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Poetic License


“Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.” ― Novalis

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About Me

Dear Friends: I'm taking a break from social everything for a bit. Just need some space. I look forward to catching up on your writing when I return. Happy Holidays.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. - Hemingway

Fyrene ond fæhðe fela missera,
singale sæce, sibbe ne wolde
wið manna hwone mægenes Deniga,
feorhbealo feorran, fea þingian,
ne þær nænig witena wenan þorfte
beorhtre bote to banan folmum,
ac se æglæca ehtende wæs,
deorc deaþscua, duguþe ond geogoþe,
seomade ond syrede, sinnihte heold
mistige moras. men ne cunnon
hwyder helrunan hwyrftum scriþað. - Beowulf

I write many personal, introspective pieces here. I write them as much of a journal experience as for the enjoyment of others. My writing is my emotional outlet, my thinking time, my dreams, fears, desires, mistakes - it is me. Here, you will read the best of me, the worst of me, the saddest of me, the angriest of me, the coldest of me. Welcome to my heart.

As an aside, I wish to mention that although I do write erotica, including those carrying a BDSM theme - I am happily married and am not in need of any, ah-hem, "help" in any way with any exploits I may choose to conjure here. This is not a dating site to me. If it is for you - go get 'em, tiger. The operative word there being "go."

For my friends and writing family, pull up a comfy chair, I'll scootch my feet to make room on the ottoman, there's plenty of Rumchata and Bailey's for your coffee or cocoa, help yourself to a worn leather volume or two and let's commence to enjoying the amazing world of the written word and all its tenants.


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Posted 7 Months Ago

Hey all - if you happen to find this message - just letting you know I am taking a break from the site for a bit. Just need time away.

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Posted 8 Months Ago

Sorry about that! I just found out they moved it. HERE is the "real" address. LOL.


Thanks so much for reading my work. I look forward to catching up on all my peeps this weekend and can't wait to read what you've been writing!!!!

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Posted 8 Months Ago

Hey I enjoyed your poems. Your website I tried to click on the the link and nothing happened. I typed it in on the Google search engine and it didn't come up. Is the name of your website sinfulcravings.ning.com? I love your poems.