A Little Joy - A Poetry Contest  April 12, 2014 - April 20, 2014

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Most Joyous - True Love
Most Joyous - My Friend of All Friends
Most Joyous - [writing deleted]


A little joy goes a long way! For this contest I'm looking for short poems (30 words or less) that express, analyze or cause joy.

If you want a couple of examples of the kind of things I'm looking for check out my poems, "Crayon" and "Hot Sauce".

I will pick the three winners myself and I will be looking at the following things:

Subject Matter - (remember the topic is Joy!)
Rhythm and Meter - (your poem doesn't have to follow any particular meter but it should flow)
Rhyme Scheme - (the poem doesn't have to rhyme but if it does it should rhyme well!)
Word Play (use your words effectively, you only have 30 of them to cover a pretty big concept)
Ingenuity (surprising me gets you bonus points ;))

Personal preferences (in the spirit of fairness you should know the following about my tastes):

Color - don't use it unless it serves a purpose
Font Size/Style - again use a normal font size and style unless they serve a creative purpose.
Rhyming/Not-Rhyming - I have no preference but if you rhyme make sure it rhymes well, and if you don't rhyme make sure your poem has a purposeful rhythm/flow.
Vulgarity - I'm open minded, but with conservative leanings. So if vulgarity is necessary then have at it, but don't throw some in for the joy of shock value.

I think that's it,
Small Surprises will be provided to the winners and everyone will receive a review of their pieces.

Good Luck!


Surprises for the top Three


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