A License to Brag  December 3, 2011 - December 22, 2011

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You're Hilariously Awesome!: Gold - The Pauper McCarty
You're Hilariously Awesome!: Silver - Wingman
You're Hilariously Awesome!: Bronze - I Am A Ninja
Seriously? You're Amazing!: Special Award - The Power of NEON SIGNS!!!!
You Crack Me Up: Special Award - I'm cured - A true story


I usually hate it when someone just boasts about his/her accomplishments or talents or appearance and whatnot. But I find it cool when it is done in a funny way. So...

Submit a poem or a short story revolving around something about yourself that you would like to brag. But of course, I want it to be hilarious. It will be pretty hard, but challenge yourself. Amuse me. :)

Oh, and don't include any mature stuff.

About the Awards:

You're Hilariously Awesome: You bragged GOOD and you were hilarious!

Seriously? You're Amazing: Your accomplishments are AMAZING! But presentation's not really funny.

You Crack Me Up: Even though you didn't really brag that much, you still made me laugh so damn hard!

Only 10 Submissions will be accepted. :)


The satisfaction that you have bragged about yourself without being hated, Reviews, Fame, Contest Winner Badge (if you still don't have it), My Friendship, Bragging Rights, and a lot more =))




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