A ClockWork GRIMM Official Contest  August 21, 2011 - August 26, 2011

Contest Completed


1st GRIMM Membership Winner - [writing deleted]
2nd Membership Prospect - Death's memento mori
3rd Membership Prospect - Lilith the Chantrix Vol. I
1st Runner Up - Savage Raping Of A Queen
2nd Runner Up - Succubus


This is an Official Contest by A ClockWork GRIMM writing staff. We are looking for new members on our staff and winners will get a chance to join our Exclusive Staff. Stories or Poems are welcome but the only requirements are:
1. Must have a Bold and Raw style that is uncensored
2. Must be original and unique in every way
3. Must be of some length... No super short Poems..
4. Must contain inspiration and reasons for writing in authors note box
and 5. Must be over 15 years of age (Sorry, I gotta do it)

All your work will be reviewed by members of the ClockWork GRIMM Staff and GRIMM himself. Please do not enter if you don't want a chance to become a member of the ClockWork GRIMM staff...


A potential membership in The ClockWork GRIMM art Staff


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