Because sometimes thoughts resemble pictures. . .  December 14, 2007 - December 31, 2007

Contest Completed


First place - Where the Birds have Tourettes
Second place - and i love you
Third place - [writing deleted]
Fourth place - [writing deleted]
Fifth place - [writing deleted]


I like the gifts function. It gives us another way to express our affection and appreciation for each other. Yesterday I received a gift that made me pause. It was accompanied by the words, "Because sometimes thoughts resemble pictures". I thought immediately that there was a poem in there somewhere. So I share it with you. Express the idea in a poem or story that sometimes our thoughts resemble pictures.


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Emily B
Emily B
Richmond, KY


Created Dec 14, 2007

It's anything you want it to be, and maybe everything you hate it for, but relatable none the less.
Human DeEvolution Crusade
Timeline of the XV 15 Numbered Historical Crusades. Religious Ignorance Aside.There are over 26 War Events Listed Here.
Misty-eyed Girl
Confronting yourself
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