Any Poetry  January 1, 2014 - January 8, 2014

Contest Completed


Most Inspiring - No Conquering
Runner Up - Sketch Me
Third Place - If I died tomorrow
Fourth Place - Wouldn't It Be Fun
Fifth Place - [writing deleted]


Each month on the first, this type of contest will pop up on your screen. The objective will slightly change each time, but the overall goal will still be the same, to have the best poem! To win this contest you must submit a poem that best inspires your reader and have the most impact so that it's crystal clear that your poem is the best.

You are allowed two entries only, and they have to be your best work. Only poetry may be submitted. Also since this is going to be a monthly thing, you are not allowed to submit the same poem more than two times! I read every entry so I'll know if you duplicate them. Good luck to everyone and may the writing be inspiring :)


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Heromen Selena
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