2nd Quarter Fan Fiction (Spiderwick) 2010  April 1, 2010 - June 30, 2010

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2nd Quarter Fan Fiction (Spiderwick) 2010 Winner - Entering Darkness
2nd Quarter Fan Fiction (Spiderwick) 2010 Merit - part one: The Quest Begins


I'm going to put a different twist to this and hopefully it will attract more submissions. I'm not going to make this true Fan Fiction. How about Spiderwick-ish books?! The Spiderwick characters don't have to be used, but let's stay with that goblin, fairy, fantasy type genre. Submissions must be the first chapter and can either be fiction or nonfiction. There are no writers' age requirements. Please, no mature themes. Be entering the contest, you give me permission to post your work and a link to your Writers' Cafe profile on my personal website. Of course, you retain all rights and credit for your work.


A link to your Writers' Cafe profile and your work posted on my personal website goes to the winner.


Tracie D'Angelo
Tracie D'Angelo
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