Any Poetry! (With a prize!)  October 8, 2014 - October 12, 2014

Contest Completed


1st place - I said I´d write you a poem
2nd place - Just Breath.......
3rd place - painting of poetry
4th place - New Guy
5th place - Funerals When I was Young


Give me a any poem! and if you win 1st place you win a free poetry notebook to put your own poems in! The book will get to you by mail, if you don't give me an address by a the time I tell you to, than the 2nd place winner will get it and so on.

The notebook includes:
*3 book marks
*2 fabric pockets
*3 small notebooks binding to the cover
*and the book is music themed!
* and I will take small request to add to the book if you would like, but I will not do changes
* This book is homemade by me!

There's a link to see more pic's of it, but there is a pic of it for this contest to. (You may not be able to see the pic's for if your not my friend on this site)

Contact me for more info if need!


Win a free homemade poetry book!


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