#1sentence (Short story marathon)  April 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015

Reading and Deliberating


Write six different short stories based on six random prompts. This contest will happen over the next three months, so that will be one short story every two weeks.


First, just a quick recap:

-this first story is due April 15
-after you finish, post it here and/or on your blog/website, and link it up on twitter using #1sentence1
-if you don't have a twitter account I'll share it for you (if you don't want me to share it for some reason, let me know)
-up to you if you want to post your story as soon you finish or wait til April 14/15
-I'll critique your story both here and on whatever blog/website you post it at
-something cool will happen on June 30 if you do all six
-you can be as creative as you want. Use the prompts as a premise, use it as a title, use it as the first sentence, use it word for word somewhere in the story.

***The first prompt is:***

"He made a wish, and threw a coin into the well."

Good luck!


Several stories have been submitted since this little thing started one week ago. All of them are based on someone making a wish. You can see the stories here:

(This one's mine!)

Hope you'll join us! Post here or tweet me if you write a story! I'd be happy to give you feedback.


I've made a website to host all the different stories:

You can see the latest prompts and stories there. Use pingback or message me here and I'll add your story!


There is potentially something very awesome at the end of this.


#1sentence 2015 Word Warrior #1sentence 2015 Word Warrior




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