Beautiful Brutality  September 7, 2010 - September 9, 2010

Contest Completed


1st Place - Threshing
2nd Place - He Smiles
3rd Place - For Control
Honorable Mention - Poem: Washed by Rain


Hello Boys and Girls,

Welcome to Mr. Kult's Contest,

I do enjoy running these quick contest. So lets make this simple and easy.

Rule 1. Poem must contain an act of violence.
example: Rape, Murder, Genocide, war, assault

Rule 2. I do not want Suicide....however if its Brutal enough self harm poems are welcome.....YUou know what, if it's brutal enough I will also take Suicide.

Rule 3. If you somehow include the words Penis and Anus without any sexual acts occuring in anyway in your poem...You will win automatically. Don't ask questions just accept it.

Rule 4. C**k and Penis are not the same word....yeah try being brutal with the word Penis involved....doesn't work.

Rule 5. No questions why penis and anus are in my rules....don't judge me.

rule 6. Don't judge me.

Rule 7. You are allowed to Judge me if you have Penis and Anus in a brutal poem.

Rule 8. If you read the rules past rule 2 you are automatically disqualified.


Matthew Kult
Matthew Kult
St. Louis, MO


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Created Sep 8, 2010