A Flair For The Dramatic.  August 12, 2010 - August 31, 2010

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[My] favorite explosion - Want
[The] dizzy dreamer - "I Love You" Lies
Tastes[ like] summer - Imprisoning Tree
[A] beautiful reflection - adventurers
[So] melodramatic - Far Away
Contagious - Eyelash Wishes
Something beautiful - [writing deleted]


A short poetry contest. I would like to read some good, short, powerful poems. Something that when you read it, even though it's short, it just... has an impact.

Please, do not submit poems that are more than three or four stanzas in length. If you do not write in verses, than [please] no more than 12-20 lines.

*All titles are lines from Pierce the Veil. They are an amazing band, so check them out if you like alternative/emo/rock and amazing lyrics.



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Created Aug 12, 2010