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ACCENTUATION : Poem of the Year - [writing deleted]
Second - One more question:26/11
Third - I Will Wait For You
Fourth - Left Broken
Fifth - [writing deleted]
among 10 selected - [writing deleted]
among 10 selected - Living for the Spring
among 10 selected - Urban Gospel
among 10 selected - Addiction
among 10 selected - Celebrity


Accentuation is on their maiden project to publish 21 poems , 14 short stories , 4 stage-plays/screenplays, 10 inspirational photographs and 40 illustrations by December 2011.

Hereby calling all unpublished writers, to submit their best work (draft of UNPUBLISHED POETRY ) in all genres.

10 best poems will be selected by a panel team of seven ( I don't judge ) from Accentuation for publication. (Accentuation already has 11 selected for the purpose from an earlier event )

Criteria : ** Please submit original draft of an unpublished poem. Only ONE submission for each candidate.
** The best poem and the subsequently selected 10 poems will be announced online here
** Monetary negotiations if any will be met out once we come with an agreement about the publication.
** ACCENTUATION has the right to alter the number of selections made depending upon the quality of submission.

ACCENTUATION is a non-profit organization working for creative arts and helping people who are less blessed.
ACCENTUATION doesn't charge anything for submissions.
UNIT of Shooter's Paradise Productions pvt. ltd.
7B, Moore Avenue , Kolkata-40, INDIA.

Thanks and Regards
- Subham Chatterjee ( for ACCENTUATION , Kolkata)




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Subham Chatterjee
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