

Three days away from their reconfiguration point The Phaloes 7 witnesses the ignition of a new super nova directly in their path. The initial shock wave will envelop them in minutes. The only choice is to reverse the GFD! They do exactly that. Unfortunately the shock wave from the super nova is moving much faster than they are. The resulting wave pushes them along like a surfer on a surfboard. They are still hundreds of light-years away from their intended destination and moving away fast. The communication continuous feed was severed by the super nova’s shock wave.

They frantically search for any alternate gravitational signature that will stabilize their trajectory. They must act quickly because the wave is pushing them into the galactic disk. The densely packed uncharted stars will be like the surfer being plowed into the rocky shoreline. They need to grab on to any star in the least dense outer edge, of one of the spiral arms, of the giant galaxy to anchor themselves.

Abbadar reassures the panic-stricken crew that they are able to reconfigure to the signature of a medium size star that is at a right angle to their trajectory. It slows them down pulling The Phaloes 7 out of the wave. However, the ship is still moving too fast. Abbadar can feel the tension of the frightened crew. He places his hand on the shoulder of the helmsman to encourage him. They reconfigure to the signature of the third planet in that star’s gravitational disk.

This slows the ship more and it looks like they will regain navigational control. Everyone including Abbadar lets out their tension with a sigh. With the aid of their thrusters they narrowly miss the third planet’s moon and that should set the ship up to orbit the planet.

 They have no way to know that a second smaller moon is eclipsed behind the first one. The Phaloes 7 with its force field shields on maximum and the speed of impact vaporized the smaller moon like a bullet hitting a water balloon. The collision with the small twin moon makes the ship slingshot around the larger moon. That sped them up and put the ship on a collision course with the planet instead of going into orbit.

There is no time left to reconfigure before the gravity of the third planet pulls them into it. The crew braces themselves for the eminent crash. With all thrusters at max they are still moving too fast. They crash into the planet shattering their ship even with the shields at max. The ship strikes into the surface like a dart in a dartboard. Only the shields hold it together.

The shields will not last longer than a couple of hours at best. There is too much damage to the power source. The casualties are high and all will perish unless they abandon ship immediately. The surviving crew frantically carries the deceased personnel to a safe distance. A few stay behind to salvage as much equipment and supplies as possible.

Abbadar directs the survivors to make a shelter. They scavenge the ship for almost two hours until the power finally fails and the outer shields fail. The weight of the shattered ship crumbles to the ground and implodes leaving nothing.




                                  Chapter One

                            THE GIANT GALAXY

                                    THE END

                               BY VALORMORE



                   The mission has ended in tragedy.

       They are in a hostile land with no hope of rescue.

             The new mission is to survive if they can.


                             See what happens in:



                                  Chapter Two

                          PICKING UP THE PIECES

                                BY VALORMORE



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