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About Me

Write (stories, poems, journaling), Psych major, constantly changing and exploring. Nineteen years old. Book in the making. Borderline/Bipolar/ADHD. I spend most of my time making artwork, writing, photography, animal care, or exploring new things. My neutral facial expression looks mean, but I'm friendly. I've experience more chaos than you can imagine. I guess you can see it in my writings, from suicide, to homicide, heart break, death, insanity, abuse, addiction, rebellion, rage, love, hate, mania, reckless, abandonment, and so on. I'm known to be an introvert, overly passionate, sometimes too aggressive, but have known to make people's day in the end.
I like dreary days/thunderstorms, hot baths, skeletons, dark lipstick, no pants, body piercings, the human mind, indie movies, drag queens, people that are just as spontaneous as me, quality of friendships, not quantity, endless hour long conversations, candles, speaking up, fire twirling,
I hate girls under the age of 18, animal cruelty, people who haven't grown out of partying yet, Pro-life people, promise breakers, sunny days, hospitals, Television, sitting still, anything neon colored, my dad, masculinist, crowds,


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Posted 3 Years Ago

I would greatly like some input/advice/ or options on some of my poems of story clips. Thank you.