Bad Writing Challenge  August 12, 2008 - September 4, 2008

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*Quickly Burns Writing* - [writing deleted]
The Second-most-Horrible-Writing - [writing deleted]
I Couldn't Finish Reading Quick Enough! (3rd) - Bad Writing Reigns Here!
Disgustingly Fourth Place! - [writing deleted]


Write me something, but write it badly. Your limit is 700 words, but write me any type of writing. You could write a poem that doesn't flow or skips subjects or parts, a story that is not to my liking, anything.

I hate the following:
gramatical errors!!!!
when subject changes or has gaps
poetry that does not flow

Write me something that I will wrinkle my nose at and say 'That was a waste of my time, it was terrible.

One hint, if you plan on using spelling mistakes, think about what sounds awful and where the line crosses to 'i don't even know if this is writing'


Being the best at being the worst!


Abigail Alliah
Abigail Alliah
Uxbridge, MA


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