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Villains. Every story's got one. They're the bad guys who try to take over the world. The dude who's plans are always thwarted by the hero. The enemy of the main protagonist.

Well, I'd like to see a story focusing on the villain. Personally I don't think they can be all THAT bad. They could have a different side to them. Maybe he's had a rough past. Maybe she falls in love with the hero. Maybe he's been cursed and has to be evil. Whatever it is, I'd like to see a story about the villain. One where their true self is shown, not just their outer evil shell.

You can use the ideas I suggested, but again, be creative. Add your own ideas or start from scratch. You can use villains from classic stories or from your own. Just make sure you can tell they're a villain and were defeated somehow in another story.

Happy Writing!


$0.00, The satisfactory of not letting villains feel neglected :)


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