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About Me

I use my overactive imagination to escape my problems in the real world. Pretending to be someone else isn't considered "mentally insane" as long as you put it in writing and call it a story.

I am currently working on three novels.
At Death They Parted:
"Strange...freak...weirdo...creepy," these are words often used to describe Lyle Wilder. Growing up without parents and being tossed between foster homes caused the wiring in his brain to get tangled somewhere. To say he is a little "off," is an understatement. He never knows what to say, how to feel, or how to act. For years, a fellow foster care victim had done all those things for him. But after her unexpected death, he was left alone to learn all the social norms everyone else grew up already knowing.

Here's to the Past:
This is the tale of human nature vs. the nurture. To be haunted by the past, and tortured in the present.
Teenagers born at the bottom try to climb their way to the top, but who will rise while the others burn? Similar situations, different choices. Jokes turn to attacks, pranks into crimes, and love turns into hate.

Red Inked Letter:
After facing a trauma Gin Moreno will never forget, he begins to wonder what value his life really has to offer. With no friends or even a father, it’s only his mother who holds him close. What makes his life more precious than others? Well, that’s something he is going to need to discover if he ever wants to be held in her arms again. While being faced with yet another battle of life or death, he must judge whose life is more valuable; his or theirs.

Something pretty traumatic happened to me a few months back and I let it take over me. I stopped writing and I was almost ready to throw away my stories and take back all the work that I have done. Now, I'm learning how to heal and getting back to doing what I love; writing.