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It's easy to just write a poem, but its much more of a challenge when you have to base you poem off of something else that already exist, for this contest you will have to use one of the following lyrics lines as your repeating sentence of your poem (it will also be what you surround your poem around).
You can be creative, and take the lyrics however you'd like- but make sure that as a repeating motion you cannot tear the sentence apart, here are the lyrics that you can choose from,you only need to choose one, when you submit it please inform me which lyrics you used.

1 - "Sometimes quiet is violent" [Car Radio]
2 - "Looks like a girl but she's a flame" [Girl Is On Fire]
3 - "I found love where it wasn't suppose to be" [I Found]
4 - "We don't drink until the devil's turned to dust" [We Don't Eat]
5 - " It's hard to feel the rush" [Edge of Glory]

Good luck to you all :)


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