A Basket Full of Poems  April 12, 2012 - April 30, 2012

Contest Completed


Premiere - Trees & Inner Demons
Deuxiemme - If You Wanted A Red Ribbon
Triosiemme - Hunted


See the title? That's what I want. A basketful of poems. Though I'm not of course going to print them out and put them in a basket... yeah, that would be weird.
Anything goes, accept for erotica. A little bit of language (of the rude kind) is accepted but if it's like a rap:

*words word* Up a tree *F bomb* yeah yeah *rhyme* *F bomb*

With swears thrown around every second word, then the poem'll be eliminated.

Good luck, and may Writers Block be ever in your favour. (see what I did there) :P

2 poems each by the way. (Just putting it here because I always forget to look at how many I'm allowed to submit over there >>> Somewhere over there >>>

Guitar solo ...
"Somewhere, over the rainbow!!!"


That warm fuzzy feeling... and an award thingy.



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Created Apr 13, 2012

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