Bitter Water Sweet  July 15, 2007 - August 15, 2007

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Two brothers are in the marines. One gets seriously injured, his other brother is called off his squad and sent to see his brother in what may be his last hours. The broken brother survives, and the brother who came to his side is saved, the day after he left his squad runs into a street bomb, and there are no survivors.

Had the first brother not had his brush with death the second brother would not have survived, the bitterness of the event was made sweet by the fact that it gave the second brother a chance to live. I am looking for your testimonials, that either you or a close family member or a CLOSE friend have endured. Where a situation that seemed originally so horrible turned out better than anyone could imagine. The top four will be presented to a Pastor who is writing a testimonial book on this subject to be considered for addition to his upcoming book. Poetry will not be accepted.


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Bitter Water Made Sweet Bitter Water Made Sweet
Bitter Water Made Sweet Bitter Water Made Sweet
Bitter Water Made Sweet Bitter Water Made Sweet


Amanda Crandall
Amanda Crandall
Phoenix, AZ


Created Jul 15, 2007

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