1st Quarter - New Books (Teen Life)  January 1, 2010 - March 31, 2010

Contest Completed


1st Quarter New Book (Teen Life) Winner 2010 - Chapter 1 Part 1 ~The Beginning~
1st Quarter New Book (Teen Life) Merit 2010 - Prologue: Moon Blossoms and Pale People
1st Quarter New Book (Teen Life) Merit 2010 - [writing deleted]
1st Quarter New Book (Teen Life) Merit 2010 - Chapter 1 - Kathryn


This contest is for those who are working on or have written a book in the teen genre. Submissions must be the first chapter and can be either fiction or nonfiction. There are no age guidelines and you must have a Writer's Cafe account. The winner will have their first chapter posted on my website for the rest of the year along with their Writer's Cafe profile.


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Tracie D'Angelo
Tracie D'Angelo
Annapolis, MD


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Created Jan 31, 2010

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