Any Song Lyrics II - November  November 1, 2015 - November 30, 2015

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Lyrics are a form of poetry with an emphasis on rhythm and flow. They are usually meant to be sung, and are also often rapped. Which is why it can be difficult to know how good your lyrics are if you don't know how to sing, and all you can show someone is the written text. They aren't able to hear the melody you put into them.

Being a lyricist myself, I have noticed that there are not many song lyrics on this site. And the lyrics that are here don't receive as much attention as traditional poetry, short stories, novels, etc. Well, this is your chance for your songs to receive that attention, and a chance for you to be in the top five of a writing contest. Since lyrics are meant to be heard, it helps if you have an audio recording, but it is not required. I'd read/heard some amazing lyrics in my last Any Song Lyrics contest, and I hope to see more. But if you entered a song into the Any Song Lyrics contest, please do not enter the same song to this one. I will discard it. If you are not sure if you've entered something before, contact me and show me the song before you enter it.

Good luck.


Pride, bragging rights, etc.. I will give a full review to everyone in the top five.



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