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I have all night to try an experiment that i have wanted to do for a very long time. I am going to keep typing until i have nothing else to say. So i warn you right now that this is going to have no point and it is going to ramble for a very long time, often going off into weird tangents and never returning. Well to begin with, of course my name is john. I was born on September 19th 1995. I’m not sure if anything important has ever happened that day except at the end of halo reach it said that the day they found halo was on my birthday, and one of the books in the Eragon series came out on it. Today is a Sunday, rather uneventful for me because unlike others i don't go to church. It is not the fact that i don't believe in god that keeps me away, it’s just I’ve never been close enough to god to need to go to church. When problems arise i choose to deal with them on my own because that’s the way my life has always been. My parents divorced when i was just about to turn 3 or 4 i can’t really remember. My father’s name is Gary and he lived in Reno Nevada selling cars at the time (not anymore but I’ll get to that). My mother is called Marisa and she has had a variety of jobs throughout her life. I believe the longest job she held for the majority of my (memorable) life was as an insurance agent. After my mother and father divorced my mother took me and one of my brothers (josh) to go live with her parents in Douglas city California. Douglas city is an hour out of Redding when you head toward the coast. My other brother Zack (half-brother) went to go live with his dad in Redding and he came to be with us on the weekends. The rest of my life to about sixth grade is just a few bits that stick out. I got chicken pox in kindergarten and missed it when they taught letters f-k in the alphabet. My father came to visit everyone in a while and because i never saw him i think he sort of became a mythological figure in my life. My only true role model in my life was my grandpa (Les) who i love and adore to this day (probably more than my father sadly). My grandpa always for as long as i have been on this earth has had a beard, and my father for just as long has never had one. Thinking about this now i look at it as a battle for authority in my mind. When i grow older will i show more of my father in me, or more of my grandpa? In the end does it matter if i am not able to make them proud? One of the reason i am so accepting of those around me, the reason i try to be polite to those i meet(unless I’m around Steven he gets me{oops haven’t gotten to that part yet}) is because i have tried to be as kind and caring as my grandpa but as strong and straight minded as my father. At the end of 5th grade my mother who had been commuting an hour to Redding form our house for her insurance job decided to move to Redding so she didn’t have to drive so much. I believe that my grandpa also pushed her to move because he didn’t want me and my brother to go to school in such a hick town. Thusly we moved to Redding and sixth grade began. This is what i see as the turning point in my life, where i really began to develop into who i am today. We moved into 2264 canal st. about 3 blocks from Sequoia middle school. My middle school years are slightly clearer in my mind. In 6ht grade i began to make friends but i had no true friends just yet. 6th grade was really the year that the cliques and groups of friends began forming and its funny how if you look back on it people were mean to others just because they dressed a certain way or enjoyed things the others didn’t. 7th grade was the year my true friends for life were made, me, Steven, Garrett, Harrison, and Daniel all had the same core classes (English reading and such). We even though some didn’t get along (i think Harrison and Steven despised each other) i think i was the main reason we all had so much fun that year. 8th grade sucked because we all had different classes and i had an evil core teacher called Mrs. Kalinowsky (stupid explicative comment). She was a total you know and everyone hated her even the preppy kids that liked almost every teacher. Another thing that you should know about me at this time is i got terrible grades. It was common for me to have 3 or 4 F's with the rest showing up as D's. All throughout the summer even though we stayed friends the big three (as Garrett calls us) were made. I Steven and Garrett were true friends all thru our 8th grade and 9th grade years, and even though we all live in different states now we still are best friends.9th grade was a little daunting for me. I had every class except for 3rd period English with Steven (we had Russian that year. SCORE!!!). I also even though i knew the consequences got bad grade this year but did not receive any F's which was a life saver. Steven on the other hand well he didn’t like homework to say the least. I enjoyed all of my 9th grade year and even became the president of the freshman class (it helps to be on the football team). As the year was coming to an end i received news that i felt in my heart dread. My mother had been fired from her job and she had just met my soon to be stepdad brain. (Brain can be a bit temperamental sometimes) brain decided to move our family up to Oregon to try and start a business with his uncle (during the depression real bright idea). anyway at the end of the school year i sadly left to Medford where i thought my life was going to come to a crashing halt(eh kind of but not quite so much). I was told that the new school i was going to was called south Medford high school. I received a thing in the mail saying my classes and decided to join football here at the last 3 weeks before school started. School started and i was given a nickname that i didn’t care about at first but had dire consequences in the end. The head coach of the linemen Don case bier asked me where i was from and i eventually told him the name of my old high school, he laughed and said that’s great your big like a mountain we'll call you Shasta. Then from then on everyone on the football team began to call me Shasta, the problem with this is that no one learned my real name. Then junior year eventually started and i had to reintroduce myself because no one knew me (EVEN PEOPLE ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM!!) some changes that occurred in sophomore year however the realization that I actually needed good grades was. I got all A's and a few B's my sophomore year, i also went from 280 pounds to 235 by that next spring. Before junior year started some stuff happened and because (i don't really want to talk about it) I’m no longer playing football. This has both made the beginning of my junior year eventful and boring. On one hand i have all of this time to spend with my friends; on the other i have no real friends yet because i spent so much of it with football and wrestling. Now we are technically up to the present. Brains new business failed and he is now unemployed, my mother got a job at harry and David and she has luckily been getting enough money to keep us in this house (not that it’s a good one). I am 16 now and have nothing better to do in my life than to write for nonexistent people that will never read this. I guess that this is more for me than anyone else. Oh and as well my father lost his job and is now on the verge of being homeless, both of my great grandmothers on both sides have died in the past 2 weeks, and my mother is still depressed as always. (Didn’t want to end it all happily joke) if you have read this far not only do you have no life but i consider you a friend beyond all reason.

Thanks, john (sorry for any typos)