A picture is worth a thousand words....  July 22, 2011 - August 5, 2011

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The Winner - My Sunshine
The other guy who's also a winner but not quite as pretigous a winner as the first one. - The Only One In Black
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...or so the saying goes. Descriptive writing is critical for bringing the reader into the world you have created, and sometimes we skimp on it. So, let's see who hasn't.
Attach a picture to your writing, and describe it in AT LEAST 1000 words. Backstories, what people are saying, or why, the circumstances of the picture.... and what it looks like, of course. You can use prose OR poetry. Or even a blend of both. The picture doesn't neccesarily have to be PROFOUND or anything.... humor is greatly appreciated. Please, no adult content, it will be disqualified.


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Ben Campbell
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