Best Thanksgiving Recipe EVER  October 6, 2008 - November 20, 2008

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This is Delicious! Can't wait to make it a part of my Dinner - Cranberry Delight Wiggle Wobble Yum Yum


So we all 'know' how to write and transport our readers to another place but can we describe the best tasting dish?
So here's the deal....describe the best tasting dish for Thanksgiving. Also, include the recipe with it.
For all your guys who think this is crazy....just do it! It is something completely unordinary and by the end of the contest we will have many new delicous tasting recipes to use for Thanksgiving! Good luck and send me any meat, veggie or dessert recipe with a contest winning description!


I promise to use your recipe in my Thanksgiving Dinner Party



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Created Oct 7, 2008