Eyes  July 17, 2012 - July 21, 2012

Contest Completed


First - winner - My Lover's Eyes
Second - winner - hypnotic
Third - winner - [writing deleted]
Fourth place - mention - [writing deleted]
Fifth place - mention - Through The Eyes of Death
Sixth place - mention - Hazel and Brown


Did you notice how many songs or poems are about eyes? Eyes are open doors towards the world, they can express or hide our feelings, they can be wise or deceitful... Or blind. They bring so much into our lives.
In " One Thousand and One Nights" I found a saying "My tale is so amazing that were it engraved with needles at the corner of the eye, it would be a lesson for those who wish to consider."
I know many of you have poems about eyes or vision speaking about love or hate, about sadness or anything else. Or about crying.
You can submit one or two poems, then I will open the voting phase.


Cristina Moldoveanu
Cristina Moldoveanu
Bucharest, Romania


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