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Alpha Nietzchean Bloodline or Jungian Archetype - Apply Yourself
Graduate of Hassan I Sabbah or Sun Tzus Academy - Apply Yourself


yes we have an application process will take 5 minutes *honest*
Fill out the following form (no copying, own answers please !

Age : E to the power 52

Sex : Comes after 5

Sexual Orientation : North by North East

Status: Online, all the time

School: Of Porpoise

University: Hassan I Sabbahs College for gentlemen

Politics : Polly really does Tick, visit to vets is in order

Religion : Which is the cheapest ?

Music : or Dance ?

Likes : This group

Dislikes : Aliens from Alpha Centauri

Eats : Kebabs and Lettuce

Produces : No comment

Height : with or without heels ?

Weight: Why weight lets go !

Would Like to meet : Pikachu's

Would Like to Eat : Sooner rather than later

Would like Feet : To be warm

Would like Sheets : Of Egyptian cotton

Income : In the pay of secret masters (undisclosed and classified)

Personal Info: I have 5 fingers on BOTH hands is this normal

Who I'd like to meet:
People Celebrating Life , Music and Comedy and Literature and Dance
People in a silly mood

Friend examples (part of your entry ! )
Friend .....

A Bookmark to come back to later

Friend .....

You added me and didn't check my profile

Friend .....


Joy, Love and Laughter & Good company


Nowhere in particular


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