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Shaharezade-worthy - Prologue
Immortal - [writing deleted]
Death Defying - Chapter 1: The Catastrophe


Hey guys! We know about the Arabian Nights tales. Where Shaharizade told her sultan a stories to keep him interested enough not to execute her. This went on for a thousand and one nights-hence the thousand and one arabian nights name. I think the king and queen ended up staying together, so if you want to throw in a little love in there, maybe with dialogue between you and your captor, go for it.

If you were the ill-fated queen needing to escape death one night at a time through a story, what tale would keep your impending murderer intrigued enough to keep you alive to finish the tale?

You may write one (1) chapter, no more than five (5) pages please. We want to leave some mystery remember? :)

The page count on your microsoft word (or whatever program you have) will show you how many pages you write.

Also, make sure you put all the material on one page because the limit is one (1) piece of writing. Thanks!

Please NO erotica but sexual themes are allowed. Keep it rated PG-13 to rated R, not NC17 lol. Violence and profanity are allowed but not to a ridiculous point.

Each chapter can be about a different story, each representing one night. But it's not a requirement. You can have one tale for all three chapters. Oh and if you happen to have a piece that you feel fits these requirments, enter whatever 1-3 chapters you wish.

Have fun please and be imaginative and really think what you would honestly say if your life truly depended on it. Let's see if you're as good as Shaharezade.

Can't wait to read!


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