A Monty Python Story  August 16, 2007 - September 15, 2007

Contest Completed


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I like to call it a Monty Python story because what I'm asking for is the most twisted, odd, funniest, random, quick-witted and spontaneous poem/short story out there. I know, this kind of work has no incentive, but to create something like this will earn you my undying respect. Okay, a cash prize would be better, but truthfully, write something to make Monty Python proud! Write a short story or poem with as much Monty Pythonisms as you can pop out. Don't know who Monty Python is? Shame on you... Just follow the first description and you'll do fine. Give us a laugh, mate.


A big dip of my respect and an undeniable right to brag.


Burnside, KY


Created Aug 16, 2007